Pam August

Pam August

Former Director, Culture Activation at WestJet

Visionary, purpose-driven leaders recognize that there is untapped potential in their organizations. When this potential is left unrealized, it can lead to misalignment between an organization’s brand promise (external experience) and culture (internal experience). Through her high-energy keynotes, Pam August helps leaders and their teams unlock this potential to see transformational results. She equips audiences with practical strategies to help activate potential, at home and work, for greater performance and impact.

August was the Director, Culture Activation at WestJet, where for 14 years she was a fierce champion and developer of people and culture as a key enabler of strategic success. Today, she is a trusted partner for high-performance organizations around the world through her consulting firm, Connecting Potential.

With a background in leading culture development and experience working with diverse organizations, August knows what it takes to uncover, align, and activate the best of what organizations already are and what they want to develop into. She brings deep insight and appreciation for what it takes to influence change and the energy and discipline it takes to see it through.

August is a sought-after guide, facilitator, coach, and co-creator with a strong foundation of lifelong learning. She has a Bachelor of Adult Education, a Master of Arts in Leadership, and certification as an Organization and Relationships Systems (ORSC) and Brain-Based Coach.

Moments that Matter: Leading Culture NOW

It’s said that “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste”.  The global pandemic has unfrozen us from long held patterns of being, united us in a “remember when moment”, and created a uniquely sticky time which is valuable for shaping your culture — now. What are the things that you want to have stick for your organization? What are the most important ways of being you want to embed moving forward?

During this activational keynote:

  • Get clear on why now and what it means to lead culture by design not default in a way that feels organic, not orchestrated.
  • Discover why the best way to predict the future is to co-create it and how to make this happen.
  • Take away the simplest actions that most powerfully signal and shape a new way forward.
  • Experience the power of “mattering matters” and how it builds the human-to-human connective tissue essential to build cultures that matter.

The Potential Ecosystem: Connecting the Potential You Know Is There

Perhaps the biggest challenge we face in organizational life is that we focus on what is missing — the ‘problem’, rather than what is already there — the ‘potential’. What starts with a shift in frame from ‘problem’ to ‘potential’, continues in a multi-dimensional, generative, and energizing journey of uncovering, aligning, and activating the potential that lives in the organizations we are part of.

During this experiential keynote:

  • Identify and unpack the three key dimensions of potential that simultaneously live in all organizations – and why it matters to focus on all three.
  • Discover why aligning at the core is critical to unlocking potential for top performance in all dimensions – and how to do it.
  • Take away practical and powerful approaches to connect the potential where you work and where you live.

Simple Moves for Complex Times: Moving Through Challenge with ‘Ease-fullness’

Volatile. Uncertain. Complex. Ambigious. – V.U.C.A. – an acronym that explains why ‘humaning’ in work or in life, particularly over the past number of months, has been and will continue to be challenging. Words like “stressed, strained, stuck” are commonly used to describe the states we too often find ourselves in when what we desire is something more like, “energy, ease, effectiveness”. What if we could meet complexity and move through the challenges we face with greater “ease-fullness?”  We can and the solution is simpler than we think.

Informed by both modern neuroscience research and ancient wisdom traditions, this experiential session offers a ‘whole-sum’ approach to activating our whole selves (and others around us) for greater performance and impact.

Experience in this insightful and energizing keynote:

  • Why the body always wins and what to do about it.
  • Neuroscience in action – important insights are both experienced and explained.
  • A simple yet profound three-part practice that can be done anytime you need to shift your state and/or the states of others.