Mark Bowden

Mark Bowden

Expert in Body Language, Human Behaviour, and Communication

Voted the #1 body language professional in the world for two years running, Mark Bowden is passionate about giving people the most influential and persuasive communication techniques to stand out, win trust, and gain credibility every time they speak. Inspiring, energetic, engaging, and entirely entertaining, Bowden’s memorable talks and training programs not only provide top-tier education, but have proven life-changing for audiences and clients, helping their businesses grow across all industries and sectors.

Bowden is the founder of communication training company TRUTHPLANE®. His clients have included celebrities, CEOs of Fortune 500s, and prime ministers of G7 powers. He uses his system of cutting-edge and effective non-verbal communication techniques to instantly help people become more confident, collaborative, and credible in their communication — invaluable for anyone in leadership, sales, teams, politics, media, and beyond.

A bestselling author, Bowden has written four books, including Winning Body Language, a “how-to guide” for using body language to stand out, win trust, and gain credibility when speaking; Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals; and Tame the Primitive Brain: 28 Ways in 28 Days to Manage the Most Impulsive Behaviours at Work. His latest book, Truth and Lies: What People are Really Thinking, co-authored with Tracey Thomson, is a Canadian bestseller and was described by FBI interrogator and counterintelligence agent Joe Navarro as “a remarkable book… this year’s must-read on body language and human behaviour.”

A go-to commentator on the body language of leading politicians and public figures, Bowden appears regularly on news and talk shows, including CNN, CTV, CBC, and Global. He has also been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and GQ Magazine and regularly appears on the Dr. Phil show. He has also given a popular TEDx Talk that has reached millions, and is a member of YouTube’s most popular body language show with over 50 million views, The Behaviour Panel.

Bowden has presented and provided training to many of the most innovative organizations in the world, including ZOOM, Shopify, Réal Madrid C.F., Dell, AMD, Viacom, Royal Bank of Canada, Fidelity, Amex, Unilever, Daimler, Microsoft, Toyota, VW, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, GSK, Walmart, and Nestle. He also delivers presentation training for the #1 EMBA program in Canada with Kellogg-Schulich and is president of the National Communication Coaching Association of Canada.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Winning Body Language to Stand Out, Win Trust, and Gain Credibility

Superior communication skills are key to success, and no one enlightens and empowers others with these skills more effectively than Mark Bowden. In this high-octane interactive keynote, Bowden will teach you the body language techniques to make you stand out from the crowd and inspire others while building trust and credibility.

Bowden takes the audience on an exciting journey to understand how “It’s not often what you say but how you say it that gets results!”

Bowden, a renowned trainer to Fortune 500 CEOs and G8 political leaders, demonstrates how perceptions can be completely altered by a simple gesture or action. He trains the audience, just as he does his elite clients worldwide, in simple yet effective techniques to create the ideal communication in the most crucial situations — invaluable for life and business.

SALES: Winning Body Language to Build Trust, Gain Credibility, and SELL

The most effective salespeople never appear to make any effort at all to win you over. They are natural, likeable, clear, and consultative. They learn about your needs by asking intelligent questions and offer solutions that feel right.

In this compelling and interactive keynote, your salespeople will learn how — through the simplest use of body language — they can build strong and lasting relationships, win and hold onto trust, gain credibility, be more consultative and become a trusted advisor to their clients.

Bowden brings his world class non-verbal skills and techniques that add impact, power, and presence to sales communication, and teaches audiences how to best implement them at every meeting and presentation.

LEADERSHIP: Winning Body Language for Leaders

With such fierce competition for time and attention today how will YOU ever stand out as a leader, win trust, and gain credibility?

In this provocative and entertaining keynote, adapted from his extremely popular TEDx Toronto talk, Mark Bowden will help you understand how certain common non-verbal behaviours may be steering you away from building and strengthening relationships that could ultimately help you realize your greater potential.

Bowden then gives you the tools to confidently convey a powerful executive leadership presence through world class communication skills that capitalize on instinctual processes of the brain; winning others over to you and your message.

He teaches how to use your body language to win trust, build your credibility, listen like a leader, and inspire action to ultimately communicate in a style that is transparent, courageous, compelling, persuasive, influential, and conversational.

COLLABORATION/TEAMWORK: Optimizing Workplace and Client Relationships

The most insidious barrier to a happy, productive workplace in any organization is dealing with EACH OTHER!

