Peter Katz

Peter Katz

JUNO-Nominated Musician and Storyteller

Peter Katz is a Juno Award and Canadian Screen Award-nominated singer-songwriter who has spent the past 15 years touring internationally. He has been described by many of his fans and clients as “a thunderbolt for the soul”. A gifted storyteller, Katz infuses his presentations with songs to inspire and empower audiences to create their own path, overcome obstacles, and find success in whatever they desire.

As an in-demand keynote speaker, fluent in both English and French, and a four-time TEDx fellow, Katz has been called on to give his highly customized “keynote concerts” to countless companies and organizations across various industries. His clients have included Bell, Xerox, Royal Lepage, American Express, Mars, Trillium Health, and the Royal Bank of Canada, to name a few. Throughout the pandemic, Katz’s impressive move to virtual has seem him perform for over 100,000 people virtually around the world, which included an address to the House of Commons of Canada.

Renowned CBC Radio host Tom Power described Katz’s album We Are the Reckoning as “one of the most heartfelt, beautiful, and vulnerable records of the year… an astonishing record.” With six albums to his name, Katz’s music has been streamed more than 6 million times and his music videos have over 25 million views on YouTube. His music is also used regularly in film and television, including CBC Television’s 2016 Rio Olympics/Paralympics coverage.

Resiliency and Dealing with Change

Change is the name of the game in today’s world. Change is also one of our highest sources of anxiety and one of our biggest emotional obstacles. Peter speaks to the heart of the emotions surrounding change and helps create an internal infrastructure to not only weather the storm, but to ride the waves of uncertainty to new opportunities, impact and innovation.

Bigger Picture Thinking

Beyond the emails, phones calls, and meetings, what is it that you’re actually doing and who are you doing it for? Peter Katz helps your employees and members zoom out from the daily grind to get a bird’s eye view of the real work that they’re actually doing and connect to its potential impact. That reminder is a powerful catalyst for a newfound sense of motivation and inspires new perspectives for creative thinking and innovation.

Mental Wellness

We can’t help others unless we help ourselves. Through his “lifelines” concept, Peter Katz leads by example in encouraging attendees to nurture relationships with key people in their lives for whom there’s no disconnect between who they need to be on the outside and how they feel on the inside. In an age where mental health has never been more talked about or understood as vitally important, Katz’s keynote pierces the heart and mind and provides a platform for meaningful dialogue and support to happen.

Passion in The Workplace

No amount of expectations, deadlines, or performance targets can compete with an employee who genuinely believes in what they’re doing. That deep internal motivation and passion propels your team members to surpass their usual targets and move themselves and the organization forward in the process. Peter Katz helps your team drop in and connect to their purpose in the work that they’re doing, leading to a new level of output performance that you didn’t think was possible.

Staying in It: Showing Up Wholeheartedly in Our Lives

How do you find the strength and courage to “stay in it wholeheartedly” when life is constantly presenting you with new challenges? How do you stay connected to the bigger picture so you can create the positive impacts you wish to make?

Part concert, part keynote — Juno Award-nominated singer-songwriter Peter Katz draws on his experience of surviving and thriving in the music industry to motivate attendees to stay on their path wholeheartedly, while also being open to change and embracing the unexpected along the way.

Through his powerful songs and stories, Katz pulls attendees in and leaves them inspired to show up with purpose every day.


Audiences will learn:


  • That we don’t always know the impact we have in the world, and why it matters how we show up everyday.
  • How to feel more connected to the bigger picture of what they’re actually contributing towards beyond day-to-day challenges.
  • How to nurture meaningful connections.

Katz offers follow-up sessions and/or workshops to facilitate deeper training on the topics covered in his presentation.

Why I Seek Discomfort

Part concert, part talk, Juno Award and Canadian Screen Award-nominated singer-songwriter and four-time TEDx fellow Peter Katz uses his journey from nervous first-timer at an open mic to playing to thousands of people all over the world, to show how he discovered the direct correlation between the moments of greatest discomfort and fear in his life, and his moments of greatest discovery and growth.

What’s on the other side of that cloud called fear? What happens when you do something you thought you were too afraid to do? As it turns out, our biggest challenges are our biggest opportunities, and through his songs and stories, Katz gives permission to his audience to bravely take on their own challenges and, in doing so, discover the important lessons and hidden joys that they contain.