Andrew Au

Andrew Au

Global Thought Leader on Digital Transformation and Culture Change

When companies like Microsoft, FedEx, and 3M want to accelerate innovation, they call Andrew Au. Today, the dynamics of industries are changing. No enterprise is too big to fail, no start up is too small to disrupt. Agility has become the new currency of business, and organizations need to respond. That’s where Au comes in. He helps organizations respond to the now and prepare for what’s next – helping them rethink how they engage their customers, motivate their employees, operate their business units, and inject innovation into their solutions.

Referred to by Forbes as a “digital transformation expert”, Au helps organizations respond to the new culture and nature of work. Through his innovative work, he was the youngest person to be inducted into the Entrepreneurs Organization at the age of 22. He is among the few to be named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list and has received over 50 domestic and international awards for business innovation and thought leadership. What makes Au’s perspectives unique is that he doesn’t just study digital transformation and culture change. He makes it real for the largest organizations in the world, every day.

Au has delivered live, virtual, and pre-recorded keynotes for leading organizations such as Microsoft, Rogers, Canada Life, Mitel, Harley Davidson, and a wide variety of industry associations. He shares his dynamic perspectives on leadership and emerging technologies with media including Forbes, Business Insider, Tech Insider, Bloomberg, BNN and the National Post.

Au is the co-founder of Intercept, a strategic consultancy that had led large scale system implementations and culture change programs. Au is also the President of Scopium AI, a healthcare start-up developing a patented cognitive platform focused on improving patient care and reducing medical costs using artificial intelligence.

Navigating Digital Transformation

Receive a custom keynote that explores how digital transformation is being applied to specific industries and lines of business.

Andrew Au applies his extensive experience consulting global organizations across a multitude of sectors including retail, agriculture, mining, professional services, healthcare, technology, and automotive.

Learn effective change management strategies that have driven successful technology implementations and legacy process modernization. Walk away with actionable frameworks that can be applied by your teams, immediately.

The Modern Sales Pro

Digital transformation is rewriting the rules of relationships. Sales leaders are forced to rethink how to connect with their customers in today’s digital era.

The customers’ buying journey is evolving. Information asymmetry used to exist, where salespeople knew more than the customer. Today, customers are swimming in information, but they lack the time to make sense of it all. As the needs of our customers evolve, so must our approach to customer engagement.

Join Andrew Au as he explores four fundamental shifts — mental, behaviour, technology, and network — sales professionals need to make in order to thrive.

From Mass to Millennial: Managing Millennial Disruption

Technology is revolutionizing how we work, live, and play. And, millennials are at the center of this revolution, directly influencing the makeup of today’s modern marketplaces and diverse workplaces.

Andrew Au shares the winning formula to win millennials as customers and employees based on proprietary research and experience working with global brands including Microsoft, FedEx, Intuit, 3M, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding millennial values and expectations
  • Applying a framework for millennial engagement
  • Activating company values to attract and retain future leaders
  • Debunking myths on millennials in the workplace

Building Team Culture Remotely

We’ve solved the individual productivity challenge with device docks, screens, remote logins, VPNs, etc. The bigger challenge is solving for collaboration and culture.

Working from home can be great for focused independent work. Yet, the core workflows that create value in most organizations have become more collaborative and creative in nature. Begin bridging the remote culture gap with this interactive session designed to stimulate collaboration when we need it most.

Audiences will learn:

  • How to re-ignite corporate values.
  • How to build new communication practices.
  • How to overcome isolation and maintain social experiences.
  • How to measure and manage team sentiment.
  • How to enable learning and development.

This virtual presentation runs 60 minutes, combining a keynote with an interactive Q&A. Length can be customized depending on client’s needs.

Education Digital Transformation: "Learning as (un)usual"

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed education as we know it. Now more than ever, educators are challenged to provide anytime, anywhere learning for all students.

Over the past three years, Andrew Au’s firm has helped more than 45,000 educators across North America use technology in meaningful ways to improve learning outcomes. In this highly engaging virtual presentation, Au reveals best practices that support a blended approach to distance and in-classroom learning to help audiences close the digital divide and deliver a new approach to pedagogy that embraces the future classroom.

Discover how to:

  • Deliver more personalized and inclusive learning experiences.
  • Create experiential learning opportunities that virtually bridge lessons to the real-world.
  • Improve student engagement and distance learning impact.
  • Foster social and emotional resilience for students.

This virtual presentation runs 60 minutes, combining a keynote with an interactive Q&A. Length can be customized depending on client’s needs.

VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Innovation Hacking

COVID-19 is a wake-up call. Organizations are now focused on developing new strategies, revenue streams, and operating models that are adaptive and resilient to changing market conditions.

This session is specifically designed for managers and executives who are looking to build new strategies and business models, faster and with greater clarity. Using a series of digital ideation tools, audiences will learn:

  • Customer empathy immersion.
  • Accelerated idea generation.
  • “Parallel-thinking” based idea narrowing.
  • Team idea scoring.

Bring your leadership team together for this interactive, hands-on innovation session that’s designed to stimulate fresh actionable ideas.

This virtual workshop runs 90 minutes. It includes up to five briefing calls/stakeholder interviews to ensure content is applicable to its audience.