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Neil Pasricha

Happiness Expert | Bestselling Author of The Book of Awesome

A Harvard MBA, New York Times bestselling author, award-winning blogger, and one of the most popular TED speakers in the world, Neil Pasricha is “a pied piper of happiness”* who dazzles audiences with ideas and frameworks that skyrocket happiness into the stratosphere. With infectious enthusiasm, heartfelt authenticity, and a “what works” authority, Pasricha draws on the latest research in happiness to increase individual performance and create a more positive and productive workplace.

Pasricha spent a decade with Walmart, the world’s largest company, directly working for two CEOs and as the organization’s director of leadership development. He now travels all over the globe sharing messages on happiness to Fortune 500 companies, schools, and non-profits. In the past few years, he has spoken to over 200,000 people at hundreds of events, making him one of the world’s most sought-after speakers. He has spoken to Royal Families in the Middle East, Ivy League Deans, and to CEOs at organizations such as Audi, Abbot, and GE.

His first book, The Book of Awesome, is a runaway #1 international bestseller with millions of copies sold. His new book, The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything (also an international bestseller), provides step-by-step guidelines to illustrate how to apply a unique set of principles to improving and managing everything—your time, your career, your bottom line, your relationships and ultimately, of course, your happiness.

In his twenties, Pasricha partnered with Harvard University to design one of the first global leadership development programs inside a Fortune 10 company. And, as a management consultant, he advised Fortune 50 companies on top level leadership strategies. He earned his Master’s degree from the Harvard Business School, focusing on Leadership and Organizational Behaviour.

Pasricha’s writing and work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, CNN, BBC, The Guardian, The New Yorker, The Sunday Times, China Daily, The Jakarta Post, The Sydney Herald and Wired.

*The Toronto Star

Happier People, Happier Organizations

The strongest companies in the world have the happiest people working at them. Coincidence? Not at all.

Through researching top leaders at Harvard, developing leaders inside Fortune 100 companies, and working with clients like Shell, Kraft, and Viacom, Neil Pasricha developed unique frameworks to show people how to create happiness and use that to drive engagement and high-performance results inside organizations.

He takes groups of all kinds through his work, leaving everyone with immediately implementable tools to increase workplace happiness and create results.

Mental Health: Reducing the Stimga, Increasing Support

Neil Pasricha received a late night phone call from his best friend, Chris, on a Sunday night a few years ago. By the next morning, Chris had disappeared. It was soon discovered that after years battling mental illness, Chris had tragically taken his own life.

Studies show that one in four people suffer from mental illness. We know when we bring mental illness out of the closet, and seek to end its stigma, we improve productivity, drive creativity, and shrink absenteeism. But how do we support peers, reports, and teams touched by mental health issues? How do we support mothers, sisters, and brothers?

In this moving talk, Neil gives voice to those suffering and to those who find themselves supporting those in need. His speech is gripping, interactive, and grounding, with stories and simple takeaways weaved around research that answers three key questions:

  1. How can we reduce stigma of mental illness?
  2. How do we support others with mental illness?
  3. And how do we support ourselves?

This keynote is not just for those in the audience who are silently suffering from mental anguish. It’s for all of us to help take charge of our mental health.

The 3 A's of Awesome - Classic or Case-Study versions

Based on Neil Pasricha’s endlessly popular TED Talk, this is the 3 A’s of Awesome customized to a workplace, government, or school setting and enriched with interactive exercises, explanatory videos, and a detailed Q&A.

The talk is available in the “classic” version, which inspires audiences through Neil’s personal narrative and his universal “attitude, awareness, and authenticity” model. Neil guarantees your group will laugh, cry, and take a big step back to reevaluate and reenergize themselves to move forward.

The talk is also available in the “Case-Study” version as the 3 S’s of Awesome (Social, Stimulation, Story), a customized case-study format for workplaces where business case studies and real-life corporate examples leave your group with key takeaways that can be applied in the workplace at no cost to drive employee engagement and happiness.

With heartfelt storytelling, breakthrough research, and lots of laughs, it’s no wonder The 3 A’s of Awesome is Neil’s most popular talk.

Custom Workshop

Many organizations choose to have Neil add on a custom workshop to his keynote. These workshops can bring an organization purpose to life, embed a conference or session theme into company culture, or develop customized happiness challenges which individuals design and share with their peers in order to commit to the practice of happiness. Note: As workshops require additional interviews, pre-meetings, and time on-site, they are not always available. Please discuss options with your agent.