Chris Gibson


Chris Gibson

Customer Service and Sales Expert

Chris Gibson has spent years studying the art of customer service and sales cultures. The days of just a friendly greeting and a smile are long past, and companies are setting new standards on customer service every day–forcing sales staff to step up like never before. In his engrossing and entertaining talks, Gibson looks at how the service landscape is changing at light speed, how successful companies are keeping up, and what you can do to help beat your competition.

Gibson brings over twenty years of customer service experience to the microphone, having been a senior sales, marketing, and communications manager for a billion dollar corporation.

A highly sought after speaker for companies and individuals that are striving to lead in a world that is constantly changing, his clients include TD Canada Trust, the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters, Western Financial Group, Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, Worksafe BC, and the Interior Savings Credit Union.

Customer Service: Raising the Bar

Chris Gibson has spent years studying the art of customer service. The days of just a friendly greeting and a smile have long been past by companies that are setting new standards on customer service every day.

“Raising The Bar” looks at how the service landscape is changing at light speed – how companies are keeping up and what you can do to help lead your competition.

This five-step-plan will outline how to raise your customer service scores, increase employee engagement, and bring heightened customer retention.

Humorous, entertaining and engaging are words that have been used to describe “Raising The Bar.” This fast paced high tech presentation uses a variety of multi media effects to illustrate and stimulate the learning experience.

The One Degree Difference Leadership

This presentation takes your audience on an emotional journey that takes direct aim at what we can do as leaders and what one more degree can accomplish! The essence of leadership is to help people achieve their maximum potential both in productivity and personal engagement. Leaders who focus on an individual’s strength, passion and talent will produce company stars at a far greater rate than those who continue to focus on weaknesses.

As Stewards of our organizations it should be our mission to mentor and guide our teams to great heights! Who and what you build now is your legacy to your organization. Change is happening at light speed. Sales and service organizations find great success by applying the one degree difference into their strategies. It’s your vision, your passion, your knowledge plus one degree that helps build organizations that lead change, not follow it! If 99.9% were good enough, 22,000 cheques will be deducted from the wrong bank accounts this hour.

The One Degree Difference is an inspirational look at what individuals and organizations accomplish by leading change and taking your teams to places they never thought possible through innovation and creativity!

Mind Over Media

Chris has provided interviews and appeared in hundreds of news stories around Canada and even overseas. Effective communication doesn’t just happen, it’s carefully planned and engineered to create curiosity, controversy and impact.

This is a 60 minute fast paced entertaining look at how to effectively deal with the media. We will review the top 10 most important rules of media relations. Building strong media skills is fundamental to building a strong public image. Personal reputations are built up over years but can come crumbling down with one bad media experience.

We will also explore the concept of proactive earned media. With careful thought and a little creativity companies and individuals have huge opportunities to take advantage of “earned media”. Earned Media is a valuable, powerful way to provide third party profiling on your message or organization.