Susan Stewart

Susan Stewart

The Lighter Side of Work and Life

Comedian Susan Stewart blends the wit and wisdom she’s known for with powerful messages about not taking life too seriously — especially in times of adversity and uncertainty. In her stand-up comedy style, Stewart shares ways to see the lighter side of life leaving her audiences uplifted and equipped to meet their challenges with a positive outlook, and, of course, a sense of humour.

Professionally, Stewart has taken a winding road. After earning a degree in theatre arts from the University of Waterloo, she began performing stand-up comedy in Toronto. Three years into her comedy career, Stewart began battling depression and anxiety, which eventually led her to quit performing. When she got back on her feet, she wanted to know “how the other half lived” and transitioned into the world of human resources as an organizational learning and development consultant with the Ontario government.

A year into her new HR career, Stewart was asked to create and deliver a comical presentation about wellness for an upcoming staff professional development conference. Her presentation was a smash-hit and she eventually left her HR career to return to the stage full-time and use her comedic powers for good. For the past decade, Stewart has been making audiences laugh while delivering messages about resiliency, stress relief, and nurturing strong mental health.

Stewart is the author of Reaching The Laugh Resort: Why The Journey To Remembering Who You (Really) Are Is Worth The Jet Lag; Your New Lenses Are Ready For Pick Up: A Guide To Seeing The Lighter Side Of Life; and You Gotta Laugh: Wit And Wisdom About Not Taking Life (Or Yourself) Too Seriously.

Stewart’s podcast, “Still a Hot Mess”, and comedy album, Relentless, are available on Spotify and iTunes.

You Gotta Laugh: Healing Stress with Humour

An entertaining program packed full of laughs, Susan Stewart will remind your group why it’s important not to take things too seriously and share some ways to see the lighter side of life.

You Can’t Be Serious! Why Science Wants Us to Lighten Up

Based on scientific research, Susan Stewart will reveal how a relaxed, positive mindset fuels performance and achievement. In this interactive presentation, Stewart shares the truth about the relationship between happiness and success, the biological advantages of a “positive brain”, the habits that create sustained happiness, and three simple ways to put the powers of positivity to work!

Reaching the Laugh Resort: A Comedian’s Journey to Finally Lightning Up (And Taming the Heckler in Her Head)

Susan Stewart shares how believing her “inner critic” lead her to quit stand-up comedy early on in her career and the “awakening” that eventually led her back to the stage. In the comedic style she is best known for, Stewart reveals the powerful lessons she learned about not taking life (and herself) too seriously.

Your New Lenses Are Ready for Pick Up: Seeing Change in a New “Light”

Based on a significant change that occurred in her career several years ago, Susan Stewart shares what she learned (the hard way) about being resilient in the face of the unknown. In her signature comedic style, Stewart will reveal powerful truths about change, our most common sources of stress in the face of uncertainty, and three perspectives about change that can help your group be more resilient when change comes along.

The Last Laugh

This program is 100% pure PG-rated corporate-friendly stand-up comedy! Susan Stewart will send your group off energized, uplifted, and seeing the lighter side of life!

Your New Lenses are Ready for Pick Up: Seeing Adversity and Change in a New Light

As we navigate our new reality during this unprecedented time, comedian Susan Stewart will give your group a lift with a program that both entertains and inspires as it explores our freedom of choice. We are always free to choose how we want to perceive, interpret, and respond to the external world.

As scientific research has proven, 90% of our experience — including stress and happiness — is based on how we process our circumstances. The lenses through which we view things, and the narrative we tell ourselves, almost entirely shapes our reality and profoundly determines our potential to “synthesize” happiness in the face of adversity or uncertainty.

In her signature comedic style, Stewart will point out some “annoying features” of the brain that can create stress and offer some shifts in perspective that can boost our mood, increase our resiliency, and nurture our mental health.

This virtual presentation, via Zoom, runs 45-60 minutes, plus Q&A. Length is customizable to suit your needs.