Gregor Jeffrey


Gregor Jeffrey

Expert on the Neuroscience of Communication

Almost everything we’ve been taught about communications is wrong. Gregor Jeffrey was on a mission to become a more effective communicator. After going through extensive training and only getting worse, he started his own research project and found the real key to successful communication — science. Using neuroscience-based research, Gregor has helped thousands of executives, leaders, and business professionals immediately increase their performance by enhancing their communication skills.

Gregor started his career in the Calgary defence sector. He has since worked in Vancouver’s high-tech sector and Silicon Valley before returning to the defence and aerospace industry. As the Founder of Jeffrey Strategic, he now uses his unique, science-based training to deliver innovative talks and workshops to organizations across North America, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits.

Gregor is also an executive lecturer at the Alberta School of Business and is often a featured speaker at TEC Executive Forums.

NeuroCommunication: The Science of Influence

In Gregor Jeffrey’s award-winning talk he will show you that there is an incredibly simple way to deliver the right information at exactly the right moment to engage each member of your audience every time you speak. Drawing on proven neuroscience, you will learn exactly what your audience needs from you when you speak in meetings, conference calls and presentations – and how to implement it immediately to achieve results.