Amanda Lang


Amanda Lang

Anchor, Bloomberg TV Canada | Bestselling Author, The Beauty of Discomfort

Amanda Lang has had a front-row seat to the world’s daily top stories in business, politics, and economics. An award-winning journalist known for her no-holds-barred approach to the people, companies, and stories making the news, she is available for keynote speeches, and to act as interviewer or moderator at corporate events.

Lang was an anchor for Bloomberg Television Canada, on Bloomberg North with Amanda Lang. Previously, she was CBC’s senior business correspondent, reporting for its flagship nightly news program, The National, and was host of The Exchange with Amanda Lang, a daily business program airing on CBC News Network. She also hosted The Lang and O’Leary Exchange, with Kevin O’Leary, for five years, and the pair co-hosted SqueezePlay on BNN, for six years.

Lang studied Architecture at the University of Manitoba, before becoming a journalist. Her first job in journalism was for the Globe and Mail, and she subsequently joined the Financial Post newspaper, where she became the paper’s New York correspondent.

In New York, Lang made the leap to television, where she first was part of the team that launched BNN and before long wound up at CNN as a reporter and anchor.

Lang is also a bestselling author. The Power of Why explores the connection between curiosity and success, and The Beauty of Discomfort examines how difficult change can be, and set out strategies for how to achieve it.

The Beauty of Discomfort

Learning to tolerate, and then embrace, discomfort is the foundation for change, for individuals and businesses alike.

For people and business who want to change, they need to develop and train the skills needed to create it.

In this engrossing talk, Amanda Lang draws on cutting-edge neuroscience, examples, strategies from all over the world to help individuals and corporations become more creative, more innovative, and more effective, while responding and adapting to the discomfort inherent in doing so.


The Power of Why

Canada faces an enormous challenge in its productivity gap. The solution is innovation, which is within our reach and can actually make our lives better in every way.

Lessons from Leaders

What can you learn from leaders in business and elsewhere? Why can it be an impediment to have a leader who is brilliant, and usually right?  How is diversity leadership a path to profitability? And how do great leaders bake in a culture of innovation, while others fail at it?

Broadcaster and bestselling author Amanda Lang explains the answers she’s learned to these questions from the many leaders she’s had the privilege of studying and interviewing over the course of  her distinguished career.

Executive Interviews

Why do the execs in your company do the things the way they do? What new ideas are on the horizon? What are your bosses biggest concerns? Amanda Lang interviews key executives on stage to get their message out.