Virtual Events

Our goal at Speakers’ Spotlight has always been to communicate great ideas and help our clients to find the perfect speaker to make their events a success. In this time when in-person events are not possible and remote work is the standard, our need for connection is stronger than ever and we’ve helped our clients turn to virtual presentations so that they can access our roster of international talent. It’s our primary goal to continue educating, engaging and inspiring people all over the world.

While it may seem like a new frontier, virtual events are not a new thing and Speakers’ Spotlight has been providing virtual options to our clients since 2009. This experience has helped us pivot quickly to assist many major organizations from across every industry that have already started hosting virtual events as we settle into this new normal. Besides simply trying to find a new home for existing events, there are real benefits for going virtual, too: Cutting out venue and travel costs; Allowing for greater accessibility and global reach; And easily providing direct feedback and data gathering.

By partnering with world-class digital event producers and working alongside our speakers to ensure the quality of their presentations, our virtual offerings are much more than the static and stale old stereotype of the webinar. Virtual events with our speakers are interactive, immersive, and customized experiences. They can take the form of a keynote, panel discussion, fireside chat, etc. The options at your disposal are varied and flexible, underpinned by a consistent quality of content and presentation.

You can experience what is be possible if you go virtual by checking out our bi-weekly Virtual Speaker Series. This is where we showcase speakers whose expertise and inspirational stories can help us adapt to our new reality, both personally and professionally.


In these bi-weekly sessions, speakers from our roster present new ideas, share their insight, and provide entertainment in this stressful time. There’s no cost to attend, so sign up here to check out the next session, and in the meantime explore some of our most recent virtual events below.


Transitioning from live to virtual events is no small feat. The true appeal of an event lies not just with its content, but also with its atmosphere and aesthetic—not to mention the ability to connect and network with peers. To help bring your virtual events to a high professional standard, we have partnered with world-class virtual events producers who offer small and large-scale solutions for virtual events and conferences.

With their help, you can integrate visual elements and graphics to properly represent event themes and associated brands. It’s also possible to move that postponed conference online in a way that’s intuitive and user friendly, incorporating virtual trade show halls, breakout rooms, and the like. All these systems can easily be employed alongside all popular webinar and event streaming options. To get an idea of the vast possibilities, take a look at some examples above and please reach out to us if you have further questions.