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Riaz Meghji

Human Connection Expert | Author of Every Conversation Counts

Riaz Meghji Headshot
Human Connection Speaker Reel
Spark Engagement in an Era of Loneliness
TEDx Vancouver: Every Conversation Counts Highlights
Emcee Sample
Riaz Meghji Headshot
Human Connection Speaker Reel
Spark Engagement in an Era of Loneliness
TEDx Vancouver: Every Conversation Counts Highlights
Emcee Sample

Riaz Meghji is a human connection expert and bestselling author of Every Conversation Counts: The 5 Habits of Human Connection That Build Extraordinary Relationships. After one conversation led him to take a dramatically different career path that changed his life for the better, Meghji became dedicated to exploring the ways that authentic human connection can change lives and organizations. A natural storyteller, he shows audiences how to create engaged and connected cultures through the power of candid conversation.

Meghji is an accomplished broadcaster with 17 years of television experience, interviewing experts on current affairs, sports, entertainment, politics, and business. He has hosted for Citytv’s Breakfast Television, MTV Canada, CTV News, TEDxVancouver, and the Toronto International Film Festival.

A respected thought leader on human connection, Meghji is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and moderator with a proven ability to conduct engaging, in-depth conversations across various disciplines. His insights have been featured in Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and Financial Post.

Off camera, Meghji dedicates himself to philanthropy and causes he cares about, including Canuck Place Children’s Hospice and Covenant House. He holds a degree in business from Simon Fraser University and studied leadership communication at Harvard’s Extension School and the Canadian Management Centre.

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Client reviews

  • Riaz’s presentation at our national conference was not only powerful and engaging but also deeply emotional. Riaz spoke from the heart, effortlessly connecting with every individual in the room, leaving an unforgettable impact on all of us.

    What set Riaz’s presentation apart was his dedication to making it personal to our company. He had evidently conducted thorough research beforehand, incorporating specific details about the challenges our industry faces. This personalized touch not only showcased his commitment but also highlighted his exceptional ability to relate his message to our unique journey.

  • Riaz was phenomenal. I told him I thought he was as strong or stronger than Simon Sinek. Obviously two different messages but, similarly, he was one of those keynotes our community will continue to talk about for years to come. He clearly did his research and worked hard to prepare by having multiple conversations with us and our members; that really showed. Plus his comments were applicable to their world, both business and personal, and left everyone energized. He had a line of folks wanting to talk with him after the general session and the same was true at the reception that followed. He’s the only keynote we’ve ever had who attended the Newcomer’s Orientation prior to the opening general session and stayed for the entire reception that followed. He must have been exhausted but he didn’t show it.

    Thanks again for your guidance.

  • When I think impact, I think Riaz Meghji’s keynote. Truly. His session was GAME-CHANGING. It struck a chord not just with me, but with the entire audience. It inspired us to pause and think about how we can elevate our human connections as leaders and individuals, and translate that into business impact.

    I absolutely recommend this keynote as it has application for all industries and all departments. Operating in a more human and customer-centric way is just plain good for business. This session is meant for us as people – what we can do as a collective when focusing on human connection is limitless.

  • You are one in a trillion and I am so glad I got to meet you and partner with you on this session. In my 15 years at GSK, never has there been a speaker that has had such a profound impact on not only me, but everyone in the company. I was getting pings on teams during the chat and I am sure you could see the comments coming in: “MORE RIAZ”!

    Thank you for all of your time, engagement, preparation, listening, collaboration & connection leading up to our event.

  • Riaz is charismatic, engaging and very funny. Riaz is a professional at what he does and will connect with any audience at every level. We truly enjoyed having Riaz as such a large part of our conference and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

  • His charm and charisma were only matched by the authentic way he told his compelling story. When the audience wasn’t laughing, you could’ve heard a pin drop as people wiped away tears. He treated his time on stage as though he were delivering a gift to cherished friends, making the standing ovation much deserved indeed.

  • Riaz captivated our audience from beginning to end. He tailored his “Every Conversation Counts” presentation to our audience, delivering a compelling and inspiring message at our annual general meeting that resulted in a standing ovation. In short, we loved him!

  • Riaz took the time to understand our audience and the culture of our organization and tailored a presentation that was outstanding. His message is crisp, and he took us through a roller-coaster of emotions—from laughter to tears, it was without question a memorable experience.

  • Riaz has a wonderful way of weaving a combination of narratives, information, and personal stories into an engaging, humorous, and enlightening message. I heard from many delegates that Riaz’s opening presentation set the tone for our conference.

  • We had our event with Riaz and we were so thrilled with him. He was such an engaging speaker and I know that the brokers in the room walked away with some helpful tips for connecting with their customers. We were blown away.

  • Best keynote I’ve experienced in a long time. Engaging, informative, thought provoking.

  • For the third time, Riaz hosted our annual leadership conference and he was just brilliant. His personal touch, sense of humour, and insight into what makes people successful was skillfully weaved throughout the entire day. Riaz was an outstanding addition to our conference.

  • I would highly recommend Riaz Meghji for your next speaker event. The presentation shared with our organization on “Every Conversation Counts” was inspirational and thought-provoking to our team. We appreciated Riaz’s sincerity and the engaging delivery of his presentation. Impactful!

  • Riaz Meghji was a great keynote speaker at our Construction Conference. He had everyone thinking and laughing throughout his presentation and led to the group to an eventful evening of discussions. I would highly recommend Riaz to any organization in all sectors.

  • Riaz’s practical advice on making the most out of every conversation challenged listeners to really stop and think about how they connect with the person they are conversing with. He was inspiring, engaging, and provided the perfect ending to our conference.

  • Riaz Meghji truly embodies the characteristics of a perfect conversation. As a speaker he is articulate and eloquent. As a personality, electric and gravitating. He is the most positively received host we have ever hired.

  • Riaz Meghji’s talk, Every Conversation Counts, was perhaps the most inspiring and impactful session at our recent virtual leadership conference — practical, meaningful, and motivating. Riaz has packaged a powerful message for leaders to put to work in everyday conversations. Thank you Riaz!

  • We had our event with Riaz and we were so thrilled with him. He was such an engaging speaker and I know that the brokers in the room walked away with some helpful tips for connecting with their customers. We were blown away.

  • Riaz did an incredible job working with the entire team to develop a concept and theme for the event. He also did a great job bringing together our underlying message. The audience’s reaction to Riaz’s interaction with various staff led to an amazing atmosphere. We look forward to having him join us again next year!

  • Riaz Meghji was one of the most captivating keynote speakers at the ASAE Executive Leadership Conference in Vancouver. Associations are in the people and relationship businesses. Riaz’s thought-provoking insights on human connectivity, engagement, and the importance of being a trusted source, reinforced the value of associations and why the industry is critical now more than ever before. The collective impact of bringing people together to accomplish great things can have widespread global influence.

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