Evan Hadfield


Evan Hadfield

Digital Media Strategist

As head of Toronto digital creative agency launch*pad, Evan Hadfield has built a name for himself from the ground up. The mastermind behind Colonel Chris Hadfield’s “Space Oddity” YouTube sensation, as well as dozens of other videos by the famed astronaut, Evan knows what it takes to thrive in the internet era. In his talks, he draws upon his experience to explain that when it comes to digital strategy, not every line needs to be straight, and that rigidity can be the greatest barrier to success.

In addition to launch*pad, Evan’s current projects include an animated series, an annual live-action science comedy show, and an album recorded in space. His work has been highlighted in the CBC documentary, The Man who Tweeted Earth, as well as in over one hundred international media outlets ranging from the BBC to The Wall Street Journal.


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