Lisa Belanger


Dr. Lisa Bélanger

Behavioural Change Expert | Researcher

An organization’s greatest asset is its people. Award-winning CEO Dr. Lisa Bélanger shows leaders and teams how insights from behavioural science research can be applied in the workplace to optimize the performance, productivity, and innovation of leaders and teams – resulting in long-term change, competitive advantage, and incredible success.

With a PhD in Behavioural Medicine, Dr. Bélanger is the CEO and founder of ConsciousWorks, a consulting firm that helps everyone from executives to entrepreneurs apply the findings from leading-edge scientific analyses to maximize their mental and physical well-being at work and at home.

On-stage, Dr. Bélanger  has presented to clients throughout North America, such as Collins Barrow, the University of Alberta, and CEBS Canada.

Dr. Bélanger is also a Certified Exercise Physiologist;  a past Honorary Research Associate at Swansea University, Wales; researcher at the University of Calgary; instructor at the University of Alberta Executive Education and the author of Inspire Me Well: Finding Motivation to Take Control of Your Health. Additionally, she is the founder of Knight’s Cabin, a national non-profit offering no-cost wellness programming to cancer survivors.

Activate Health Habits to Fuel Optimal Performance: Turning the Best of Intentions into Real Action

There’s a world of difference between knowing what to do, and actually doing it! And there’s a difference between knowing what to do, and how to do it.

Even with the best of intentions and armed with the best information, most people fail to make the changes necessary to create sustainable, long-term improvements in their health – a mistake that can lead to chronic illness, workplace absenteeism, and long-term burn-out.

Dr. Bélanger focuses on the four key health behaviours people have control over: physical activity, nutrition, stress management, and sleep.

She shares immediately implementable tips – such as strategic ways to practice mindfulness and regular exercise for a busy schedule — that have an incredible impact on mental and physical health, to increase overall resilience and well-being and decrease stress and sickness.

Make Mental Health Your Competitive Advantage

Most corporations greatest asset is the productivity, creativity, and innovation of their employees. Dr. Bélanger explores the behaviours and practices leaders can encourage to help their staff be in the best condition to think clearly, make better decisions, and to be more productive and resilient.

Drawing from psychology, behavioural science, and neuroscience, Dr. Belanger also explains what employees can do to cope well  in high stress situations; when under long term stress; how they can use simple tools to increase their mental strength (and thereby, their performance); and how organizations can work to prevent burnout in their staff, encouraging them to live well and age well.

Change Starts from the Top: Leading a Healthy Workplace

A healthy workplace starts from the top down. Dr. Bélanger shares key techniques leaders can use to inspire and facilitate a corporate wellness culture, and shares case studies on how leaders who model healthy behaviours at work have a direct, positive impact on an organization’s bottom line.

She also explores challenges leaders may face – including gender differences and generational differences – and explains the strategies to overcome these obstacles to establish a healthy and productive workforce.