David Coletto Headshot from August 2022

David Coletto

Marketing Research Leader | CEO, Abacus Data

For more than 15 years, David Coletto has been tracking Canadian public opinion and consumer trends on technology, news consumption, and public policy. He is considered an industry leader in marketing research and one of Canada’s leading experts on generational change. As the CEO and a founding partner of Abacus Data, Coletto has delivered strategic advice to many of Canada’s leading associations, corporations, and non-profits across many sectors including pharmaceutics, transportation, financial services, education, natural resources, telecommunications, media, tourism, and retail.

Abacus Data is one of Canada’s most respected, full-service market research and strategy firm. Specializing in online research methodologies, public affairs and youth research, and corporate and organizational reputation studies, Coletto’s clients have included Cooperation Canada, Oxfam, Shaw Communications, the Canadian Medical Association, the Bank of Canada, and the Canadian Real Estate Association, among many others.

Coletto is regularly called upon by media and organizations alike to provide expert analyses of public opinion and research methodologies. In 2013, Ottawa Business Journal and the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce named him one of Ottawa’s “Top 40 Under 40”. In addition, Coletto is the host and producer of inFocus with David Coletto, a podcast that explores the intersection of public opinion, politics, public policy, and consumer behaviour.

Coletto earned a PhD in political science from the University of Calgary in 2010. He is currently an adjunct professor at the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs at Carleton University, where he teaches courses on polling and public opinion, political marketing, research methods, and designing public affairs strategies.

Navigating the Shortage Economy: Opportunities and Challenges for Leaders

Supply chain disruptions, empty shelves, rising prices, labour shortages — the shortage economy has been dominating the headlines, with no end in sight and potentially long-term effects. How does it influence your organization today, tomorrow, and in the long-term?

Having recently conducted a national survey on the subject, David Coletto brings audiences on a deep dive into the shortage economy and how it’s impacting Canadians, both at home and work, and what this means for leaders. This data-informed presentation explores today’s economic reality and shows audiences how they can best strategize and prepare for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

With extensive research on this topic, Coletto tailors his keynote for each of his audiences and their respective industries. He can also explore both the retail and political implications of this new economic era.