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Stéphane Grenier

Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired), Canadian Forces | Mental Health Innovator

Stephane Grenier
Mental Health Innovator - Stéphane Grenier
Stephane Grenier
Mental Health in the Workplace
Stephane Grenier
Stephane Grenier
Mental Health Innovator - Stéphane Grenier
Stephane Grenier
Mental Health in the Workplace

With decades of first-hand experience, Stéphane Grenier is a pioneer in addressing mental health in the workplace. After a remarkable 30-year military career, with service in Lebanon, Haiti, Kuwait, Rwanda, Cambodia, and Kandahar, Afghanistan, he founded Mental Health Innovations (MHI), a consultancy dedicated to provoking game-changing action to address mental health at work. He has since worked with organizations across all sectors to transform their corporate culture to ensure a healthier and more productive workplace.

Grenier doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk. As the CEO of MHI, he exclusively employs individuals who have grappled with mental health issues. This, combined with his own mental health struggles that brought him perilously close to the brink of suicide, has imbued him with a profound understanding of this prevalent issue in our society. His insights are deeply personal and profoundly transformative.

Throughout his extensive career, Grenier has worked closely with a variety of organizations across industries to equip them with innovative, “outside-the-box” solutions that challenge the status quo. He is also the architect of national guidelines for peer support, which have set new standards for compassionate care and support. As testaments to his extraordinary contributions to the mental health landscape, Grenier has been honoured with the Order of Canada and bestowed with two honorary Doctor of Laws degrees.

Grenier’s work transcends the clinical realm. He advocates for a culture of compassion and support, enriching the lives of individuals from all walks of life. His memoir, After the War: Surviving PTSD and Changing Mental Health Culture, narrates his riveting journey from the Rwandan genocide to reshaping workplace culture to prioritize mental health, with a special emphasis on rehumanizing the recovery process.

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Client reviews

  • Stéphane Grenier spoke to our donors and advisors at a celebration of our charitable organization’s 30th anniversary Because we are about to launch a  project that explores the experiences of military children experiencing their parents’ PTSD, Stéphane  spoke to his and his family’s experiences of military life. He spoke powerfully, compassionately and with great clarity—all from his heart. He was able to describe his personal experience in a manner that included context and possible solutions. He had a great effect on the members of the audience- many of who commented and sent notes to acknowledge Stéphane’s effect on their thinking and their understanding of the issues. Stéphane Grenier’s  contribution was very substantial and we were proud to include him in this memorable event.

  • To say that LCol Stephane Grenier (now retired) helped make our event a great success is an understatement. He is a superb speaker who delivered a powerful and enlightening message at what was a significant national event.

  • “Very entertaining as well as informative.”

    “Incredible presentation.”

    “An excellent speaker would like his contact information as I would like to recommend him for our international ATU conference he is an excellent speaker who fosters a sincere understanding of mental health challenges. A true inspiration! Thank you!”

  • “Excellent; raised my awareness of the issues and the need to think about the process of supporting my team.”

    “Outstanding; human, humane and very inspiring.”

    “Excellent depth of knowledge and experience; entertaining and well organized.”

    “Great to learn perspective from outside of the medical field.”

    “Very Entertaining; love the narrative.”

    “Charismatic speaker- heartfelt presentation that got me thinking about new ways to help my patients and colleagues.”

  • Stephane Grenier has done a lot of work with trying to redefine how we address mental health in general….because he’s a great speaker and because of his experience with a mental health issue, his lived experience brings a real sincerity and candour to the topic itself.

  • Stéphane was the most inspiring speaker that my employees have ever had the pleasure of listening to. He was incredible and well worth the wait. I am already looking forward to next year’s event!

  • Now more than ever, the mental health of our people is a critical responsibility for all leaders. Stéphane is a powerful speaker who brings personal experience and academic rigour to the why and the how of promoting mental health. His presentation was among the most impactful I have seen in recent memory.

  • At one of our recent CEO Roundtable Discussions, Stéphane Grenier shared practical ways in which we can help those silently struggling among us; ways by which we can improve not just our companies, but our society at large. I encourage every CEO — every leader — to take the time to learn more from Stéphane and his team at MHI. To do so may be both life-changing and life-saving.

  • The energy that was given to the audience was amazing!  It was personal, not just a clinical talk.  Absolutely FANTASTIC message. You kept a HUGE topic simple. And what you talked about made sense. It just made sense! Thank you!!

  • I have great respect for Stéphane who is taking an active role in helping the world understand where we, as a society, fall down when it comes to looking out for each other and providing connections that support recovery. I especially love how he normalized mental health. He certainly has devoted a lot of time to understanding his experiences and I greatly admire him for speaking out and doing something to spare others. Amazing, really!!

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