Dr. Janet Lapp

Dr. Janet Lapp

Thrive During Fast Change

Dr. Janet Lapp delivers a powerful message: change is not a force to be feared but an opportunity to be seized. With humour and finesse, she helps audiences learn to embrace the future — no matter what challenges it may bring — with success and optimism. Her energy-charged, exhilarating programs provide usable ideas people can put to use right away.

In the past 25 years, Lapp has inspired over 3,500 audiences around the world — with clients such as IBM, AT&T, Allstate, New York Life, Toyota, and Kawasaki — to adopt a skilled in leading others through disruptive change. She is a dual citizen, presents in three languages, and regularly consults throughout Europe and the Americas.

Lapp spent over 30 years in health care as a registered nurse, nurse manager, lab director, and a licensed clinical psychologist. She earned a PhD from McGill University, and was previously a professor at McGill University and in California.

The bestselling author of five books, the Ritz-Carlton and IBM sales teams used Lapp’s book Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air as inspiration for their successful transformations. Her other four book include Dancing with Tigers, Positive Spin, Why Won’t They Listen to Me?, and The Four Elements of Transformation. Her forthcoming book will highlight the disruptive leadership mindset needed to guide others through change. Lapp is also the creator and host of the Emmy-nominated CBS series Keep Well, and has appeared regularly on INN, ABC, CNN, and NBC affiliates.

A pilot and flight instructor, Lapp has flown throughout South America and Africa on medical and rescue missions. She is a long-time volunteer with the Flying Doctors of Mercy in central Mexico and the founder of the award-winning Agua Limpia, which gives clean water access to the Sinaloa Indigenous peoples.

Rated by Toastmasters International as one of the top three speakers worldwide, Lapp has also been inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame. She is also a 2019 National AG Triathlon champion, and has competed with Team USA at the Lausanne World Finals and reached Ironman Gold All World Athlete status in 2021. She believes that you’re never too old, it’s never too late, and nothing is impossible!

How to Thrive with Change

Stay focused, optimistic, and forward moving — despite disruption. Learn the stress-management and mental health skills developed for our turbulent world. Leave inspired and encouraged with renewed purpose and vision.


  • Learn and practice the skills that successful change adaptors use to stay focused and optimistic, no-matter-what.
  • How to manage stress before it manages you; balance energy output, avoid burnout.
  • How to look for opportunities and possibilities in a chaotic world.

Dr. Janet Lapp’s mission is to give hope and optimism during difficult times; to show clear paths forward where there had been none before.

“Change is a force to be feared, or an opportunity to be seized. The choice is ours.”

Everybody Onboard: How to Help Resistant People Keep Up

During disruption, up to one-third of your workforce may be resistant. Can you recognize them? Can you help them? How much faster could you move if everyone were on board? What effect are these resisters having on the whole team?

In this presentation, Dr. Janet Lapp’s helps you find out which of five change reactions you have, to understand both your own and others’ reaction styles. This will increase understanding and empathy and give you a roadmap to enhanced team function.

This program budges people out of the past and helps them see that change affects everyone, there is no choice, and no hiding — in the end, adapting works better for everyone.


  • Summary of hard trends in your industry, how others are adapting and simple changes you can make to keep up (this sets the tone for the rational for change).
  • What resistance looks like and best ways to budge it.
  • A take-out plan to grow skills and mindsets you’ll need to adapt to and lead fast change.


The Finish Line Will Take Care of Itself

Find your start line! Do something SO bold that a year from now, you’ll shout: “I can’t believe we/did that!”

This program is personally inspirational. It serves to guide those who are struggling to see a brighter future and encourages those who are coping well to become bolder, more confident, and take more healthy risks.

Dr. Janet Lapp’s uses the lessons of her experiences as a psychologist, National Triathlon Champion, Ironman competitor, and a pilot who’s flown through the world in threatening environments, to inspire you to think the impossible and do the unimaginable. Her stories highlight overcoming depths, resilient comebacks, and miraculous survivals.

Knock away outdated pillars, blow away perceptions of what’s possible, rewrite your story and create a new set of rules. In so doing, life will be expanded as never before.


  • Motivate yourself to push beyond and through.
  • Rewrite old stories and old rules.
  • Reframe experiences and limiting beliefs.
  • Push back limiting blocks.