Virtual Events

While the global pandemic was a major catalyst for shifting from in-person to virtual events, Speakers Spotlight has been providing virtual options to our clients since 2009. Our goal has always been to help our clients find the perfect speaker for their event and audience, no matter the medium.

In March 2020, our team quickly switched gears to not only be trusted advisors in booking the right speaker, but also in booking the right virtual speaker and sourcing the right virtual conference and event platforms, suppliers, etc. It was awe-inspiring to watch our industry grow and adapt to meet the challenges thrown at us, so that, together, we could continue educating, engaging, and inspiring people all over the world and provide connection when it was needed more than ever.

Today, virtual events have become the new normal, existing alongside in-person events to add additional benefits and means of connection throughout the year. As an industry, we’ve experienced first-hand the benefits of going virtual — lower venue and travel costs; greater accessibility and reach; and quicker, direct feedback and data collection — while also witnessing the evolution of online events. Gone are the days of the static and stale webinars!

By partnering with world-class digital event producers and working alongside our speakers to ensure the quality of their presentations, we’ve helped our clients create virtual events that are interactive, immersive, and customized experiences for their audiences. The formats of these events can be keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats, interactive Q&As, etc. The options at our disposal are endless.

Contact us to learn more about our world-class speakers and what their level of virtual experience and expertise can bring to your virtual keynote event.


This client-exclusive event series showcases speakers from our roster who speak to today’s hot topics, trending headlines, and the new world we find ourselves in. There’s no cost to attend, so sign up here to check out the next session, and explore some of our most recent virtual events below.


Creating an immersive and engaging virtual experience is no small feat. The true appeal of an event lies not just with its content, but also with its atmosphere and aesthetic — not to mention the ability to connect and network with peers. To help bring your virtual events to a high professional standard, we have partnered with world-class virtual events producers who offer small and large-scale solutions for virtual events and conferences.