Jennifer Barroll

Jennifer Barroll

Corporate Leadership and Communications Consultant

Jennifer Barroll is a passionate communicator. With a background as an actor, media personality, and stand-up comedian, Barroll uses her quick wit and energetic personality to deliver practical leadership training and communication tools. Having worked with some of the biggest brands, including Nascar, Red Bull, and McDonalds, she helps both individuals and companies reach their full potential.

Barroll spent years working in the technology industry before starting her own successful marketing and communications company. She also co-developed a successful leadership and mentorship program for youth at risk, the Calgary Youth Justice Society’s In The Lead program. It’s still going strong today with thousands of participants. In 2015, she was named to Avenue Magazine’s “40 Under 40” list in recognition of her work.

Today, Barroll is a sought-after international speaker, host, and entertainer, who specializes in leadership training, communications management, change management, and business development.

How to Stop Being a Boss and Start Being a Leader

Bosses tell people what to do while leaders motivate, inspire, and lead their team towards a collective vision. This talk defines what true leadership is and outlines practical steps for adopting these practices in day-to-day life. Exploring employee engagement, strengths-based leadership, and other strategies, attendees will leave encouraged, empowered, and ready to inspire the best out of their team.

Leadership Life

Corporate Leadership Consultant Jennifer Barroll helps audiences uncover communication tools that are essential for all leaders. In this presentation, she illustrates the importance of good corporate culture, and shares strategies to help develop the culture you want. In addition, she defines the different leadership types, discusses the strengths and challenges of each, and defines practical solutions to help leaders get the best out of their team.

An engaging and entertaining talk full of practical leadership examples and real-life stories, attendees will leave inspired to level up their leadership practice.

This is a one to 1.5-hour version of Jennifer’s course, Leadership Life. The full version is also available for corporations upon request.

Communication Ninja

Communications expert Jennifer Barroll dives into the many forms of communication available to us, and helps breakdown some of the most powerful ways to use these tools in the workplace and beyond.

Barroll highlights the top five communication “hacks” or truths that will save you time, effort, and money. She outlines tools for dealing with conflict in the workplace no matter what level of the ladder you’re on, as well as her strategic approach to communicating and leading from all directions: up, down, and laterally.

Attendees will leave this talk with a new understanding of the power they have as communicators, armed with practical tools to use in a variety of scenarios.

Do Your Thing

This powerful, funny, and empowering talk focuses on recognizing the special strengths and gifts inside all of us that need to be realized, embraced, and shared.

Too often, people (youth especially) have very little understanding about what they have inside of them and how special it is. One of her signature talks, Jennifer Barroll digs deep into the potential we all have within us.

This talk is relevant to all ages and packs a very powerful and memorable message.

Additional Topics

Worth in the Workplace
Understanding the unique value and worth within each individual, and how to maximize those strengths to be more efficient, more productive, and enjoy coming to work more!

Just Grow With it
Change can be difficult. This keynote focuses on change/growth management and how to be resilient through a season of growth or change.

Developing Leaders
How to bring the best out of your leaders so that they can bring the best out of their teams.

Personal Evolution
How to level up your life in every area: relationships, body, mind, and soul.

The Message and the Messenger
Learning the skills necessary to prepare, organize and deliver a message to be remembered.