Communication guru Mark Bowden offers a practical way of understanding, appreciating and managing the behaviours and actions of others.

Bowden brings the fastest and most effective way to understand why someone acts towards you the way they do; why you react the way you do; and most importantly, how to actively respond to achieve the best outcomes.

He explains how and why people make snap judgments about us and “default to the negative”, and how to best use your body language to stop this from happening. We look at why we are drawn to some people and repelled by others, and how to always get into the “friend” category in our daily interactions. The audience learns how to convert those who are “indifferent” to us, our services, and our products, into our very best customers.

Gain new and fresh perspectives on how to deal with other people’s behaviours in order to:

  • Manage those around you at any level in an organization
  • Turn any potential conflict into a positive outcome
  • Bring teams together in a shared understanding
  • Learn the evolutionary behavioural theory and neuroscientific evidence for human behaviour that underpins all of these key relationships.

How to Communicate Effectively While Working Remotely

There has never been a more important time for a leader or sales professional to show their very best to their organization, their clients, and to themselves. This presentation by body language expert Mark Bowden will help you do exactly that, especially from your home office.

With years of experience helping CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, leaders of G7 countries, and even US military generals to be at their most effective when communicating via virtual mediums, Bowden will train and entertain your audience with the best strategies, tips and practical body language techniques to address exactly what to do during video calls to build trust and gain credibility.

This session shows how you can best present, sell, and create opportunities to connect professionally even when working from your work-from-home office under the current stresses.

Learn how you can show empathy and build connection, be more compelling, effectively observe and listen, and maintain energy and persuasiveness over video calls. Bowden will share a scientific understanding of human social behaviour and help you understand exactly how people engage with video and why they disengage. He will also share best techniques to keep everyone working as a team, even when physically isolated.

Participants will walk away with seven simple-yet-powerful principles to help maximize their impact when using virtual mediums of communication.

Winning Body Language For Impact In The Hybrid Work World: Be Future Of Work Ready

Win Trust, Gain Credibility and Collaborate

Famously energetic, motivational and vitally useful, world-renowned body language and communications expert Mark Bowden presents to you his top body language techniques and the science behind them to stand out, win trust and gain credibility every time you speak both live and virtually. Crucially Mark helps you to successfully navigate communication to ready you for the future of work and the complexities of the new hybrid landscape. Ensure no person or great idea gets missed out and enable the most effective collaboration in hybrid settings at every opportunity, all delivered in Mark’s inimitable entertaining style!

  • Learn how to engage others in hybrid settings to maximize equity, positivity and collaboration
  • Know the factors that cause people to feel disempowered in hybrid settings and how to countermeasure those to keep them motivated to perform at their best
  • Learn new strategies to keep teams focused and optimistic while managing the complexity of hybrid
  • Master effective techniques for influence and persuasion in every setting

Compelling Communication for Leadership

Duration: Half and full day

Target Audience: Leaders, managers, business professionals, sales professionals

As a leader, there is no getting around that your job calls for presenting and public speaking under extreme pressure. What your listeners think of your ideas, plans, and your entire organization is affected by how they react to you as a leader when you communicate. Never underestimate the crucial role your presentation skills and style play in your success.

This fast-paced practical workshop teaches and demonstrates powerful leadership presence through world class communication skills focusing on creating trust, inspiring action, and eliminating what gets in the way of all that to produce a leadership communication style that is transparent, courageous, compelling, persuasive, influential, and conversational.

Speak and Win Business: Confidently Turn Communication into Clients

Duration: Half and full day

Target Audience: Leaders, managers, business professionals, sales professionals


Speaking in public, via the media or by directly presenting to prospective clients is a powerful way to build your business. It raises the profile of your company, generates new leads, and when executed with a confident presence and structure the content actually wins new business on the spot. Still, even experienced presenters fear failure and in turn may fail to capitalize upon the business opportunities presented to them.

Wouldn’t it be useful to know how to instantly stand out, be heard and win the trust of potential new clients across any platform using highly persuasive and influential content structures, verbal and non-verbal language, in any situation? Could you benefit also from knowing the fastest and most effective way to write and give a presentation that makes a profitable impact and brings in new business every time you speak?

This dynamic practical training workshop will enable you to quickly look, sound, and be at your most confident every time you speak; always stand out and be remembered as credible, highly influential, and utterly trustworthy; and be successful at building business and profit by getting the results and benefits you need, and for which you can confidently ask, at every opportunity your message is delivered.