Shawn Kanungo

Shawn Kanungo

Strategy in a World of Disruption

As a globally recognized innovation and disruption strategist, Shawn Kanungo works at the intersection of creativity, business, and technology. He spent 12 years at Deloitte working closely with leaders to help them better plan for the opportunities associated with disruptive innovation. In his high energy keynotes, Kanungo draws on his extensive experience to provide audiences with an optimistic roadmap for the future; one that embraces unexpected approaches to innovation to remain competitive and relevant.

Since leaving Deloitte, Kanungo has worked with hundreds of organizations on their journey to digital transformation. He’s led complex projects incorporating artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, behavioural economics, Web3, and more. Today, Kanungo is a Partner with Queen & Rook, where he advises leading organizations and executives on disruptive trends and invests in early-stage ventures.

Kanungo’s work has been featured in the Globe and MailThe Guardian, CBC, and CTV. He’s been recognized by Avenue Magazine as one of their “Top 40 Under 40” and by Inc. magazine as one of the “100 Most Innovative Leaders”. In 2021, Forbes called Kanungo the “best virtual keynote speaker I’ve ever seen”.

A prolific content creator, Kanungo’s content on innovation has garnered millions of views across LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. His first book, The Bold Ones: Innovate and Disrupt to Become Truly Indispensable will be available in December 2022.

Strategy in a World of Disruption

The business world has fundamentally changed forever. The growth and adoption of new technologies is at a dizzying pace. Customer and employee expectations have been pushed forward 10 years due to the pandemic. We are now looking for organizations to be fearless in a changing world.

These drivers are forcing everyone to reimagine their entire organizations. How do we survive? How do we disrupt ourselves before someone else does? How do we deliver better experiences to our clients, customers, and teams? Today, we need to be bold, brave and experimental.

In this awe-inspiring talk, Shawn Kanungo provides an optimistic roadmap for the future. He explores how we can take unexpected approaches to innovation to remain competitive and relevant.

Bold Ones: How to Innovate and Disrupt Ourselves

The world is getting weirder, wackier and wilder by the minute. It has never been more crucial to adapt and evolve with the times. Yet, when faced with radical change, we tend to double down on what made us successful in the past.

Bold Ones is an awe-inspiring and provocative keynote on how individuals can apply the innovations and disruptions occurring around them to become more dynamic and valuable. Specific, actionable techniques—from uncovering ‘secrets’ within your field, to designing experiments, to creating an unstoppable personal flywheel—that will help one evolve and excel will be shared.

The Future is Open: The Metaverse, Web3 and You

Are we ready for the next era of the Internet? An immersive, unified and interconnected digital world is in the making. The Metaverse is no longer a science-fiction construct. It will rewrite new models of interaction, digital-native assets, commerce and experience. Yet, this is much more than a technological shift, but a cultural phenomenon that will impact human expression and behaviour.

Big tech and gaming companies are arming themselves in this battleground for the future. However, the Metaverse may not reach its massive potential without being truly open. Its convergence with Web3, a decentralized internet enabled by the blockchain, and its components (crypto, NFTs and more) may be the key to building the backbone and connective tissue for this new world.

In this awe-inspiring keynote, innovation strategist Shawn Kanungo dives deep into why The Metaverse and Web3 will shape the future, and how it will impact culture, business, technology and individuals. The future will favour the bold and brave.

Disruption DNA

Disruptors see the world differently. They bring unique viewpoints, technologies, talent and ideas from all over the world. Building a Disruption DNA within organizations requires us to abandon the set of ideas and practices that may have made us once successful.

To build both mindset and muscle around disruption, individuals and teams need to take control of their own destiny. It requires us to make bold decisions in a world of uncertainty. How do we reinvent ourselves? How do we start building our Disruption DNA? This is not a genetic predisposition; this is a muscle that innovators build by continuously thinking and acting differently.

In this high-energy and inspiring keynote, Shawn Kanungo will outline the blueprint on how organizations can enable themselves to not only become immune to disruption, but to be disruptive themselves.

Creating the Future, Together

Today, we are undergoing a paradigm shift. The world is becoming more dynamic, intertwined and unpredictable. Organizations must develop an ecosystem approach to innovation, leveraging talent both inside and outside of the company, to navigate the future.

Shawn Kanungo provides a bold, unique and contrarian view of the near term-future. He outlines some of the disruptive forces (AI, Digital Business Models, etc.) that are impacting every industry. He then explores how organizations can become more adaptable, experimental and collaborative.

Weaving together storytelling, humor, inspiration and actionable takeaways, audiences will walk away with a roadmap on how organizations can create a brighter future, together.

Fearless Government

For decades, we have designed the public sector to be operationally excellent. Today, the game has changed. We are now looking for government to be fearless and an enabler for radical change.

From leveraging automation, ecosystem partnerships and the crowd, Shawn Kanungo paints a vision of how governments can be a catalyst for others to help them drive innovation. He will also help to make sense of the rapidly changing demographic, societal, economic, and technological trends shaping the future of government.

Sharing insights from leading organizations and his own experiences on the ground floor of driving transformation in government – Kanungo reveals the technologies, citizen expectations and service delivery models that will drive the revolution.