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What’s on Our Bookshelf: Spring Reads

What’s on Our Bookshelf: Spring Reads

Fresh books for spring! From provocative reads on leadership and productive conflict to a harrowing memoir that follows a child bride battling through oppression, see what we’ve added to our bookshelf this spring.

Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders (and How to Fix It) by Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

In this timely and provocative book, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic asks two powerful questions: Why is it so easy for incompetent men to become leaders? And why is it so hard for competent people — especially competent women — to advance?

There is a better way. With clarity and verve, Tomas shows us what it really takes to lead and how new systems and processes can help us put the right people in charge.

An international authority in psychological profiling, talent management, leadership development, and people analytics, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic uses science and technology to help organizations predict human performance. Currently the Chief Talent Scientist at Manpower Group, co-founder of Deeper Signals and Metaprofiling, and a professor of business psychology at University College London and Columbia University, Chamorro-Premuzic has made more than 100 media appearances, and has shared his ideas on TED, CNN, and the BBC.

The Good Fight: Use Productive Conflict to Get Your Team and Organization Back on Track by Liane Davey

In the modern workplace, conflict has become a dirty word. After all, conflict is antithetical to teamwork, employee engagement, and a positive company culture. Or is it?

The truth is that our teams and organizations require conflict to get things done. But we avoid conflict and build up conflict debt by deferring and dodging the difficult decisions. In The Good Fight, Liane Davey shows us how to create the productive conflict our organizations need to get along and get stuff done.

Drawing on her twenty-year career as an advisor to the C-Suite, Liane shares real-world examples and practical tools to help teams handle even the most contentious conflicts as allies instead of adversaries.

Liane outlined an exercise to help teams feel more comfortable with conflict for the Harvard Business Review. Read it here.

Known as the “teamwork doctor,” Liane Davey knows how to create high performing teams. Having worked with organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, from across the globe helping teams from the frontlines to the boardroom, she has developed a unique perspective on the challenges that teams face — and how to solve them. Her mission is to transform the way people communicate, connect, and contribute.

The Algorithmic Leader: How to Be Smart When Machines are Smarter Than You by Mike Walsh

Futurist and global nomad Mike Walsh has synthesized years of research and interviews with some of the world’s top business leaders, AI pioneers, and data scientists into a set of 10 principles about what it takes to succeed in the algorithmic age. The Algorithmic Leader offers a hopeful and practical guide for leaders of all types, and organizations of all sizes, to survive and thrive in this era of unprecedented change.

By applying Walsh’s 10 core principles, readers will be able to design their own journey of personal transformation, harness the power of algorithms, and chart a clear path ahead-for their company, their team, and themselves.

As the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing companies for the 21st century, Mike Walsh prepares business leaders for what’s next. Mike is a leading authority on the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer behavior, and fast growth markets, and expertly distils his insights into tailored keynotes that empower his audiences to influence the future direction of their industry, and thrive in the current era of technological change.

A Good Wife: Escaping the Life I Never Chose by Samra Zafar

At 15, Samra Zafar had big dreams for herself. She was going to go to university and forge her own path. Then, with almost no warning, those dreams were pulled away when she was suddenly married to a stranger at 17 and forced to leave her family behind in Pakistan to move to Canada. Her new husband and his family promised that the marriage and the move would be a fulfillment of her dream, not a betrayal of it. But as the walls of their home slowly became a prison, Samra realized the promises were empty.

A Good Wife tells her harrowing and inspiring story, following her from a young girl with big dreams, through finding strength in the face of oppression and then finally battling through to empowerment.

After escaping a decade of abuse living as a child bride in a forced marriage in Canada, and sharing her story, Samra Zafar became a beacon of hope for many people facing exclusion, abuse, and gender-based violence. Now an award-winning international speaker, author, scholar, and social entrepreneur, she engages audiences around the world, speaking about collective resilience, authentic leadership, inclusive workplaces, youth, human rights, mental health, and more.

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