Katty Kay

Katty Kay

Lead Anchor, BBC World News America | Co-author, Womenomics and The Confidence Code

Katty Kay is the lead anchor for BBC’s World News America where she covers the full gamut of American and global affairs―reporting on US elections, the White House, Congress, Wall Street, global economies, and world trouble spots. Kay also frequently acts as a co-host on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and as a guest commentator on NBC’s Meet the Press. As a speaker, panel moderator, or interviewer, Kay’s global perspective helps audiences cut through complex issues and see them in valuable context.

Kay’s career with the BBC began in 1990 in Zimbabwe, when she started filing radio reports for BBC World Service radio. From there, she also covered the end of apartheid in South Africa. Kay then went on to work as a BBC correspondent in London and Tokyo, reporting on stories including the Kobe earthquake and the Japanese economic recession. She joined The Times’ Washington bureau before returning to the BBC in 2002. 

In The New York Times bestseller, Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success, Kay and her co-author, Claire Shipman, explore how women can manage to create a professional life that meets their needs, resulting in more profitable companies with happier employees. Their new book, The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance―What Women Should Know, makes the case that confidence has roots in genetic hard-wiring but also comes by choice: less people-pleasing and perfectionism and more action, risk-taking, and fast failure.

Washington From a Different Angle

The election of Donald Trump has turned the American political world upside-down. His presidency continues to be just as unpredictable.

President Trump’s way of doing things is unconventional – and that’s going down well in some quarters; not so well in others.  And it doesn’t fall just along party lines.  How is it playing out?  What’s next?  What do administration insiders say in private moments?  How does the rest of the world view it?  Can Congress – and members of the president’s own party – find common ground to make progress? Will the White House be able to overcome the increased levels of polarization?

As a British journalist in Washington, DC, Katty Kay looks at Washington from a different angle.  She offers a perspective on the latest drama of American politics that only an outsider can provide.

The veteran BBC anchor has the experience and sources to reveal the story behind the headlines and provide valuable context for her audience.  Katty tailors this speech to suit the interests of each audience – delivering solid insights with charm and understated humor.

A Global Update

Global times call for global perspective.  As someone who has lived in and reported from North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe, Katty Kay’s speech offers rich observations on the global news making headlines right now and what world leaders are doing.  The world is changing at lightning speed and understanding the complex issues requires a constant refresh of perspective.  It’s a world where many of the fastest growing economies are in Africa; where 300 million micro-bloggers challenge the supremacy of the Chinese state; and where one-third of the population of the Middle East is under thirty. It’s a world where big challenges abound – economically, politically and in terms of security and safety.  And the landscape changes on a daily basis. Where is it headed?  Katty Kay offers insights on what the future holds globally and how it will impact you.

The Confidence Code: Confidence!

Confidence!  With it, we can take on the world; without it, we don’t ask for raises, request that important meeting or take risks. In the success equation, research shows that confidence is even more critical than competence.  But what is confidence?  Where does it come from?  Are we born with it or do we acquire it? And why do women have less of it than their talents deserve? In this speech Katty Kay inspires audiences with the latest scientific research and anecdotes from her own career and the many women she interviewed for the book.  “Neurologists have isolated a ‘confidence gene,’” says Katty “and when I was tested, I learned I am not genetically predisposed to being confident.” Her experience is like that of so many women, even senior women, whose lack of confidence is what really holds them back.  But confidence is also art – impacted by how we choose to live with our genes. The good news then is that being confident is a choice.  Katty’s talk inspires audiences to take action — to go outside their comfort zones, to try new hard things, to take risks, to be prepared to fail and to discover the secret to success.



At the World Economic Forum in Davos, IMF Chief Christine Lagarde called the advancement of women the greatest economic opportunity of our time. She was recognizing what Katty Kay calls Womenomics, the extraordinary value of women in the workforce. Global studies show that companies who employ more senior women make more money. But too many women in their mid-thirties hit the brick wall of kids vs. career and decide to leave the workforce.  We can’t afford to keep losing them. Katty marshals evidence from employers large and small to show how it’s possible to help women meet the demands of family and career and keep these valuable contributors in the workforce.  What starts as talent retention initiative becomes a profit bonus any company would be happy to have. Katty’s talk inspires women and provides a practical guide to employers.

Moderator, Discussion Leader & Interviewer

Katty Kay has interviewed scores of political dignitaries and business leaders for her news broadcasts. The skills, grace and humor she brings to the live stage as a panel moderator, discussion leader and interviewer help create memorable events.