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A power couple of Canadian comedy, Second City Alums Matt Baram and Naomi Snieckus are a six-time Canadian Comedy Award winning troupe offering unique appearances and interactive workshops to help people “learn with laughter.” Whether hosting a morning conference or an evening gala, or leading training sessions that incorporate the invaluable lessons of improv, the duo is guaranteed to give your team an unforgettable, rewarding–and hilarious–experience to remember.

Offerings from Baram and Snieckus include participatory improv, improv that is accompanied with a talk about the importance of saying “yes” to opportunity, song and dance entertainment, as well as a “talk show themed” segment, with Naomi and Matt offering fun commentary on your company’s conference or event…and much more!

Past clients include McMaster University, The Ivey School, Movember, Wrigleys, Blackberry, and TD Bank, among others.

Through the production of three different shows to date, Baram and Snieckus bridge the gap between theatre and improvisation by creating vivid, dramatic and complex full-length plays, radio dramas, sketch shows and inter-disciplinary variety shows.

Live Comedy Show

Have you ever seen a comedy show where you’ve found yourself being poked in ribs by your colleague sitting next to you, saying repeatedly “THAT IS SO YOU”? Well, when you invite the award winning Matt Baram and Naomi Snieckus to perform at your next event, you’ll feel like the whole show IS just for YOU!

In the style of the famous TV show Whose Line is it Anyway?, Matt and Naomi incorporate the goals and objectives of your organization into their improvised sketches through their unique brand of interactive comedy.

Your employees never sit back uninvolved because they are always part of the show. Whether it’s simply using audience suggestions based on your conference themes or inviting your employees to come up on stage with them to create a brief bit of hilarity, this dynamic duo weave together the kind of fun your group will be talking about long after your conference is over.

Improv Keynote

This is an opportunity to learn through laughter. Baram and Snieckus use inspiring improv exercises to demonstrate the importance of saying “yes” in life and in business. But, unlike some keynote speakers who talk AT their audiences, these award-winning improvisers expect their audiences to share their feedback in real time in this highly interactive keynote experience.

Some of what they teach is in the form of brief comedic demonstrations, but most of what they deliver is in the form of lively exercises designed to get your whole team on their feet interacting with one another. Their patented communication exercises will have your team laughing and learning at the same time while marvelling at how fast the day flew by.

Each exercise introduces another tool that can be used to foster effective and efficient communication, creative thinking and stronger team building.

Awards Show Hosts

It’s that time of year again where you celebrate the hard work of your team. Awards will be given out, pictures will be taken, glasses of wine will be raised and everyone will sit back and cheer! Bring in Matt Baram and Naomi Snieckus to help keep things moving with tailor made jokes and wickedly funny improv games relevant to your unique organization. With a roster of professional hosts, Baram and Snieckus will keep things lively while making sure all the hard work everyone has done over the year gets recognized.

At the end of the day, trophy or not, your team will always walk away with the prize of laughter!

Conference Show Talk Show

Run like an episode of Regis and Kelly, Matt Baram and Naomi Snieckus will interview your speakers so their important message can come out less like a powerpoint presentation and more like a fun talk show! We’ll incorporate what is happening — not only during your conference but what’s happening in the audience – it’s instant, informative, and most of all–fun!

Corporate Team Building Improv Workshops

The theories behind improv are valuable tools for anyone to use in work. It is proven that those with improv skills are better team players, creative thinkers, are able to embrace and learn from failures, and are better at saying “yes” and supporting ideas.

In this workshop your staff will learn to enjoy taking risks; to listen to their instincts; to trust, support and communicate clearly with their team; to react positively and pro-actively to challenges; and to think “outside the box” when problem solving…all while  having fun with colleagues!

Teambuilding Through Improv

This is an opportunity to bring your team together as they learn through laughter!

Comedy duo and married couple in isolation, Naomi Snieckus and Matt Baram, facilitate customizable improv workshops as Second City alums with 20 years of experience teaching corporate communication all over the world.

Through this highly interactive virtual experience, Baram and Snieckus will introduce tools that can be used to foster effective and efficient communication, creative thinking, and stronger team building. They will have your team laughing and learning at the same time while marvelling at how fast the day flew by.

How does this Work online? Participants will receive their invitation to the live Zoom workshop, where they will be welcomed by Baram and Snieckus. They will briefly touch on the philosophy of using improvisation as a form of improving and honing communication skills, before introducing exercises that will involve the entire group as well as smaller break-out groups.

This virtual presentation via Zoom is customizable to meet your goals. It can focus on enhancing communication skills or be used as a fun team building exercise. There is a maximum of 100 participants.

The Quarantine Quiz

Create a dynamic and fun virtual experience with comedy duo and Second City alums Naomi Snieckus and Matt Baram.

These sparkling and smartly dressed comedians can host an online “Quarantine Quiz” (QQ) game show experience to engage participants in relevant topics to their organization — including technology, innovation, team building, storytelling, change management, etc.

Using a green screen, Baram and Snieckus will create customized graphics as their backdrop and guide viewers through the online experience using the TimePlayer App so participants can play QQ at home in real time.

The quick rundown of the show includes the hosts doing a witty recap of some positive news around the world and highlighting some innovative ways that companies and people are getting through this complicated time. The hosts can then engage the CEO or business leader to say some brief words about the theme or topic of the night.

The QQ consists of 10 questions that are a mix of the night’s theme or topics as well as pop culture and general knowledge. For the corporate-related questions, the hosts can speak briefly to the right answer to expand the learning experience. Online prizes can be offered to the winners as provided by the client. It’s a great way to thank and recognize employees during a difficult time.