Dr. Karyn Gordon

Dr. Karyn Gordon

Leadership and Relationship Expert | Maximizing Performance

Dr. Karyn Gordon’s mission is to inspire people to dream their best life, learn the tools, and do it! A bestselling author and media personality, Gordon has delivered more than 1000 keynotes to more than 500 million people from 15 countries — including Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, family businesses, government agencies, and professional organizations — to help them foster the necessary communication and emotional intelligence skills needed to drive success at work and home.

Gordon is currently the founder and CEO of DK Leadership, which specializes in coaching emotional intelligence skills for organizations and families. She is also a regular expert for the USA’s #1 morning show Good Morning America and Canada’s #1 daytime show Cityline. In addition, she is a producer of Success Stories on Rogers television, and has previously written regular columns for New York Parenting and Chatelaine magazines.

As a speaker, Gordon’s clients have included The New York Times, Credit Union, Pepsi, Young Presidents Organization, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Canadian Tax Foundation, Ontario Family Judges, the University of Alberta and Government of Alberta. Her specialty is in understanding the complexities required for building an effective multi-generational workforce.

As a writer, Gordon is a bestselling author of resources for parents, teachers, and counselors. She has a Bachelor in Psychology, a Masters in Counseling, and a Doctorate in Marriage and Family. She has also done extensive studies in generational differences, personalities, leadership, and emotional intelligence.

The Power of Understanding & Motivating Gen Y

How Maximizing Generational Differences Is The Key To Thriving Companies

Many Gen X, Boomer & Traditionalist managers admit that they are puzzled trying to figure out how to effectively lead Gen Y’s. Some employees quit without warning, make unrealistic demands, appear entitled, seem inflexible, need constant feedback and don’t want to change work schedules or travel for work. The great news is that Gen Y’s are not only open to learn (after all, they are the most educated generation in history), but they are also hungry to advance professionally. In addition, they have many outstanding and often overlooked skills that many organizations don’t fully utilize. The key to effectively leading and motivating this unique generation lies with managers learning how to exercise their power of influence, not their power of authority.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to understand the “cultural DNA” of all 5 generations (including Gen Z)
  • How Gen Y is different from previous generations – and why this is critical to leading them effectively
  • How to uncover and maximize the powerful strengths of Gen Y’s
  • 3 practical strategies to effectively understand, lead & motivate Gen Y’s

The Power of Giving & Receiving Feedback

Why This Emotional Intelligence Skill Will Strengthen Or Destroy Teams

Gen Y’s are hungry for feedback. Like other generations, they want to know how they are performing at work. Unfortunately, research tells us that many managers often don’t know how to give feedback effectively. Gen Y’s often complain that their performance reviews are too vague and infrequent to be effective. Without proper training, organizations run the risk of seeing their Gen Y’s disengaging or quitting altogether because of infrequent or ineffective feedback. Learning how to give and receive feedback is at the cornerstone of effective managing and leading for all generations.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to understand the “cultural DNA” of all 5 generations (including Gen Z)
  • How the various generations (Gen Z, Y, Gen X, Boomer & Traditionalist) give and receive feedback differently
  • Why giving and receiving feedback can either energize or destroy teams
  • The 3 simple strategies for all generations to give and receive feedback effectively

The Power of Mentorship

Why It’s the Secret Sauce For The Multi-Generational Workforce

Dr. Karyn, who has worked closely with Gen Y’s for over 20 years, strongly believes that mentorship is one of the most effective strategies for training employees. When done correctly, mentorship is the secret sauce that holds the multi-generational workforce together. Unfortunately, most Gen Y’s and their managers admit that their mentorship programs simply are not effective.

Many mentees say they don’t know how to best leverage this unique relationship, and many mentors admit they don’t know how to be effective in this role.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • The top 8 reasons why mentorship is an ideal strategy to bridge the generational gap and retain employees
  • Different examples of effective mentoring programs
  • How to define the roles of the mentor and mentee
  • 6 strategies to build an effective mentoring program

The Power of Confidence

Why Confidence & Humility Matter The Most In Leadership

Understanding the power of attitudes and how they impact every part of our life helps to drive effective leadership at work and at home. Professionally, our confidence shapes how we manage, communicate, negotiate and take risks. Personally, our confidence shapes our relationships, parenting and the body language we use. Confidence is one of the five core components of Emotional Intelligence and research has shown that a high EQ “boosts career success, entrepreneurship, leadership talent, health and relationships” (Source: Harvard Business Review).

Specifically, you will learn:

  • What type of confidence you have
  • How your confidence impacts every part of your life (leadership, managing, risk-taking)
  • 3 empowering practical steps to help you build your own confidence, and the confidence of those around you!

The Power of Maximizing Engagement

How Great Managers & Companies Maximize The 6 P’s To Energize Their Cultures

Engagement drives performance, job satisfaction, culture and retention. While many progressive companies understand why engagement is important, they are often unsure about how they can improve it within their organization. Maximizing engagement helps to inspire us and raise our energy levels at work and at home.

 Specifically, you will learn:

  • The 6 P’s of engagement
  • The difference between energy-management & time-management
  • The benefits of maximizing engagement: synergized and energized cultures, happy employees, loyalty & retention
  • The costs of disengagement: burn-out, low morale & quitting
  • 5 effective ways for companies to achieve high performance by becoming more fully engaged

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Why Emotional Intelligence Is the Greatest Predictor of Work & Life Success

When we study great leaders, we discover powerful patterns in their everyday behavior. These patterns include how they inspire their people and teams, take initiative on their most important objectives, carefully manage their time and energy, take responsibility for their choices, manage conflicts, and navigate changes under pressure. All of these skills depend on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It’s not surprising that research confirms that 90% of top performers across all industries are high in EQ. Although IQ is genetic, EQ is simply a set of skills that can be learned by anyone wanting to be successful in their life and career!

Specifically, you will learn:

  • Why EQ is important – and how it correlates with engagement, leadership, retention and overall career success
  • What EQ actually is – including the 5 main skills and 15 sub-skills that impact everyday behavior – including communication, productivity, time-management, team dynamics and risk-taking
  • How to develop your own EQ by learning 3 practical strategies to start building your skills

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