Vinh Giang

Entrepreneur | Master Communicator | Magician

For more than 15 years, Vinh Giang has dedicated himself to mastering the art of performance-enhanced communication, helping thousands of professionals worldwide do the same through the power of magic. In his inspiring talks, Giang seamlessly integrates storytelling and magic to share key business strategies while motivating audiences to embrace change and see the “possible in the impossible.” Giang delivers his key messages in a truly memorable and profound manner that leaves audiences with a sense of wonder and empowerment.

As a college student, Giang left his degree in commerce and law to start an online business teaching magic. Today, he is the founder of Encyclopedia of Magic and the CEO of Luminary Productions, where he combines his two biggest passions: teaching and magic. As a magician, Giang has partnered with other performers to create fun and award-winning shows. His team’s performances have won multiple awards at the Adelaide Fringe festival, one of the world’s largest art events.

Offering professional development with a magical twist, Giang draws on the themes of perspective, empowerment, goal setting, and positive mindset to encourage his audiences to believe in the possibility for positive change in their lives and business ventures. He shows professionals how to re-imagine their approach to communication and then proceeds to teach them how to amplify the best parts of who they are. Giang has presented his popular keynotes to organizations around the world, including Facebook, Microsoft, HSBC, Siemens, and many more.

The Psychology of Illusion

Magic is much more than sleight of hand. It’s the ability to guide perspective, spotlight influence, and challenge belief systems. With humour, heart, and captivating showmanship, Vinh Giang transforms these three powerful components and shares how creating and cultivating the RIGHT influence in our lives can make the difference between tremendous success or limited mediocrity.

What we know in this world is that everything that once seemed impossible can be reimagined and overcome. It takes suspending old belief systems, unlocking mindsets, innovating, deliberate and definitive action, and yes, a little magic.

Invite wonder and unlock limitless potential in your team by inviting Giang to speak at your next event.

Audiences will learn how to:

  • Creating and cultivating the RIGHT influence in our lives.
  • Guide our perspective for true collaboration.
  • Challenge our belief systems to enhance our actions.

The Leader’s Instrument: Amplify the Best Parts of You

In this world where electronic communication is seemingly taking over, effective communication skills have become more important than ever. Have you ever asked yourself, “How much is the way I am communicating, or not communicating, costing me?”

That’s the question Vinh Giang helps to answer for influential leadership professionals around the globe. In this powerful keynote, he shares the value of learning to use your “instrument” — our ability to communicate and connect — in a masterful way. Most of our life experiences both professionally and personally are based around relationships, and those relationships affect the quality of our business and life.  When you learn verbal and non-verbal communication skills in depth, you build deeper connections with others. The better you get at using your instrument, the better quality of life you’ll have.

If you are ready to bring powerful business and life-changing communication skills to your team, this is the topic for you.

Audiences will learn:

  • How to use their “instrument” — our ability to communicate and connect — in a masterful way.
  • In-depth verbal and non-verbal communication skills to build deeper connections with others.