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Peter Katz

JUNO-Nominated Singer-Songwriter, Keynote Speaker, and Facilitator

Peter Katz headshot
Peter Katz: The Keynote Concert Experience
On Creating a Virtual Keynote Concert
Peter Katz on stage Fireside case study image
The Peter Katz Effect: Fireside Conference Case Study
Peter Katz: En Français
Peter Katz: Youth Speaking Reel
Halo Video
Peter Katz on stage Fireside case study image
Peter Katz headshot
Peter Katz: The Keynote Concert Experience
On Creating a Virtual Keynote Concert
Peter Katz on stage Fireside case study image
The Peter Katz Effect: Fireside Conference Case Study
Peter Katz: En Français
Peter Katz: Youth Speaking Reel
Halo Video

Peter Katz is a Juno Award- and Canadian Screen Award-nominated singer-songwriter hailed as “a thunderbolt for the soul” by fans and clients alike. A gifted storyteller fluent in English and French, Katz is a master at creating experiential environments that inspire a deep connection, foster a shared vision, and re-connect people to the important work they do. His highly customized “keynote concerts” combine story and song to re-energize audiences and empower them to show up with purpose everyday.

A four-time TEDx fellow, Katz’s one-of-a-kind keynotes draw on his unique 15-year career touring and speaking globally to show audiences what it means to be truly connected to your work and clients. His inspirational stories and practical strategies help leaders and employees at every level create new opportunities for connection and elevation, both at home and work. Katz frames much of his keynotes around his devotion to service, using it as a springboard to convey an underlying message that trusting in process will lead to amazing outcomes.

Katz’s in-person events have been praised as “transformational,” and he is recognized as a pioneer in creating highly engaging virtual experiences. He has performed for over 150,000 people virtually from his state-of-the-art broadcast studio, including an invitation to address the House of Commons of Canada. His past clients have included Bell, Johnson & Johnson, Xerox, Royal Lepage, American Express, SickKids Hospital, Sun Life, Mars, Trillium Health, and Royal Bank.

With six albums to his name, Katz’s work has been described as “one of the most heartfelt, beautiful, and vulnerable records of the year, an astonishing record,” by renowned CBC Radio host Tom Power. His music has been streamed nearly 10 million times and his music videos have over 25 million views on YouTube, with his cover of Beyonce’s “Halo” reaching over 20 million views alone. His music is also regularly featured in film and television, including CBC Television’s 2016 Rio Olympics/Paralympics coverage.

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Presentations listed below include in-person and virtual keynotes, as well as workshops, fireside chats, and other presentation formats.

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Client reviews

  • We’ll never be able to book another speaker because no one will ever be able to live up to what Peter did for all of us. We had 90 minutes with him, but we will remember it for the rest of our lives. I insist that we have Peter Katz back!

  • Peter was a joy to work with. He proved to be an engaging speaker and a consummate professional. He took the extra steps to make sure the virtual keynote went off without a technical hitch, showing up early and thoroughly prepared. He took consideration of his audience, incorporating our Members into the content of his keynote making it a truly interactive and engrossing session. Participants came away from his presentation feeling energized and motivated with purpose.

  • As an event planner, I’m cautious of booking virtual speakers. Often, the speaker just doesn’t connect in the same way as if they were live with the audience. Peter Katz did that. Peter took the time to get to know who my members were in advance of the session and connected with them throughout. It was an impactful, moving, inspirational hour-and-a-half that really motivated our members and gave them a sense of wellness during these uncertain times.

  • I’ve been in the events industry for 35+ years and with SITE Canada since 2012. I can’ remember a time, either in a live or a virtual environment, where the outpouring of positive comments was this high. What Peter achieved today for our members virtually totally surprised me; I think it’s even unprecedented.

  • Not often does a keynote speaker meet all expectations, but Peter Katz not only met our expectations, he knocked them out of the ballpark. Our staff praised Peter calling him an “amazing speaker”, “a breath of fresh air” and “organically inspirational and funny.” From our first meeting, Peter was the consummate professional — he requested and reviewed our strategic plan and the job descriptions of the attendees to tailor his speech to his audience. He entertains and engages with his music and weaves his four key learnings throughout his talk…messages that are applicable to anyone in the organization, regardless of influence or position. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter as a keynote speaker for an event.

  • Peter’s performance was truly moving. It made us laugh and cry, and cry from laughing so hard! I don’t think there was one person not affected by his performance. The feedback has been incredibly positive, and this may have well been our most successful speaker/entertainer, to date.

    We also had a good chat prior to our event so he really personalized his performance with some connections to our organization, along with our theme for the day.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Peter. I hope I have the opportunity to hire him again in future!

