Jessi Cruickshank

Jessi Cruickshank

Television Personality

As the host of many of television’s most popular programs, Jessi Cruickshank knows how to capture eyes and ears. Acclaimed for her hilarious humour and friendly demeanour, Cruickshank showcases her unique abilities as an emcee, moderator, or on-stage interviewer for corporate conferences, glamorous galas, cozy chats, and more.

Cruickshank works closely with all clients to ensure that she gets their messaging across, while also keeping the event running on-time and the audience’s attention glued to the stage. She has hosted events for clients throughout North America, including Canada Goose, Royal Bank of Canada, the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards, the CBC, and many more. She is also a perfect choice for brand partnerships, endorsements, media appearances, social media influencer opportunities, and many similar opportunities.

Most recently, Cruickshank has enjoyed national fame as the co-host of CBC’s The Goods and as the host of Canada’s Smartest Person. She is also currently starring in her new weekly Facebook Watch series, New Mom, Who Dis? which follows her twin-mom adventures.

Host and Emcee

With her signature warmth and wit, Jessi Cruickshank has emceed and hosted charity fundraisers, private parties, red carpets, award shows, store openings, and corporate events across Canada and the USA. As the former host of a national talk show, Cruickshank knows how to work a room, both in-person and virtually.

Cruickshank takes the time to connect with event organizers to tailor her jokes and references, while using her quick-witted sensibility to keep things fresh and moving along throughout — while doing her best to work in interactive moments with the audience. Deftly handling introductions, interviews, and between-segment banter, she’s the perfect choice if you want your audience to have a rollicking good time.

The Funny Thing About “Success”…

Jessi Cruickshank is one of Canada’s most beloved television stars, social media personalities, and new mom who has been called “the funniest woman on TV today, period” by The Province. But does that mean she’s “successful”? In this new, hilarious, and thought-provoking keynote, Cruickshank challenges audiences to redefine what “success” means to them.

Through engaging, revealing, and entertaining personal anecdotes of her own successes, failures, struggles, and triumphs, Cruickshank talks candidly about navigating a world where quite often success is measured by what you have, not what you have to give. She will empower audiences to give back, re-think what happiness means to them, and discover that success is not about what you have in your life, but what you chose to do with it.

From A&W to the CBC

Jessi Cruickshank was born in an A&W restaurant in Calgary, Alberta. She is now one of Canada’s most beloved television stars, social media personalities, and new mom who has been called “the funniest woman on TV today, period” by The Province. How on earth did she get there?

In this candid, interactive, and raucously funny speech, Cruickshank talks about all of the choices she has made (the good ones and the not so good ones) that got her where she is today.

The secrets of success are the same no matter what field you are in.

The Power to Create Change

As a long-time Canadian ambassador for non-profit organization WE Charity, Jessi Cruickshank speaks about her eye-opening experiences leaving the comfort of the television studio to travel to rural India and Kenya.

From carrying poop in India to drinking goat’s blood in Kenya, Cruickshank’s often hilarious and always powerful stories about her travels allow her to tackle serious global issues in a refreshingly relatable way.

For Student Audiences

Jessi Cruickshank attended the University of Toronto on a full scholarship and graduated with honours, but the things she cherishes the most about her university education were the things that had nothing to do with her formal “education.”

Cruickshank speaks about how she got involved in university by starting a special needs drama program at a local high school, joining the student council, playing intramural sports, and getting involved with WE Charity, and why students should strive to find a similar balance.

Telling a series of wildly funny, honest, and relatable anecdotes, Cruickshank’s uncanny ability to relate to young audiences will leave them motivated to create opportunities and make the most of their student experience.

Celebrity Services

Jessi Cruickshank is represented by The Spotlight Agency for sponsorships, endorsements, public relations and media spokesperson campaigns, product launches, voiceovers, celebrity appearances, and more.  Please visit The Spotlight Agency for more details.