Meg Soper

Meg Soper

Motivational Humorist | Co-Author of From the Stage to the Page

Meg Soper is recognized as one of the premier motivators in North America.  She combines her unique blend of comedy with inspirational stories to connect with her audience, break barriers, and deliver practical strategies for being more effective at work and at home.

Meg invests the time to know her audience and the challenges they face. She has touched the lives of thousands by combining her remarkable sense of humour with a curiosity about people. Her ability to connect has made her one of the country’s leading motivational speakers.

Meg’s diverse content has been shaped by her experiences as a staff nurse and later as an operating room nurse in regional and major urban teaching hospitals. As a health care professional, Meg recognized the importance of humor, dealing with stress, effective communication and teamwork in creating a positive workplace environment.

A highly sought after speaker at conventions and corporate functions throughout North America and internationally. She has shared the stage with many celebrities, including Ray Romano and Ellen Degeneres.

Meg is co-author of the book, From the Stage to the Page…Life Lessons from Four Funny Ladies. She has appeared on the CBC, on the Women’s Television Network and on Prime TV.

Bring it on…Strategies to Create a Positive Workplace

In this high energy and  interactive presentation Meg examines how emotions, perceptions, and preconceived ideas can impact our day-to-day interactions with others – especially across the generations. The work culture is shifting and we have things in the fridge that are older than some of the people on our team. Understanding generational differences helps us create an atmosphere where we can communicate more effectively and ensure a positive workplace.

Wit, Fit and Balance…Strategies for Success

The pace of change in our lives continues to pick up speed. Not only are we expected to adapt to change, we are expected to embrace it and stay on top! This presentation offers a different perspective on dealing with the everyday stresses we face and emphasizes the fact that humour and how we communicate can play an important role in helping us lead more productive and healthier lives in an ever changing environment. Whether you are faced with stress in the workplace or the inevitable obstacles of daily living, this presentation offers a refreshing perspective. This motivational life balance presentation delivers insight and practical strategies that entertain and inspire.

Humour is One Size Fits All

Find levity in any life situation. Whether you are facing the perils of middle-age or juggling a career and family, Meg will help you find a laugh along the way. Run some of Meg’s pithy, stress-relieving ideas up the flagpole and learn to embrace her philosophy that ‘life is too short to stuff a mushroom’.

Get Connected and Stay Plugged In

Develop strategies to enhance relationships on both a personal and professional level through effective communication and conflict management. This light hearted and interactive presentation helps people come away with a better understanding of each other’s challenges and unique qualities. The goal is to create awareness about how we can shift our perspective to build better relationships with the people we work with. People are different…not necessarily difficult. Challenge existing perceptions of what you are capable of and strive to reach new levels of performance.

“IQ might get you hired. EQ gets you promoted.” – Anonymous

The Secret Sauce: Thriving in Times of Change

In her dynamic and engaging style, Meg Soper will share insight into how we can use humour, passion, and resilience to find balance during uncertain times.

Drawing from her experience as an OR nurse, and now as a thought leader on mindfulness and resilience, Soper will show how shifting our perspective and distinguishing between left brain and right brain thought patterns can make us more effective in our roles, while building healthier and stronger relationships with the people we work with and those we serve.

Audiences will learn:

  • The HPR secret sauce — the humour, passion, and resilience needed to manage change and thrive personally and professionally.
  • Strategies to gain greater control of our behaviour and emotions.
  • Mindfulness techniques to give our brain a boost.
  • Strategies to help improve personal resilience and maintain a positive mindset.

This virtual presentation runs 60 minutes, with a 45-50-minute keynote plus interactive Q&A.