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Fahd Alhattab

Founder, Unicorn Labs | Leadership Development Expert

Having spent years researching and building extraordinary teams, Fahd Alhattab found the key ingredient that sets high-performing teams apart — their leaders prioritize team performance over individual success. He calls them “unicorn leaders”. An award-winning leadership speaker, coach, and consultant, Alhattab shows audiences how to unlock the leader within and become the architect of effective teams through his principles of unicorn leadership.

Alhattab defines unicorn leaders as the heroes within an organization. They have an innate ability to attract and retain top talent, engage a multi-generational workforce, and build high performing teams for extraordinary impact. As the founder of the consultancy, Unicorn Labs, Alhattab works with startups and organizations to deliver customized training programs and retreats geared towards leadership development and building unstoppable teams.

Alhattab’s path to leadership began with philanthropy. Compelled by his background as an at-risk immigrant from a low-income family, he raised over $1 million for local charities and founded a camp for underprivileged children. He was awarded Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 Award in recognition of his work. Alhattab’s passion for entrepreneurship continued in university, where he launched a student entrepreneurship centre while serving as president of the student union. It has since founded more than 50 student startups and helped raise over $300,000 in seed capital.

Named a “Rising Star Speaker” and “Most Entertaining Speaker” by the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Alhattab has spoken to audiences across North America. He is also the host of the podcast, Unicorn Leaders with Fahd Alhattab.

The Future of Work: Build a High-Performing Culture Through Team-Focused Leadership

Managers influence 70% of employee engagement; their leadership capacity is the cap on an organization’s growth.

The C-suite may set the course for a company’s vision, but the managers and their teams set the course for its execution. How should the C-suite team address problems like high employee turnover, disengagement, or a highly dynamic hybrid workforce while focusing on business growth and having faith that the right people are supporting the journey? The answer — improve the ratio of great to lousy managers.

As the battle for unicorn talent rages on, managers are untapped potential to bridge the employee recruitment, retention, and engagement gaps. By training your managers into leaders who create long-term impact through industry changes, leadership development becomes your best return on investment to maximize the talent potential of your organization.

In this keynote presentation, attendees will learn the six levels of high-performing teams and precisely what they and their leadership teams can do to empower their managers to become leaders that create unstoppable teams.

Audience will learn:

  • A scalable, systemized way of creating high-performance teams.
  • How to access the leadership potential of your managers.
  • The psychology behind team dynamics and how to use it to your advantage.
  • How to eliminate your office politics.
  • How to identify what team dysfunction traps your team is falling into.
  • A blueprint for implementing an effective strategy to increase team buy-in and engagement.
  • How to audit and rethink your organizational purpose and vision.

The Future of Work: The Six Steps to Building a High Performing Team

Why do certain groups add up to be greater than the sum of their parts while others add up to be less? The critical insight is that interactions between individuals matter significantly more than the talent of the individual people in the team. Transform teams by equipping managers with the six levels of high performing teams.

Your managers control the culture of your entire organization and are the most significant factor in driving your company’s success. However, managers are often promoted as reward to their past success of a job well-done instead of the people leader skills necessary in leading a high performing team. The result: your managers get stuck as an oversized, overworked individual contributor.

Most managers do not spend the necessary time to build an effective team. While they may know some of the pieces, they lack the understanding of how it all fits together. Leadership isn’t about grandiose heroic actions; it lays in small everyday acts of service that can be cultivated through coaching, encouragement, and empowerment.

In this keynote, Fahd Alhattab orients managers towards a pulse-check of their team dynamics and shares a digestible framework for creating high-performing teams.

Audience will learn:

  • A systemized six-step framework for creating high-performance teams.
  • Real practices that everyone can use to create psychological safety.
  • The levers of empowerment that drive teams forward.
  • The role of communication in high-performing teams.
  • Tactics for reframing mindset towards conflict in honour of innovation.
  • A fresh perspective on creating a fluid culture of leadership.
  • Why developing a sense of purpose increases meaning and outcome.
  • Real practices to work towards an all-encompassing vision.

Build the Greatest Places to Work with “One Question”

Do you believe in the inherent goodness of people? How you answer this question can shift your culture.

The pressure is on to create a competitive organizational culture, but the crux of culture is so much more than flexible work schedules, trendy open-concept offices, and benefit packages with obscure wellness treatments. Culture begins with the mindsets of people and the honest values practiced — not preached.

Through shared stories, case studies, and research, Fahd Alhattab offers a new perspective on culture by exploring this loaded question. Audiences are encouraged to flirt with the idea that humans are inherently good and how this mindset can apply to all HR policies and talent strategies to upscale team culture.

Audience will learn:

  • Why high performing cultures begin with humanity in the workplace.
  • How to catch limiting mindsets and shift organizational culture.
  • How ethical erosion seeps into organizations.
  • A litmus test on organizational culture.
  • Strategies for building empowered teams who don’t fall into traps of ethical erosion.
  • How to uncover the limitations of leaders: CEO disease and its remedy

The Future of Work: Finding Your Leader from Within

The six steps to embodying a leader’s mindset.

We’ve created this myth to expect singular, grandiose, charismatic leaders to pave the way forward; to be the north star. In practice, it is seldom the case.

As leaders, it’s tempting to assume all responsibility, as if its burden could entirely weigh on one person. Effective leadership is a teamwork activity. And great organizations cannot be built on one person’s shoulders. The real magic happens when employees are empowered to take risks.

A group that is taught and given permission to lead dynamically from their strengths and grounded through both mission and values can achieve highly and adapt to the constant of change. This is the agility a culture of leadership offers; the rest is a domino effect. The manager is simply the first domino.

This actionable talk gives managers the tools to transform any team into a high-performing machine. Having spent the last decade leading and studying teams, Fahd Alhattab knows what it takes to find the leader within. He shows audiences how to own their brilliance, share their ideas, and lead by identifying the common pitfalls of leadership and teamwork and how to overcome them.

Audience will learn:

  • How to implement daily leadership practices.
  • How to position themselves for management positions.
  • How to inspire a culture self-leadership that rewards star performers.
  • How to motivate team members and improved culture with great retention and productivity.
  • How to become a more self-confident and disruptive team leader.
  • How to empower employees to take ownership of projects.

The Future of Work: Driving Community and Connection

Community is the central pillar to driving connection and culture in your company. In order for workplaces to compete in today’s environment, have high productivity and employee engagement, and attract top talent, they need to understand human connection and how it drives workplace community.

In this keynote, Fahd Alhattab will educate executives and HR managers on community building and its importance in workplace diversity. The audience will learn why diversity leads to innovation and will learn how to authentically build a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

Audiences will learn:

  • The importance of creating a culture that fosters belonging.
  • How to lead with authenticity as a leader in your work community.
  • The difference between culture and community, and what it takes to foster unity and collaboration at all levels.
  • How to build loyalty and engagement among employees to boost performance.
  • The connection between diversity and innovation.