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Peter Tertzakian

Energy Economist | Bestselling Author

Peter Tertzakian Headshot
TEDxCalgary | Energy through a convex lens: Peter Tertzakian
Perspectives from an Energyphile
Peter Tertzakian Headshot
TEDxCalgary | Energy through a convex lens: Peter Tertzakian
Perspectives from an Energyphile

Peter Tertzakian is an economist, investment strategist, author, podcaster, and dynamic public speaker. Using entertaining stories, he has a unique ability to distil, clarify, and communicate complicated issues surrounding energy, economics, and the environment. His presentations inspire, guide, and spark discussion on some of the most important topics of today.

A respected industry leader, Tertzakian is frequently called on to share his knowledge of strategic business issues with investors, corporate leaders, policy makers, and educators. His Energyphile project, including his latest book, The Investor Visit, and Other Stories: Disruption, Denial, and Transition in the Energy Business, embodies his unique approach to analyzing today’s challenges. Tertzakian’s previous books — A Thousand Barrels a Second and The End of Energy Obesity — were both international bestsellers.

Tertzakian has more than 35 years of experience in the business of energy, spanning all systems, from oil and gas to renewables. His holistic knowledge of finance, physics, innovation, and economics forms a foundation for his unvarnished, balanced, and thought-provoking presentations on how audiences should think about sustainable energy solutions.

A graduate of MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Tertzakian is currently a managing director of ARC Financial Corp., and the founder of ARC Energy Research Institute.

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Client reviews

  • Peter gave an excellent review of the forces of change and disruption presenting the energy sector today. Highlighting the gap between perception and reality of global hydrocarbon consumption, Peter helped our delegation of investors, analysts and corporates to cut through the noise around the industry and make more accurate assumptions on the energy mix of the future. I’d highly recommend Peter as a presenter for energy sector analysis.

  • Peter is a consummate professional, and an absolutely fantastic keynote presenter. The delivery of his content was so well done, and left the audience wanting more. Peter’s engaging delivery, thorough and relevant content and thought-provoking takeaways have made him one of the most well-received speakers in our event’s history. Thank you, Peter!

  • Peter Tertzakian expertly walked the fine line between oil and gas, renewables, and the role that both must play in the world’s pursuit of a low-carbon economy. His pragmatic approach helped initiate a solutions-focused discussion between two camps that often see themselves in competition.

  • Peter gave a powerful keynote address to a packed audience of 100 energy experts in Toronto on the theme of energy technology transitions and the challenges confronting modern economies in balancing energy, economic and climate change goals. These are complex and contested topics, but Peter did a masterful job in presenting the issues in an even-handed, thoughtful and highly engaging way. His carefully curated mix of historical examples, stories and long-term trend data created a compelling and informative narrative. We had outstanding feedback from participants on the event afterwards, and I just wish that we had allowed more time for Peter’s presentation and audience discussion.

  • Peter Tertzakian manifests the rare ability to engender discussion among an expansive range of individuals of divergent experience and viewpoint. Rooted in deep insights based on his personal experience, and enriched by a dry droll humour, Peter’s presentation style evokes conversation, which he treats as an exploration, a journey; one affording the opportunity to engage in open dialogue.

    It’s been my pleasure to witness Peter engage individuals and groups in economic, political and social discussion — honouring and valuing the beliefs, statements and experiences of others. He empowers others to express themselves. And in doing so, he moves groups to new ways of thinking, new ideas and new resolutions.

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