James Cunningham

James Cunningham

Corporate Comedian | Emcee | Host of Eat St.

Seeking a master of ceremonies or a fabulous evening of entertainment? Then look no further. James Cunningham has proven, time and again, that he’s among the most skilled corporate emcees and comedians in the world. His personalized performances and attention to detail guarantee laughter and delight. Whatever the theme or purpose of your next gathering, he’ll ensure that it’s a successful and memorable one.

James has hosted and performed at numerous events for clients including Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Ingram Micro, Canadian Tire, Gordon Food Service, Colleges Ontario, McDonald’s, Nestle Purina, Walmart, Proctor & Gamble, Staples, Kraft, Grant Thornton International and Brink’s. He has also hosted a series of sold-out events across Canada for “The Power Within,” where he had the pleasure of sharing the spotlight with such luminaries as former US President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters, Andre Agassi, Suze Orman, and Hilary Swank.

In addition to his work as a corporate emcee and entertainer, James was the hilarious host and associate producer of the TV series Eat St., which aired on the Cooking Channel USA, Food Network Canada, and in more than a dozen other countries around the world. He is the author of the bestselling cookbook of the same name (Eat St.), wherein he shares recipes from the most daring, delicious, and inventive street food that can be found anywhere. James can also be seen regularly on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV.

James has been featured on many national and international network television shows including Last Comic StandingJust for Laughs, and Comedy Now. He also keeps himself busy performing at comedy clubs and corporate shows everywhere.

Event Host/Master of Ceremonies

A professional Event Host/Master of Ceremonies can turn an ordinary event into something spectacular! Despite the months of hard work spent coordinating and producing an event, the only thing the audience will see (and remember) is the live presentation on stage. A rehearsed professional will elevate the quality of your event from good to outstanding. James Cunningham is that professional!

Whether your audience consists of 70 or 7,000, James consistently proves that there is no better person for the job. He has had the pleasure of hosting events featuring Dr. Deepak Chopra, Ben Stein, Martin Sheen, Barbara Walters, Dr. Memhet Oz, Quincy Jones, Arianna Huffington, Sir Richard Branson and former President Bill Clinton.

Having James host your event or conference will ensure that everyone will be talking about its success for years to come.

On-Stage Comedy

James Cunningham has been successfully entertaining at corporate events across North America for more than a decade. With over two and a half hours of clean material under his comedy belt, he has the unique ability to entertain any audience.

In addition to his regular material, James always finds time to incorporate customized material specific to a company’s corporate culture. A constantly growing list of corporate clients is a true testament to the quality of James’ work.

Customized Video

A professional writer for TV and film, James Cunningham can write, shoot, edit and produce a professional quality presentation customized for your next event. Customized videos have recently been prepared for clients including Canadian Tire Financial Services, Pepsi-QTG, Abell Pest Control and The City of Calgary.

Funny Money

James Cunningham’s “Funny Money” program burst onto the scene in Canada in 1998, and has since grown into North America’s #1 “FUN-ancial” Lecture for students.

Funny Money brings humour into the subject of personal finance, encouraging young people to take a greater interest in their financial futures.

His presentation covers everything from the basics of budgeting and debt management to investing. In just under an hour, young adults learn how to take control of their financial lives. The program has already prepared hundreds of thousands of high school seniors and college and university students across North America for the financial realities of life after graduation.

Funny Money addresses what is a growing problem–young people leaving school unprepared for the day-to-day realities of paying the rent, properly using a credit card, budgeting for the basic necessities or investing for their futures.

The Funny Money mission is simple: take all of the confusion out of the complex world of finances and empower today’s youth with the knowledge they need to make good financial choices.

The Funny Money show includes a multi-media presentation, audience participation and even cash prizes.

Viva la Food Truck Revolución!

For five exciting seasons James Cunningham has had, in his words, “the best job on TV.” As the host of Food Network Canada’s hit show Eat St., James has been on a lip-smacking adventure of North America’s tastiest, messiest and most irresistible street food. From deep-fried doughnut meals served out of an Airstream trailer to baked oysters cooked on a fire truck, it has been a pretty wild ride! Food trucks are the ultimate “foodtrepreneurial” venture to have hit the streets in years.

Behind the fun and frolic of the TV show however, is one of the riskiest and most logistically challenging businesses to run. Balancing food preparation, supplies, repairs, social media marketing and staffing, food truck owners have become some of the most creative problem solvers in commerce. Not only do these entrepreneurs not fear risk and change…they embrace it! As one food truck owner said: “A food truck has all of the problems of a restaurant with none of the solutions.”

Using examples from trucks featured on Eat St., James takes audiences through six case studies.   He explores the creative ways these food truck owners approach and solve problems – and deliver a safe and delicious food experience. James starts from the very beginning of what has become widely known as the “Food Truck Revolution.” He shows how the gourmet street food movement has grown from a handful of trucks in California to becoming a phenomenon across North America, Europe and Asia. Gourmet food trucks and trailers are now everywhere! You’ll get the inside scoop from someone who is on the front lines of the newest and most mouth-watering “super-trend” in the food industry.

This presentation is both highly entertaining and uniquely informative. It will have your audience laughing, while at the same time, learning important aspects of risk management in a business venture.

No stranger to risky business, James is the president of Funny Money Inc., an internationally award-winning youth financial literacy organization. He can also be seen on comedy club stages and hosting conferences for Fortune 500 companies, including PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Kraft, McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart, to name a few. Additionally, James has hosted multiple shows for The Power Within, where he shared the stage with such visionaries as: President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Martha Stewart, Dr. Oz, and Barbara Walters.

Celebrity Services

James Cunningham is represented by The Spotlight Agency for sponsorships, endorsements, public relations and media spokesperson campaigns, product launches, voiceovers, celebrity appearances, and more.  Please visit The Spotlight Agency for more details.