John Herdman

John Herdman

Head Coach, Canadian Men's Soccer Team

As the former Head Coach of the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team, John Herdman took a group once called a “struggling squad” to one that has captured the hearts and minds of Canadians. Under his leadership, the team won two back-to-back bronze medals at the Olympic Games, and a gold medal at the Pan Am Games — the first Pan Am gold in Canadian soccer history. In his riveting talks, Herdman explains the importance of vision, passion, and discipline to achieve success, whether it’s on the field or in the office.

In addition to their Olympic and Pan Am success, in 2015, the Canadian Women’s Team enjoyed a top-six finish at the Women’s World Cup Canada.

In January 2018, Herdman made history once more when he transitioned to become the Head Coach of the Canadian Men’s National Soccer Team ― the first person to ever have led both line-ups. Heavily decorated, Herdman and the team won the CONCACAF Outstanding Performance Award and, in 2017, he won the Jack Donohue Coach of the Year Award.

Prior to leading the Canadian teams, Herdman was the former head coach of the New Zealand Women’s National Football team from 2006-2011, where his players saw competition at the FIFA Women’s World Cups in 2007 and 2011, and at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

Herdman also held the position of New Zealand’s Director of Football Development, where he introduced changes that have revolutionized how soccer is organized and delivered with his award-winning “Whole of Football Plan”.

Vision, Passion, Discipline: Inspiring and Transforming for Top Performance

We often over complicate our lives and overlook the basic features of what makes us good — not great, but good. It’s when we’re able to be good consistently at everything we do that leads us to moments of greatness.

In this riveting presentation, John Herdman shares his performance-improvement philosophies, including leadership and motivation, going outside one’s comfort zone, reaching for the top, and, most importantly, crafting and leading a high-performance culture.

Providing instantly usable takeaways, including visualization techniques and goal setting strategies, Herdman’s talk is guaranteed to inspire and transform us, while teaching us how to live above the line at 80% plus.