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Jessica Holmes

Celebrated Comedian | Author | Mental Health Advocate

A favourite on Royal Canadian Air Farce, Jessica Holmes also brings the house down on-stage with her stand-up comedy, opening for giants such as Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Peters, Jerry Seinfeld, and Oprah Winfrey. Her hilarious and validating take on life’s challenges have audiences in stitches, and her unique knack for skewering celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Liza Minelli and Celine Dion, keep her at the top of Canadian comedy. Her bilingual, customized emcee and entertainment presentations — which include motivation and wellness — are always guaranteed to be a hit with all audiences.

As a performer, Jessica’s productions have garnered her a “Platinum Award” at The Worldfest International Film Festival; nominations for Gemini Awards; and the prestigious Tim Sims Scholarship. She is also known for her work in films, including Welcome to Mooseport, Citizen Duane, and Moonpoint. She continues perform comedy across the country, with a recent appearance on CBC’s Winnipeg Comedy Festival television special.

Jessica also devotes much time to helping others live well. In her wellness keynotes, she mixes humour with her message about the importance of de-stressing and laughing at life’s shortcomings, and speaks with intelligence and insight on her own experiences of dealing with post-partum depression, finding work-life balance, and re-igniting passion. She recently received certification as a wellness coach from San Diego’s Life Purpose Institute. Her autobiographical book, I Love Your Laugh, was published in 2010, and she’s currently working on a follow-up book about mental health.

La très populaire humoriste Jessica Holmes, personnage adoré parmi la troupe de l’émission Royal Canadian Air Farce, remporte toujours un grand succès sur scène avec ses monologues hilarants, ayant fait la première partie des spectacles de supervedettes comme Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Peters, Jerry Seinfeld et même Oprah Winfrey.

Mais derrière l’humour, Jessica – tout comme des millions de Canadiens – a été aux prises avec la dépression post-partum ainsi que, selon ses termes, de « dépression courante, bien ordinaire, votre dépression de tous les jours ». Dans l’espoir d’aider à éliminer la stigmatisation liée aux problèmes de santé mentale, elle partage ses expériences personnelles avec l’humour qu’on lui connaît, mettant en lumière – de façon absolument hilarante – un sujet qui peut souvent sembler très difficile.

Le nouveau livre de Jessica intitulé Depression: The Comedy (dont la sortie est prévue pour avril 2018) entraîne les lecteurs dans son parcours en santé mentale et témoigne des leçons qu’elle a apprises, notamment sur la façon de trouver l’équilibre entre vie personnelle et vie professionnelle et de redécouvrir nos passions.

À la télévision et au cinéma, Jessica est la vedette de sa propre émission, The Holmes Show, et elle a joué dans les films Bienvenue à Mooseport, Citizen Duane et Moon Point.

Sur scène, les productions de Jessica ont reçu un « prix Platine » au WorldFest International Film Festival, plusieurs nominations pour des prix Gemini ainsi que la prestigieuse bourse Tim Sims.

Elle vit à Toronto avec son mari et ses deux enfants.

The 60-Minute Perspective Makeover: Proven Tips to Living an Awesome Life!

The secrets of success are the same no matter what business you’re in, and success begins with getting motivated. Inspiration and comedy unite in this 60-minute transformational presentation from “I should…” to “I will!”.

Energizing and funny, Jessica’s call to action combines her trademark humor and savvy to deliver motivational insights into:

• finding greater meaning in your work
• using positive psychology to be happier day to day
• setting and reaching your goals
• learning to laugh at life’s shortcomings

Jessica gives quick, achievable “how to’s” about these topics and more, in a laugh-out-loud hour of fun. The audience receives great takeaways and follow up resources to guarantee that Jessica’s presentation makes a meaningful impact.

Laugh It Off And Bring It On

As a person whose passion is to make people laugh, Jessica Holmes’ near crippling depression threatened her happiness AND her career. Once recovered, she re-committed her life to discovering what creates lasting balance and fulfilment.

In this funny and inspiring presentation, Jessica shares her hilarious personal anecdotes to help others reignite their spark.

Jessica presents her insights in a funny, interactive way, that is rarely seen on stage. Audiences are motivated to set the bar higher for their personal happiness. She discusses the latest discoveries in the field of positive psychology, how to turn your embarrassments into punch lines, and measurable ways to achieve greater fulfilment and happiness in work and life.

Depression: The Comedy

This is a frank and hilarious account of how it took Jessica Holmes two years to get diagnosed as depressed. Since depression is a mental illness, not a physical one like chicken pox or a missing limb, it’s difficult to quantify. Jessica’s was a very gradual descent from being satisfied with her life to feeling as though her life was in an emotional dumpster.

It started small: she resented “fun stuff” like girls night out, developed a loathing for words like “wellness,” and avoided foods that promised to prolong her life. Even when she yawned her way through an emceeing job for Oprah Winfrey didn’t sound any alarms for her.

By the end of 2013, Jessica slept more than the cat, gave her husband a hall pass, and told her TV agent “hold my calls for six months” before she acknowledged her problem. ‎

In the nearly two years that she had transitioned from “cheerleader” to “zombie”, she hadn’t taken stock of how far she had veered from her ideal life of fulfilment and gratitude.

Jessica’s story, which has a deeply happy ending, relates to anyone who has ever been on a downhill trajectory, whether with health, relationships, or career, who forgot to stop and ask “where am I?”


As a former cast member of the Royal Canadian Air Farce and the writer and star of her own sketch comedy series, The Holmes Show, Jessica Holmes honed her ability skewering celebrities like the larger-than-life Céline Dion.

With a flurry of wig changes, Jessica brings her talents to the stage in this interactive performance, guaranteed to delight audiences of any kind.


Whether in English, French, or a mix of the two, Jessica Holmes provides a  performance filled with great off-the-cuff moments and interactions with the audience.

Through researching your company in advance of the big day, she’s able to custom tailor her show and incorporate your company’s needs into her performance.

Weaving her comedy in and out, Jessica maintains a great pace throughout the event, never losing sight of the bottom line: it’s your special event, and it deserves to be extraordinary.

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