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Cheryl Pounder

Gold Medal Champion

Cheryl Pounder
Speaker Reel
What is Your Impact?
Cheryl Pounder
Speaker Reel
What is Your Impact?

It’s always about the journey. That’s the message women’s hockey champion Cheryl Pounder seeks to instill in every audience she speaks to. Believing that learning from our successes and failures is the key to staying on the path toward excellence, Pounder shows audiences that true achievement is found on the way to winning gold.

Pounder played on six of Canada’s World Championship hockey teams, where she was named an All-Star Defenseman in 2005. She was also voted the Top defenseman at the 2002, 2004, 2005, and 2007 Canadian National Hockey Championships. Her greatest career accomplishments are her two Olympic gold medals from the Salt Lake City and Torino Olympic Games, and being crowned the International Ice Hockey Foundation World Champion six times.

Currently, Pounder is a hockey analyst for TSN. She was also the colour commentator for the coverage of the women’s hockey tournament at the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics for both TSN and CBC.

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Client reviews

  • Thank you once again for arranging for Cheryl to present at our celebration event.  She was fantastic!!  She is able to connect her world with ours and delivers such important messages.

  • Cheryl was amazing! She connected with the guests, had her photo taken, let guests hold her medals, and her presentation was perfect.  She integrated her story with our work and at the end, she had a standing ovation. Cheryl is a lovely person and an outstanding presenter.  Her love for presenting and her passion for her story and her caring for others comes through loud and clear.

  • Cheryl Pounder was outstanding. She was refreshingly engaging and appealed to both the parents and students in the audience. Her topics were relevant and were backed up with engaging accounts from her life experiences. We have had other speakers in the past and Cheryl was something special. The audience really appreciated her honestly and ability to speak on a variety of topics and tie them together in an excellent format. A hi-light was the Q&A time where Cheryl met and interacted with parents and students and were able to see and touch Cheryl’s gold medals. It was a thrill and a treat to have Cheryl at our school.

  • Cheryl was absolutely PHENOMENAL this weekend. Her presentation was interactive, inspiring and targeted very well to the group of students that was there. She was funny, engaging, incredibly approachable and a very positive person to have with us. She also spent 1 on 1 time with several of us before her presentation, and graciously allowed people to take picture with her afterwards. All in all, she was an absolutely incredible speaker and I would ask her to come back and speak in a heartbeat.

  • Cheryl was the best speaker that staff said that they have ever seen or heard!  She was very engaging. You could have heard a pin drop when she took the podium. Everyone was mesmerized by her. I didn’t think they would let her go in the end!

  • Your presentation was not only inspirational but a great lesson on setting goals, focus and overcoming adversity. Your enthusiasm shines through and your hope is contagious. The feedback we have received thus far is that this was one of the best Senior Leadership Days we’ve experienced in quite some time. You had a direct part in the day and should take credit and be proud of the success. We truly are “Growing from our Strengths.”

  • When I challenged you to incorporate health and wellness, motivation, planning and link it to Campbell’s, I was unsure whether you could “pull it off”. Within minutes of your presentation, I knew we were all in for a surprise. Your ability to clearly articulate while emotionally touching the room was felt by all. Combined with the many positive comments following your session, I would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone interested in a ‘down to earth’ motivational experience. You certainly touched our team and left a lasting impression.

  • Your enthusiasm, professionalism, and ebullient style was evident not only to our staff, but to the delegates.

  • In a day and age where presentations seem all to plentiful it has become more challenging to find unique and intimate experiences that truly can inspire the pursuit of a dream, a tear and a laugh, and help us each understand what it means to represent something even bigger than we each are and the path to get there. I have had the privilege of seeing Cheryl present to different audiences, from young kids to accomplished professionals, and her level of inspiration and audience engagement is that special touch that is otherwise a missing ingredient for so many. Cheryl represents not only an elite level of accomplished athleticism and winning but at her core message, a heart-felt reminder to us all on the importance of the pursuit and belief in a dream, a vision and to battle through obstacles to achieve it. The medals were earned and her character and integrity of message is natural. Each presentation has ended in a standing ovation with tears throughout. Cheryl’s is a unique story of someone that achieved excellence built from a dream as a child; had that world taken away from her and had to find a way to battle back to that level of success through nothing short of a commitment to work hard and sacrifice. Cheryl’s message, and perhaps even more so, she individually, will inspire your heart and your own visions.

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