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Justin Kingsley: The Value of Real Conversations

Justin Kingsley: The Value of Real Conversations

Award-winning storyteller and creative strategist Justin Kingsley joined us in our office to discuss the real power behind good, authentic storytelling.

Named one of Canada’s most creative people by Marketing Magazine, Justin has turned the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises into global museum exhibitions, put a McDonald’s into the side of a mountain at a snowboarding competition, and developed award-winning communications strategies for UFC champ Georges St-Pierre, and slogans for Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup.

He understands the value of good storytelling in not only selling a brand or an organization, but also in building authentic relationships both internally and externally, and has used his experience to help organizations improve their bottom line.

In the video below, Justin talks about one of his most effective exercises that he has done with several organizations — the Post-It exercise. Through it, he is able so spark real conversation, which, he believes, is at the foundation of real success.

A New York Times bestselling author, Justin is a storyteller, strategist, creative director, photographer, and a former press secretary under Prime Minister Paul Martin. He speaks to leadership, sparking creativity, and effective storytelling.

Interested in learning more about Justin and what he can bring to your next event? Email us at [email protected].

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