Alvin Law

Alvin Law

Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author

Born with no arms as a result of the drug Thalidomide, Alvin Law challenges his audience members to examine their current perceptions of themselves, other people, and the world around them so they too can overcome the same obstacles Law was faced with — not how to live and function with no arms, but how to be a successful, compassionate, positive, and engaged human being that leaves the world a better place than how they found it. Law is one of Canada’s most sought-after inspirational speakers, and is on a mission to spark a worldwide attitude revolution.

Law was adopted by a family who taught him how to use his feet as hands, and, in doing so, gave him the gift of freedom. Law uses his story to challenge audiences to rewrite the negative stories they tell themselves about themselves, and inspire them to instead practice cultivating a more proactive and effective outlook on their lives; to stop making excuses and start making choices. Law knows, and demonstrates, that attitude is not about “thinking positive”, but instead how we look at and interpret life overall. It is a skill that can be learned and must be practiced to become a tool that can be used.

Law’s fusion of storytelling, musical performance, and down-to-earth humour connect with his audiences at an intimate, intense, and individual level. Over 7,500 organizations on five continents have used Law to ignite, engage, and transform their people.

In addition to being a professional speaker, Law is a trained broadcaster, fundraiser, award-winning musician, and the bestselling author of Alvin’s Laws of Life: Five Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything. He has earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), an honour shared by less than ten percent of professional speakers worldwide, and, in 2009,was inducted into the Canadian Association of Speakers (CAPS) Hall of Fame.

The Attitude Effect

You’ve probably heard of The Butterfly Effect — a principle of chaos theory which states that a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico, at the right point in space and time, can cause a hurricane in China. It might take a while, but the connection is real. It’s an interesting way of expressing the fact that seemingly very small actions can have drastic effects.

The Attitude Effect works the same way. A team leader, manager, supervisor, or C-level executive with a poor attitude tends to pass it on to employees and co-workers, lowering morale and creating a negative work environment. And employees tend to pass it on to customers, who then decide to take their business elsewhere. To put it plainly, a leader with a bad attitude can have a drastic effect on the productivity and profitability of the entire company.

The good news? Our attitude is the one thing we have complete control over. We can’t always choose what happens to us on a day-to-day basis, but we can choose our attitude. And when a leader adopts and practices good attitude habits, it ripples throughout the entire organization. Productivity, innovation, engagement, quality, service, and customer loyalty can skyrocket when you have a positive company culture.

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to make The Attitude Effect work for you. You’ll learn how your interpretation of business and personal stresses impact your work, your attitude, and your co-workers, and how to be aware of and re-interpret your attitudes on a day-to-day basis. This presentation won’t teach you how to do your job — you can hire an MBA coach for that. What it will do is demonstrate how practicing good attitude habits can help you become the type of leader people are excited to work with, plus give you the tools you need to practice The Attitude Effect both at work and in your personal life. (No mantras, group hugs or sing-alongs… promise!)

There Really Is No Such Word as Can’t

Companies and organizations are constantly facing change. New markets and labour pools open up. New technologies make once-powerful business models obsolete. You may need to implement a simple process change, or completely overhaul your organization’s overall strategy and policy.

No matter what the change is, it’s never easy. According to a 2013 culture and change management survey, the success rate of major change initiatives is a dismal 54%. And although company culture plays a critical role in successful, sustainable change, most companies do not involve lower-level staff in the process and do not leverage the power of culture to navigate that change and ensure it sticks. The result? Employees are confused, productivity plummets, opportunities are lost and morale bottoms out. “Change fatigue” sets in. Cynicism and resistance become the norm. The company stagnates.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can successfully implement sustainable change, no matter how drastic — as long as your people feel like they are an important part of the process.

In this presentation, your audience will learn how to adapt to and embrace change, and recommit to their role in your organization. There are no buzzwords or jargon here — just Alvin Law using his story and his life to model adaptability, resilience, and drive, and inspire your people to stop seeing problems, and start seeing possibilities. By the end, they will see themselves as champions who can make the company and its people more successful, and be excited to jump in and take ownership of their role in the process.

It may sound simple, but this session is a powerful strategic tool in your change management process. It is best used as an opener for a company conference, when you need to either avoid or break through an attitude of resistance and create excitement about and commitment to change. We’ve found the best results occur when the CEO and/or the person leading the change initiative introduces Alvin, as this helps set the tone for not just Alvin’s session but for the overall conference.