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April Rinne

Global Authority on Embracing Uncertainty and Navigating Constant Change

April Rinne Headshot May 2023
Speaker Reel
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TEDx: How To Navigate Our Uncertain Future
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April Rinne Headshot May 2023
Speaker Reel
Rinne Thumb 2
TEDx: How To Navigate Our Uncertain Future

One of the world’s leading humanist futurists, April Rinne is a change navigator skilled at identifying key trends early amid chaos and disruption and translating them in ways that help people and businesses catalyze growth and flourish. She draws from 20+ years of experience working and traveling in 100+ countries, as well as insights from her bestselling book, Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change, to be audiences’ #1 guide to today’s uncertain world.

Ranked by Forbes as one of the 50 leading female futurists in the world, Rinne is a trusted advisor to well-known startups, companies, financial institutions, non-profits, think tanks, and governments worldwide. Past clients have included Airbnb, Nike, Intuit, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, AnyRoad, and Unsettled as well as governments ranging from Singapore to South Africa, Canada to Colombia, and Italy to India. She’s renowned for her ability to see emerging trends early, understand their potential, and help others do the same.

Early in her career, Rinne was a global development executive and an international microfinance lawyer. Prior to this, she spent the better part of four years traveling solo in a quest to better understand how humans see, think about, struggle with, and ultimately forge healthy relationships with uncertainty. Her takeaway? Change is universal, how we deal with it is not. Rinne has been named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and both Thinkers50 and the Silicon Guild have inducted her into their ranks.

Rinne holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School, an M.A. in International Business and Finance from The Fletcher School at Tufts University, and a B.A. in International Studies and Italian summa cum laude from Emory University. She is a Fulbright Scholar and studied at Oxford University, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and the European University Institute.

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Client reviews

  • April’s thoughtful approach was just what we needed. She uses her rich global citizenship to connect to the audience in a meaningful way. We’ve had positive feedback from across our audience that not only do they feel more able to embrace “fluxiness” but it felt special how she shares the ways different cultures understand and express their relationship to change. Thanks again!

  • April is a true star. After our event, we gathered to identify the top 10% of our speaker corps, and April quickly emerged as an automatic re-invite. April is thoroughly smart, engaging, and authentic — a powerful combination. Invite her. Your event will be the better for it!

  • Engaging and insightful. A real dynamo. Home run!

  • April is absolutely incredible. Meaningful, authentic, and builds relationships with every word.

  • We have had the pleasure of working with April on more than one occasion, and to say that she delivers every time is an understatement. Her wealth of knowledge is unmatched, her delivery is friendly and engaging, and she takes the time to fully understand who she’s talking to and what the end message needs to be. On top of all of that, she is an absolute joy to work with. Can’t recommend her enough!

  • Yesterday was a total success and April was a very big part of that. She was a fantastic speaker and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. Thank you for everything you did to make our work with her seamless and professional.

  • I just wanted to say thank you again for giving such an amazing talk and mingling with the attendees. You received rave reviews, and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect opening keynote. Threads from your keynote were woven throughout the conference, and speakers re

    -referenced it, which was wonderful!

  • Everything went fantastic with April! The audience found her energetic, insightful ,and thought-provoking.


  • How do we make sense of a world of intense and accelerating change? April Rinne is a brilliant thought leader operating at the nexus of technological change, new economy, and social impact. She is able to unpack the confusing signals and share perceptive insights that allow us to make practical strategy.

  • Listening to April Rinne, I was completely awestruck. I had an epiphany, where all the things I’m interested in studying and working on were mushed together in a career I didn’t know existed. It was incredibly inspiring.

  • April is a gifted speaker with in-depth knowledge of her field of expertise. Her talk at our conference was a highlight, which has inspired an entire industry to understand that business can be done differently! The insights and ideas she shared with us at our congress were eye-opening for our entire industry. With her inspirational, profound, and — at the same time — entertaining talk at our congress, she put an entire industry under her spell!

  • April is an engaging communicator who has a special knack with audiences. She can present new, complex, and even sometimes controversial topics substantively and with ease, persuasively informing everyone from students to CEOs.

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