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Phil M Jones

Globally Recognized Sales Expert | Bestselling Author

Phil M. Jones
Demystifying Sales
Mastering Conversation for Improved Sales
Unlock Your Sales Potential
Phil M. Jones
Demystifying Sales
Mastering Conversation for Improved Sales
Unlock Your Sales Potential

Phil M Jones has made it his life’s work to demystify the sales process, reframe what it means to “sell”, and help sales teams learn new skills that inspire confidence, overcome fears, and instantaneously impact their results. His contagious personality and his high-level, practical strategies motivate and inspire everyone to achieve better results and help build a driven company culture.

Jones entered the world of business at the tender age of 14. With nothing more than a bucket and sponge, he went from single-handedly washing cars on weekends to hiring a fleet of friends working on his behalf. Soon after, at just 18, Jones was offered the role of Sales Manager at UK fashion retailer Debenhams — making him the youngest Sales Manager in the company’s history.

Jones’ early career continued as he worked with a host of Premier League Football Clubs to help them secure sponsorships and licensing agreements, to then being a key part of growing a £240m property business. After several years of being one of the most in-demand young sales leaders in the UK, Phil decided it was time to dedicate his future to helping others to succeed.

In his engaging presentations, Jones shares his philosophy of using specific word choices to teach his audiences “exactly what to say” in order to influence, persuade, and drive outcomes. His expert advice can be simplified into three outcomes: helping organizations acquire more customers; having their customers come back more often; and inspiring their customers to spend more when they do.

The author of five international bestselling books, and the youngest-ever winner of the coveted “British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Award”, Jones has delivered more than 2,500 talks in more than 57 countries across five continents. He has spoken to more than two million people, with clients that include Microsoft, DHL, HSBC, and Barclays.

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Client reviews

  • I just wanted to thank you for all your wise and wonderful advice during our video training yesterday. You gave everyone so much value and we are all thrilled to practice, refine, and implement your strategies into our everyday approach to care.

  • Phil kept our entire audience on the edge of their seats for more than an hour. He is not only a masterful storyteller and coach, but he spent time with us to genuinely learn our business. His presentation was tailored on spot to our industry, the experiences that our sellers were facing, and our selling propositions. It was exciting to work with someone who is dedicated to his craft to personalize his message so that every person in the audience walked away with pages of notes, and a feeling that Phil was speaking directly to them. Weeks after our sales kickoff, we are still receiving notes from sellers thanking us for having Phil coach them and sharing with us the difference that he has already made in their sales career.

  • You were an absolute JOY to work with and I can’t tell you how amazing the feedback has been. Truly incredible presentation.  I should start sending you all the “implementation” I have received in emails from colleagues and other Buds. The material covered and takeaways were invaluable!!!  Again, you were beyond fantastic and nothing but 100% feedback from our attendees and staff. I even may dare to say you are the first keynote standing ovation to happen at Excellence!

  • As a director of a very successful and already motivated sales team, I was delighted when Phil agreed to attend our recent sales & marketing conference.

    Phil immediately engaged with the audience with his stage presence and experience—what surprised many was his knowledge of our product and possesses a rare talent to manage questions in a unique way I have not experienced before. Now I understand why he is ahead of his field, the feedback has been very positive and have I no hesitation recommending Phil.

  • Phil is an inspirational and engaging speaker. Many of his ideas about how to start conversations with customers, with the aim of creating opportunities to recommend services and products, are absolutely genius—and I have every intention of trying to apply the principles to our business.

  • Phil was invited to be our keynote speaker to an audience of successful entrepreneurs setting up a day focused on sales and marketing. Phil is a phenomenally effective speaker, blending great stories with compelling and simple messages leading to some obvious takeaways. His investment up front to understand the audience and their challenges and to tailor the message maximized audience engagement and content relevance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Phil.

  • It’s tough to adequately describe Phil Jones. He is a true expert in the field of sales, sales management and motivation. Phil can demonstrate what he teaches so effectively that people actually get it. There are many that are very good in training on sales, sales management, and success principles; but few can do it in a way that the learner can easily apply what they have learned. It’s hard to describe, but Phil is able to teach and demonstrate in way where it just clicks. Simply put Phil Jones is very, very impressive.

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