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Mitch Joel

Business Transformation and Digital Marketing Expert

Mitch Joel Headshot
The Three Little Pigs of Disruption
Virtual Realist Will Erase the Internet You Know Today
Mitch Joel Headshot
The Three Little Pigs of Disruption
Virtual Realist Will Erase the Internet You Know Today

When brands like Google, Walmart, TikTok, Deloitte, and Shopify want to know what’s next for them (and their customers), they call Mitch Joel. Called “one of North America’s leading visionaries” by Strategy magazine, Joel fills in the gaps to help leaders build their business today to meet the demands of tomorrow. Creating customized presentations to ensure the maximum impact, Joel’s big, engaging, entertaining, and educating style leaves audiences informed and ready to tackle the future today.

Joel is co-founder of ThinkersOne, which empowers companies with personalized thought leadership video content from the best thinkers in the world. Prior to this latest venture, he spent close to three decades in the technology and media industry as both an executive and entrepreneur. This included publishing music magazines, launching a record label, building out media sales at one of the first search engines, marketing one of the first mobile content publishing platforms, and eventually building, running, and selling his own agency to WPP — one of the world’s most valuable marketing and communications holding companies. In that role, he was president of a global marketing agency operating in 25 countries with close to 3000 employees.

A bestselling author, Joel has written two books: Six Pixels of Separation, named after his successful blog and podcast, and CTRL ALT Delete, which was named one of the best business books of 2013 by Amazon. Joel is also a columnist and journalist for iHeartRadio, the Harvard Business Review, and Inc. Magazine, and is often called on as a subject-matter expert for top media outlets including Fast Company, Strategy, Forbes, and many others.

Named one of Forbes’ “Speakers Worth Catching”, Joel speaks frequently to diverse groups like Walmart, Starbucks, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Twitter, Unilever, and every organization and association in between. Since 2005, he has given between 40-60 keynote presentations a year to small, medium, and large organizations in both the B2B and B2C space all over the world. Joel has been named one of the top 100 online marketers in the world and was awarded the highly prestigious “Top 40 Under 40”.

Joel is an advisor and investor in many businesses and charitable organizations in the fields of artificial intelligence, smart audio/voice, martech, fintech, and blockchain. He also sits on the advisory board for Canada’s “Top 40 Under 40”, Inovia Capital’s Early Stage Fund, HubSpot’s Inbound conference, and is a Trustee of the Westmount Public Library.

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Client reviews

  • We have been inviting Mitch to present to our top clients and internal teams for close to ten years. His material is always fresh and cutting edge. As you can imagine, Google has a constant flow of speakers coming in and out of our global doors, Mitch’s ratings are always through the roof. He’s one of our top-rated speakers, because he delivers actionable content with amazing visuals and stories. He’s become a true friend to Google and has helped out our B2B and B2C clients all over the world.

  • We were supposed to move right into the next section of our meeting, but you blew up the room (in a good way). People asked for a ten-minute break to pull themselves together!

  • Starbucks’ marketing team often invites inspirational leaders and subject-matter experts to come in and share their thoughts, insights, and ideas on how we can continue to connect with our consumers in a meaningful way, and Mitch Joel is one of the best speakers we’ve seen. Mitch brings a terrific perspective on new marketing and branding channels that could help any organization engage their consumers, and our marketing team was extremely impressed by his extensive knowledge, entertaining delivery, and obvious passion for what he does. We would highly recommend Mitch as a speaker for any sized event, especially if you’re interested in learning not only what works in marketing today, but also what’s going to work tomorrow.

  • I am constantly trying to better understand how innovation, technology and marketing can help us be better — do more and do it faster. As such, I often host events for the tech community and our team members here at Shopify Headquarters. Mitch Joel is one of the best speakers we have had. Deep insights, packed with real and tangible skills that we all can use to become better business people. I can’t recommend him enough. I love Mitch!

  • Whether it’s the National Retail Federation’s Big Show stage or a keynote, Mitch Joel always delivers. We consistently get incredible audience feedback on how relevant, timely, inspiring, and actionable his content is. Whether you need him to open an event as the morning keynote, wake an audience up in the sometimes dreaded after-lunch slot, or as your perfect closing keynote, Mitch will nail it each and every time. If you’re looking for someone to passionately deliver content about innovation, consumer behavior, and marketing, look no further. He also happens to be wonderful to work with, is always interested in hearing about your audience breakdown to customize the content, and is a rare, humble, and authentic leader. I’m proud to know Mitch and call him a friend, and I am even luckier to have him on my go-to speaker list for top notch show education for the retail industry.

  • Mitch Joel’s presentation helped us to see that we needed to change the paradigm of how we interact with our customers. His ideas and insights have led us to new concepts in the development of our brands.

  • We had really great feedback on [Mitch’s] talk, spanning both our participants and our leadership team. Our teams all have rather high expectations for events like this — and you surpassed them.

  • Mitch brings a musician’s timing and keen instincts to hold an audience mesmerized as he opens up their minds to where brands, marketing, and technology are going today. He was one of our top-rated keynote speakers at the BRITE conference, after 9 years in New York. I highly recommend him for any business event and audience!

  • Mitch Joel thinks big. But he makes his bigger concepts feel accessible, which is a gift of any true teacher. Mitch is simply one of the best presenters I’ve ever hired — which is why I hire him again and again and again!

  • For the past five years we’ve consistently invited Mitch Joel to speak at Content Marketing World. Mitch delivers every time and always scores among the highest of our 200+ speakers every year. Always compelling, inspiring, and actionable. As long as we have an in-person event, Mitch will be invited to speak.

  • We have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of world-class speakers, and Mitch Joel is definitely at the top of this list. Fascinating content. Dynamic delivery. Above all, Mitch is just a great person to work with. Whether it’s The Art of Marketing, The Art of Sales, The Art of Leadership or some of our other day-long programs, Mitch always makes his content relevant to our audiences.

  • Mitch Joel is one of CMA’s highest rated speakers. A dynamic and inspiring speaker, Mitch consistently delivers high-energy presentations with cutting-edge information that his audience can use!

  • Mitch Joel is one of the very best in the business marketing world. When he walks on stage, the audience quickly slides to the edges of their seats. Not only did Mitch deliver what he promised when I asked him to join us as the closing keynote at nextMEDIA, he was also an incredibly supportive partner both before and after the event.

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