Chris Gibson

Chris Gibson

Customer Service and Sales Expert

Chris Gibson has spent years studying the art of customer service and sales cultures. The days of just a friendly greeting and a smile are long past, and companies are setting new standards on customer service every day–forcing sales staff to step up like never before. In his engrossing and entertaining talks, Gibson looks at how the service landscape is changing at light speed, how successful companies are keeping up, and what you can do to help beat your competition.

Gibson brings over twenty years of customer service experience to the microphone, having been a senior sales, marketing, and communications manager for a billion dollar corporation.

A highly sought after speaker for companies and individuals that are striving to lead in a world that is constantly changing, his clients include TD Canada Trust, the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters, Western Financial Group, Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, Worksafe BC, and the Interior Savings Credit Union.

Three Powerful Solutions for Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Sales

Grow Your Retention with the One Degree Difference

Change is happening at light speed and competition is growing at levels never seen before.  Every day your customers are being inundated with offers through online, TV, radio and print.

Companies that win the customer retention war do so by exceeding customer expectations.  Chris Gibson’s “One Degree Difference” will delight audiences with proven techniques that can transform the culture of your organization.

Chris delivers a unique, educational and entertaining keynote that will provide your organization with relevant, eye-opening skills that will transform customer relationships.

What you will learn:

  • Relationships. Proven communication techniques that will instantly engage your customers. Effective dialogue is the secret to building trust and long lasting relationships
  • The 7/11 Rule. Discover the power of mapping out first impressions and the surprising results they can bring to your bottom line
  • Service Leadership. A look and a lesson on how world leaders like Disney bring service leadership to soaring new heights through a unique service recovery program

The One Degree Difference

This fast-paced, emotional, and entertaining presentation will have your group laughing and crying while we explore the world of influence and persuasion, specifically designed to engage educators in the craft of this communication style.

Chris Gibson is a former broadcaster, turned corporate executive for a billion-dollar corporation, turned motivational speaker. He brings a solid 20-year track record of leading sales teams and traveling North America teaching and empowering audiences to practice his proven techniques. Gibson will take the audience on a journey through the power of persuasion and the art of conversation.

Gibson grew up in Vancouver. As a below average student, he was headed in the wrong direction with the wrong crowd. School was a daunting task that didn’t seem to provide a pathway to anything, until his high school English teacher explained the “One Degree Difference” to him. Gibson credits that teacher for a lifetime of personal and professional success.

The One Degree Difference will clearly demonstrate the influence we all have in providing the foundation for students to compartmentalize their future and identify their unique qualities. It takes a teacher to use the One Degree Difference to bring out the One Degree Difference in their students.

Top four advantages of the One Degree Difference

  1. Differentiate yourself from the rest.
  2. Understand the value of your personal brand.
  3. Communication techniques that instantly connects with others.
  4. The value of vision versus a strategic plan to promote creativity and innovation.

As a veteran motivational speaker, broadcaster and senior manager, Gibson has been recognized with top honours by the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters for his work in secondary schools helping teens identify high risk behaviors. Gibson was also awarded “Friend of the Year” by the BC Special Olympics.