David Coletto

David Coletto

Marketing Research Leader | Expert on Millennials

David Coletto delivers strategic advice and research design expertise to many of Canada’s foremost corporations, advocacy groups, and political leaders. A leader in online research methodologies, public affairs research, corporate and organizational reputation studies, and youth research, Coletto has led projects for top-tier companies in many sectors including pharmaceutical, transportation, financial services, educational, natural resource, telecommunications, media, arts and cultural, tourism, and retail.

David’s clients have included Nestle, Sysco, Google, Ernst & Young, the RCMP and Hudson’s Bay, among many others.

Having earned a doctorate in 2010, David is an Adjunct Professor teaching courses on polling and public opinion, political marketing, research and public affairs. He is also an instructor at the Clayton H. Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management.

He is an outspoken proponent of transparency in the polling industry and is regularly called upon by media and organizations alike to provide expert analyses of public opinion and research methodologies.

Generation NOW: Reframing Public Affairs and Advocacy for the Millennial Age

From his vantage point in Ottawa, David has seen a sharp change in the way governments approach public policy questions and engagement with stakeholders. Much of that change is the result of the rising power of millennials in the political market.

Soon after his election in 2015, Prime Minister Trudeau appointed himself Minister of Youth. This confirms the growing influence of young Canadians on the Canadian political agenda.

By 2019, the year of the next federal election in Canada, millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) will make up the largest cohort of voters. Around the world, millennials are reshaping politics and the impacts have been profound.

Leading one of Canada’s premier public affairs firms, David brings his data, perspective, and insights to bear on an engaging, thought-provoking talk that leaves audiences more sharply attuned to the changing political world we now have to manage.  He takes his audience on a journey to understand why Millennials are the way they are, what makes them different, and they are disrupting politics in Canada and around the world.

This talk is perfect for any corporation or association that seeks to influence public policy and set the agenda in Ottawa or provincial capitals across Canada.

The Millennials: How this Generation is Changing Everything

Through an engaging and interactive presentation, David gives his audience a unique perspective on who Millennials are, why are they are so different, and what organizations need to know to manage them.

Having conducted research on Millennials for the past six years, David’s insights are research-based, balanced, and respectful.  He takes his audience on a journey to understand why Millennials are the way they are, what makes them different, and how they are impacting your organization.

Each presentation is tailored specifically for the sponsoring organization.

How to Engage Millennials at Work: Understanding Where They Are Coming From and What It Means for Management

By 2025, a majority of working-aged people will be from the Millennial generation (those born between 1980 and 2000). As Millennials become a larger part of the workforce, their values, approach to work, and experiences are disrupting workplaces in all sectors of the economy causing inter-generational conflict that lowers productivity and weakens organizational culture.

David Coletto, a leading expert on generational change and the Millennial Generation shares insights from his more than six years of research trying to understand where his own generation is coming from.

David takes his audience on a journey to understand why Millennials are the way they are, what makes them different, and how managers can better engage and empower their teams to be more productive employees.

Each presentation is tailored specifically for the sponsoring organization.

Generational Change and the Future of Food in Canada

Through an engaging and interactive presentation, David will share insights on how Canadian Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) are changing how we think of food. Perhaps the most food-obsessed generation in history and as Canada’s largest consumer market, millennials are forcing food producers and retailers to rethink what and how we eat.

Having conducted research on Canadian Millennials for the past eight years, David’s insights are research-based, balanced, and respectful.  He takes his audience on a journey to understand why and how Millennials are disrupting markets, forcing us to rethink the role of food in our lives and to assess what the future of Canadian food policy might look like in a millennial-dominated Canada.

Generation Z: Move over Millennials, There's a New Generation Making Waves

The first fully digital-first generation, Generation Z born after 2000 are known for their passion and global mindset. Leading the climate change walk-outs and organizing massive marches against gun violence, they are also a powerful consumer force who advocate for the brands they love and challenge those they don’t online in ways that are changing consumer behaviour.

Early evidence suggests this generation is more laid-back than millennials, more pragmatic, and start with a more realistic perspective on what’s possible in work, life, and play. They will be the most ethnically and culturally diverse generation in history, the most educated, and the first to live their lives in a much more diverse world.

As Canada’s leading voice and researcher on generational change, David Coletto explores the world of Gen Z through their eyes, sharing data, stories, and advice on how to engage the newest generation at work, in the marketplace, and in life generally.

The Great Reset? Public Opinion and COVID-19

Having studied and measured public opinion for the last 15 years, never has David Coletto seen anything like the challenging times we’re facing today.

Coletto will share findings and insights from his ongoing public opinion tracking and research into how Canadians are coping and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a particular focus on how businesses, non-profits, and associations should think about the future and what the new normal might look like.

Audiences will walk away with insight into how this pandemic is changing behaviours, attitudes, and preferences when it comes to work, lifestyles, politics, and consumer behaviour.

This virtual presentation, delivered via Zoom, runs 45 minutes plus Q&A. Coletto can also generate custom content for his clients through asking specific survey questions of interest as an add-on to his regular presentation.