Peter Ricchiuti

Peter Ricchiuti

Wall Street Investment Visionary | Entertaining Finance Speaker

“If the majority of people were right, the majority of people would be rich!” So says Wall Street investment visionary Peter Ricchiuti, who teaches audiences why “follow the herd” mentality rarely delivers long-term success when it comes to the markets. Focusing on what’s ahead for the economy and what financial markets are forecasting for your industry, Ricchiuti’s talks are as informative as they are fun.

Ricchiuti began his career at the investment firm of Kidder, Peabody & Co. in Boston and later managed more than $3 billion as the chief investment officer for the State of Louisiana. He currently teaches finance at Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business, where he has received numerous awards for his teaching style.

As a speaker, Ricchiuti has addressed about 1200 organizations in 47 states and several countries, talking to a wide-range of audiences including corporate executives, financial planners, RV dealers, insurance associations, tin can manufacturers, waterpark owners, and NFL players.

In 2014, The Financial Times published Ricchiuti’s first book, Stocks Under Rocks, and he currently hosts a popular weekly business program called Out To Lunch on National Public Radio in New Orleans. He has also been featured in/on The Wall Street Journal, BARRON’s, The New York Times, Bloomberg, CNBC, and The Nightly Business Report.

Ricchiuti served as a director of Amedisys, Inc., the nation’s largest home healthcare company, from 1997 to 2015. During this period, the stock rose by about 1000%.

Market Signals: What the Financial Markets Are Telling Us Now

“If the majority of people were right, the majority of the people would be rich…and they’re not!”
Following the herd has rarely produced superior long-term results. Tulane University’s Peter Ricchiuti will share his informative and entertaining perspective on financial markets, the importance of proper diversification and the cyclical nature of both stocks and investment sectors. He will also tell us about the unusual securities research program he heads up with his students.

Outline of topics covered: ·Outlook for the Deficit and Interest Rates Outlook for Energy Prices
·Market Valuation Techniques
·Equity Valuation Techniques
·Historic Pricing and Performance of Various Asset Classes
·Pros and Cons of International Investing

Uncertainty Creates Opportunities: What's Ahead?

Today’s challenging economy was starting to show in the stock and bond markets inmid-2006. Shifts in the financial markets are leading economic indicators and usually occur about 6-9 months ahead of actual changes in the economy. Give your self an edge. Understanding the historic, long-term, cyclical nature of the economy may allow you to better position both your business and portfolio for what’s ahead.

In This Business, Success Stories are Built During Downmarkets

If a majority of the people were right, a majority of the people would be rich … AND THEY’RE NOT! Contrary to popular opinion, today’s difficult markets are creating unprecedented opportunities to better position your clients and expand your book of business. By better understanding business cycles you will be prepared to share a valuable long-term perspective to a large and often frustrated base of potential clients.

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