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Evan Hadfield

Documentary Filmmaker | Producer

Evan Hadfield
Space Oddity
Evan Hadfield
Space Oddity

As one of Canada’s most-watched documentary filmmakers and co-founder of Netherlands-based design firm mi-vi-da, Evan Hadfield is all stories. The mastermind behind Colonel Chris Hadfield’s “Space Oddity” YouTube sensation, as well as dozens of other videos by the famed astronaut, Hadfield knows what it takes to thrive in the internet era, and the power that storytelling plays in the success of any digital strategy.

Prior to co-founding mi-vi-da, Hadfield was the head of the Toronto digital creative agency, LP/AD. It was here that he built a name for himself from the ground-up and truly learned the power of story.

Today, Hadfield tells the story of mi-vi-da, and how good advertising never truly changes. He tells stories about Generator, his Toronto variety show tour-du-force. A show that brought artists to the high Arctic and created a Producer-of-the-Year award-winning orchestral album. A show that has sold out the city’s most prestigious venues for five years running.

In addition, Hadfield tells stories about Rare Earth, a travel documentary series with over a million subscribers and half a billion views. It has taken him from the streets of Somalia to the depths of the Pacific Ocean, meeting face-to-face with some of the world’s lesser-known heroes. He also tells stories about campaigns, and stories about charity: Christmas at Chanel in Amsterdam, getting EuroLeague onto YouTube, helping UNICEF into the Syrian camps of Jordan.

Hadfield also tells stories about space travel. His work on “Space Oddity” became one of the best-known moments in Canadian PR history, and his follow-up campaign continues to break national records. It earned him awards such as a “shorty” and a “webby” and was highlighted in the CBC documentary, The Man who Tweeted Earth, as well as in over 100 international media outlets ranging from the BBC to The Wall Street Journal.

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