The Debaters Live with Steve Patterson

The Debaters Live

With Steve Patterson

Be it resolved that The Debaters Live comedy show is an entertaining and stimulating way to liven up any event. Award-winning comedian and hilarious host Steve Patterson and two stand-up comics are ready to entertain with an exhilarating exchange of “facts and funny”, tailored to suit your industry or event. The engaging format is part stand-up, part quiz, and part comedy competition, with your audience picking the show’s winner.

But that’s not all. The Debaters Live gets the fun rolling with a segment of clean, smart stand-up from Steve, and each of his two fellow comics.

The Debaters Live features some of the popular format heard on The Debaters radio program, a program created and produced by Richard Side, which has been entertaining its large and loyal audience on CBC Radio One for over 12 years.

With over 750 topics debated so far, The Debaters Live team has the skill and experience to find the perfect topic for your event: one that’s guaranteed to deliver the laughs and get all of your audience talking.

Show Format

The Debaters Live! is a total of 60-70 minutes. 30 minutes of stand-up (10 from each comedian) a hard-hitting 35 minute debate.



The live audience will be warmed up and entertained by both debaters as well as veteran International headliner Steve Patterson.

Steve Patterson – welcomes the audience, introduces the evening and performs set (10-12 minutes)

Second Comic – keeps the ball rolling with a 7-10 minute set

Third Comic– closes the first part of the show with a 7-10 minute set



Two stand-up comedians are given a topical matter to debate, previously decided upon through the collaboration of the client and producer. One debater serves as advocate: the other takes the contrary view.

Off stage microphone – announcer intro of “The Debaters” live with the theme music of our show playing (from a CD or ipod).

Introduction – Steve Patterson, positioned between the two podiums, introduces the debate resolution, complete with insider references.


There are five rounds to each debate:

Opening Rants – Each debater delivers a fully scripted, joke-filled rant “for” or “against” the resolution.

The Bare Knuckle Round – Here debaters attack each other’s argument and defend their own in a verbal free-for-all.

The Firing Line Round – The host quizzes the debaters on their knowledge of the subject, where the debaters can either provide the correct or the most amusing answer.

The Last Laugh – The debaters each given a time for a closing summation, a final joke-filled scripted rant to sum up their side of the argument.

Conclusion – The host asks the audience to vote by applause for whom they thought delivered the best combination of facts and funny.