David Usher

Juno Award-Winning Musician | Creativity & AI Expert

When innovative companies like Google, 3M, Cisco, Pepsi, Rogers, and SAP want to re-inspire creativity in their employees and executives they bring in David Usher. He doesn’t just talk creativity and artificial intelligence (AI) — he lives it. Drawing from his unique experience as the lead singer of Moist; a multi-platinum, four-time Juno award winning musician; a bestselling author, and as the founder of the artificial intelligence creative studio Reimagine AI, David defines the path that companies and institutions can follow to reboot their creativity in this brave new world of disruptive change.

Using examples from inside the disruption of the music business by the digital economy to his experience at the forefront of the AI revolution, David reveals why now more than ever creativity and innovation are the only way forward and an organization’s last, best competitive advantage.

Through his dynamic, interactive presentations, David uses live music, video, improvisation, technology, and humour to electrify audiences and demonstrate that creativity and creative success is a learnable skill that anyone can master, and helps audiences jumpstart their creative process both in their work and their lives.

Core Creativity: How to Bring Creativity, Innovation and Inspiration to the Work that You Do

The Internet has changed everything we know about business and art… and it continues to do so. You can no longer get by because you’re the best in your town, province, or even country. Location means nothing. Everything now has a global audience and products and services need to do more than simply perform — they need to sing.

Nobody understands this better than David Usher. The multi-platinum artist has sold more than 1.4 million albums as a solo artist and frontman for the rock band Moist, won countless awards and sold-out venues all over the world, and works tirelessly to improve his creative process. Along with being a famed musician, Usher is also active in many business ventures, from technology and the environment to creative and social endeavors. He believes that creativity is a learnable skill and he’s bringing his formula to your event.

Usher demonstrates his fascinating formula to stimulating creativity at work through a mix of music, video, and experimentation, and brings to life the core elements needed to build a more dynamic, fulfilling, and innovative creative process.

The Power of Human Creativity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the new world. The artificial intelligence and robotics revolution is changing everything about the way we live and work. In this new paradigm, creative thinking is quickly becoming an essential skill in the coming revolution. Using live music, video, improvisation, technology, and humour, David Usher shows audiences why creativity is absolutely the superpower we need for this transformative new world, and how to cultivate it.

Usher’s experience has given him a unique perspective on how to navigate this next wave of technological disruption. He is a multi-platinum-selling musician, who lived through the disruption of the music business, and is now the founder of Reimagine.AI, which integrates facial recognition, emotion tracking, speech to text, chatbots, and voice synthesis to build interactive AI beings for science centres, conferences, and enterprise solutions. Usher is also the co-creator of Lyric.AI in collaboration with Google Brain, an artificial intelligence agent designed to collaborate on song lyrics with humans.

In this chaotic and transformational time, creativity is the last best competitive advantage. The ability to understand and access a creative mindset will be what distinguishes both individuals and companies from everyone else. Now is the time to invest in creative thinking, and Usher will show you how.

Creative Thinking – The Power to Navigate Disruption

In this new world of change, how do we find the resilience, motivation and courage to set a new path? It’s time to discover new ways of living and working, in a world that often feels unstable. David Usher shows audiences that through flexible creative thinking you can redefine your boundaries and press the reset button on all the old rules. Disruption is an opportunity, and creative thinking is the key. Using examples from his experience as a multi-platinum, four-time JUNO award-winning artist and his deep understanding of artificial intelligence as the founder of Reimagine AI building virtual beings, David uses a mix of conversation, experimentation, and live music, in a virtual presentation designed to open the mind and lift the spirit.

  • How flexible creative thinking is the perfect tool to help you navigate this period of disruption.
  • That every person is intrinsically creative, its inside you.
  • That creative thinking is not magic, it’s a methodology and it’s something that can be learned and then used to change your work and your life.
  • Three simple things you can do right now, from home, to jumpstart your creative life.

This virtual presentation can be 45-60 minutes including both a keynote as well as audience interaction via Q&A (and a final song, if requested). Length is customizable depending on client’s need.

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