  • The feedback we received from our leaders was overwhelmingly positive. We appreciated the Peter shared from his own experiences and demonstrated emotion and vulnerability as he inspired our leaders.

    One of our leaders approached us after Peter spoke and said how nice it was to hear from a speaker who shared from an affective perspective, rather than just reiterating what leadership books and principles say. He really made a meaningful impact on our leaders.

    Additionally, Peter was genuinely funny and enjoyable! Not to mention incredibly gifted from a musical perspective! Wow!

  • Peter was fantastic. We have hosted this event many times over the years with many guest speakers, and several veterans told me he was the best guest speaker at Scholars’ Evening they had ever seen. Kids, parents, and teachers all sung his praises.

    I was very pleased. And to top it all off, he was so great to work with — attentive to our needs, personable, professional and a talented musician and engaging speaker. We could not be more delighted.

  • This year’s Youth Symposium was a great success and a powerful message was delivered to as many as 1700 area Secondary students.  Peter Katz was instrumental in delivering his message, “it’s ok to feel nervous/anxious but don’t let that get in the way of your dreams or goals”. Peter was able to connect with the students through his stories and songs and had the students riveted as his stories unfolded.  It was clear to us, we had found the right person for the job as we got feedback from the school’s principals. “Loved Peter Katz” one principal commented  in an e- mail. During our workshop day Peter had the opportunity to interact with 24 selected students and once again Peter did not let us down.  I had students tell me that it was the best workshop they ever attended.  In conclusion, Peter was very approachable and reasonable as we made our way to various schools on a very tight schedule and we would certainly recommend him as a guest speaker.

  • At CSE, our work forces us to push the limits of technical innovation and operational collaboration on a daily basis. Peter’s honest, engaging and entertaining performance was a powerful reminder to also push our personal limits, and to embrace the lessons we can learn from stretching outside our comfort zones. The afternoon with the talented musician and storyteller was motivational, informative and inspiring.

  • Peter’s message resonated with everyone in the room, from investors, to startup founders, to writers, and corporate executives. Peter’s emotional connection with the audience could not have been stronger; you could have heard a pin drop in an audience of over 400 people. Peter’s dedication to his craft is so evident in his work, and his unique gifts make him an outstanding musician, and an equally outstanding speaker.

  • I have seen a LOT of presenters come through our school over the years, and I am compelled to say that what Peter did that day was a cut above. To have a combination of a world-class artist with such a gifted and inspirational storyteller made for an astonishing presentation that the students connected with on a profound level. I still have students coming up to me telling me how inspired they were by Peter’s message and music, I feel so grateful that we were able to have him with us that day.

  • Peter Katz guided our audience on a journey of self-discovery, vulnerability and following the dreams that you hold most dear. Using his own path and woven with his music, Peter shared his gift – connecting with the audience while capturing their attention and their imagination. The school support staff in attendance shared a sincere appreciation for his talent and his humble, genuine spirit that created the magic of the address. Peter comes very highly recommended as a speaker, as a musician, and as a gentle leader who inspires, inviting people to learn and grow with him.

  • Our team and the event participants have nothing but great comments to say about Peter’s participation. From his arrival to the end of the evening Peter was engaging, accommodating, understanding and relatable, making it an overall great experience for the event staff and the youth guests. Peter’s speech focused on youth building confidence, becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, and taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them – all of which were directly relevant to the audience. Many youth in attendance were interested in meeting Peter after the event, asking questions and taking pictures – Peter made himself available and was welcoming to all.

  • Peter’s presentation was incredibly moving. We had very positive feedback from people saying they really enjoyed it. Peter has a beautiful voice and the stories he told were very relatable. I personally appreciated the fact that he took the time to really get to know his audience. I’m sure many others appreciated that as well.

  • Peter Katz was amazing! He delivered far and beyond what we expected, bringing authentic, fresh story telling with practical and applicable learning. We were very impressed by Peter and received many messages of thanks and appreciation for the inspirational message. Thank you, Peter!

  • His ability to connect is unlike anyone I’ve seen. To be the highest standard of being a storyteller is to be like Peter Katz.

  • Peter Katz has forever changed the way I choose keynote speakers. He helped our association achieve something we’ve been striving for: to have our members feel recognized and heard. Our personnel are among the most burned-out and highly affected by compassion fatigue. Peter’s stories, songs, and clear intention to understand alleviated burdens felt by an entire community.

  • I’ve been in this business for many years and Peter Katz, his presentation, and his commitment to delivering an amazing performance have been highlights of my career. Peter is a true delight to work with and I’m excited to hire him again.

  • Peter Katz is a hall-of-fame speaker in the making. By the time Peter is done working with your group, he will have everyone running for the mountaintop to do what needs to be done to move your organization forward.

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