Bruce Lourie

Bruce Lourie

Influential Environmental Policy Expert | Bestselling Author

Bruce Lourie is one of Canada’s most influential leaders and thinkers in the environment sector. With a 20-year career built on creating collaborative solutions to challenges facing non-profits, government and the private sector, Bruce boasts an expertise on toxic substances, green energy, forest conservation, and environmental philanthropy that is second to none. Speaking on topics such as climate and energy; environmental contaminants and toxic pollution; environmental entrepreneurship; and non-profit leadership, Lourie gives audiences timely and actionable information.

Lourie is the president of The Ivey Foundation, a private charitable foundation focusing on environmental policy change; a director of the Ontario Power Authority; a director of the Ontario Trillium Foundation; and a Chair of the Board of Environmental Defence Canada.

He is a founder of a number of for profit and non-profit organizations including Summerhill Group, a prominent market transformation consultancy specializing in energy conservation and renewable energy; the Sustainability Network; the Enerquality Corporation; and the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network. He was also the founding executive director of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance and the founding president of the Clean Air Foundation. Many of the organizations he helped create are now regarded as models in their field.

Along with co-author Rick Smith, Lourie’s book Slow Death By Rubber Duck, was on both the The Globe and Mail bestseller lists, and he has just released his new book, Toxin Toxout.

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