Jamie Mason Cohen

Jamie Mason Cohen

Leadership and Performance Expert

Jamie Mason Cohen is a leadership development and resilience expert as well as a certified grapho-therapist. Forbes called his unique and unusual ability to quickly analyze people’s handwriting “impressive and a bit frightening”. He combines this with his experiences working at Saturday Night Live and as a certified leadership coach with The Leadership Circle to help organizations thrive in change. Cohen shares proven leadership strategies as well as unconventional approaches to cultivating resilience.

Cohen is an in-demand speaker and facilitator who has helped organizations worldwide enhance their business performance to meet the demands of today’s business environment. He has been hired to speak on resilience, wellness, leadership, and communication by organizations such as Sun Life, Meeting Planners International, Celgene, the Canadian Society of Association Executives, Assante, University of Western, Hospitality Human Resource Professionals Association, Revera, the Ontario Municipality Administrators’ Association, and more.

In addition, Cohen uses his audiences handwriting as a personalized framework to help them gain insight into their own strengths and weaknesses, leaving them with an emotionally moving experience that inspires them to apply what they’ve learned. TEDx called Cohen’s “speed analysis” process “the power of a superhero” with each person learning how their strengths may serve their organization in 60 seconds. His TEDx talk on how to spot a leader through their handwriting has been viewed 2.2 million times.

Cohen is a frequent media commentator for CNN, Forbes, and The Morning Show. He is also the #1 bestselling Amazon author of Live from Your Class: Everything I Learned About Teaching, I Learned from Working at Saturday Night Live.

What Your Signature Says About Your Leadership Style

We could all benefit from receiving an accurate, unbiased and different snapshot of our weaknesses and strengths to help us grow.  Personal development is leadership development. But what if traditional performance reviews have been shown to be demeaning to employees and have a negative effect on organizational culture.

Join 20-year handwriting analyst-grapho-therapist and certified leadership trainer at The Leadership Circle, Jamie Mason Cohen as he explores why performance reviews don’t work, what we need to do instead, and how to use simple, unconventional and effective self-assessment tools to bring out the potential in every individual in your organization.

Individual audience members will leave feeling recognized for the unique individuals that they are without discounting the success they’ve already had.  They’ll experience something new and unique because they’ve seen it all and done it all before. Your traits are your story; let’s write the next chapter.

Audiences will learn:

  • How to identify your weaknesses and strengths on the spot to help you gain a new level of self-awareness through your handwriting traits.
  • Real business world strategies to deploy your strengths wisely so that they grow and don’t become liabilities.
  • Prescriptive, one-on-one speed handwriting analysis after the talk that can lead to breakthrough aha moments in your life.

Saturday Night Leaders: How to Solve the Problems Keeping Your Team Up Until 3AM

You have 7 days to create a project from scratch with a team of dozens, plus impossible deadlines, millions at stake, a changing industry, and challenges with team members, To top it off, jobs are on the line if the show’s not a hit with the audience.

Jamie Mason Cohen once worked in corporate entertainment for Lorne Michaels, the executive producer of Saturday Night Live. He applies sure-proof lessons and skills learned and inspired by the longest running show in US media history to the corporate world, and shows teams how they can adjust and thrive in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.

Structuring the in-depth interactive, high-content, practical, and humorous deep-dive keynote into seven parts, Cohen will get your audience thinking on their feet about how to solve the priority problems that are keeping them up until 3 AM.

Each part of the experience represents a day of the week and a tangible step towards closing the gap between where they currently are and where they want to be.

Key takeaways:

  • How to work effectively, calmly, and efficiently under pressure in any business crisis.
  • Giving and receiving feedback that helps the team win without anyone feeling like they’re losing.
  • Improvising innovative solutions under tight deadlines.
  • How to adopt a ‘Saturday Night’ mindset to adjust and manage uncertain and changing contexts

At the end of this keynote, your team will be energized, equipped and ready to yell: LIVE FROM YOUR WORK, IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!

Leadership MRI: How to Close the Gap on Reactive Tendencies that Hinder Leadership Effectiveness

Gain a custom-fitted, honest measurement of what’s working, what’s not working and why in your organization. The lightning fast pace of change in business does not often give your team time to have a strategic time-out to reflect and adjust your plan. You want to develop your team in a way that delivers morale.

There are many online personality assessment tools available, but they do not measure the creative competencies and reactive tendencies that are most closely correlated with business performance. Join certified The Leadership Circle trainer and former behind-the-scenes staff member of Saturday Night Live, Jamie Mason Cohen, as he presents a practical way to accurately identify where a team perceives its strengths and weaknesses. You must face your fear to ignite your spark.

You will learn:

  • The top 3 reactive tendencies are that are hindering your organizational effectiveness
  • How your people view their current leadership culture compared to the optimal culture they desire
  • Effective leadership strategies to eliminate your team’s 3 biggest reactive tendencies to dramatically improve business performance

Co-Created Leadership: How to Live Leadership in a Time of Change and Uncertainty

The goal is to scale the collective leadership capacity of your organization. But what if the way we learn about leadership doesn’t speak to your team’s complex and changing challenges? The honest insights that your team whispers to each other in the hallway never make it to the actual meeting. What if the outcomes that matter most lie within those buried insights? Conventional leadership keynotes often fail to get across essential strategies because they are not designed for the problems your team needs solved.  If the answers are hidden in plain sight, then how can you create psychological safety to bring those gems to the surface?

Join Jamie Mason Cohen, certified leadership trainer with The Leadership Circle, and a former staff member at Saturday Night Live, as he guides your team through an unconventional experience (part relevant keynote, part riveting town-hall) in which leaders don’t dictate, they participate.

Your team will learn how to:

  • Tell the truth about perceived problems in a timely fashion to solve them.
  • Make even better business decisions in ambiguous, changing situations.
  • Embolden your staff to see that their views can make a difference.
  • Create an environment where mistakes become a gold mine for growth.

The One Big Thing: Business on the Brink of a Breakthrough

Jamie Mason Cohen, Meeting Planner International New York Speaker of the Year 2020 Nominee, Creator of a business TV pilot-in-development, and Certified Executive Leadership Trainer with The Leadership Circle, spent the past 9 months listening and interviewing business owners, who were successful before COVID-19 hit and now find their businesses on the brink.

This session will dive into Jamie’s findings in interviews with small business owners across Canada for his TV pilot, zeroing in on how businesses can effectively adapt in constant disruption. It will include an in-depth 2021 real-time “one big thing” goal-setting session.  Your team will be equipped with focused, customized and concrete actions that they can begin putting into motion.

Organizations will be guided on how to build a mindset that incorporates resilience, optimism and realistic expectations.  They will walk away with renewed and reinvigorated confidence to tackle what is in their control to make the year ahead their most meaningful and purposeful one yet.

Audiences Takeaways:

  • Gain 7 Relevant Insights on what actions your business can take now to bring your business to the brink of a breakthrough (based on actual and relatable business case studies made during COVID-19)
  • Plan your “one big thing” to reset your priority professional goals in real-time for 2021 in the midst of massive change and disruption
  • Connect, collaborate and crowdsource success strategies with colleagues in a safe, inclusive and confidential space

Living Your Values

Participants will create a Values Board in which they identify, clarify, map out and integrate gratitude, organizational values, leader’s values, personal values, and adaptability into their day-to-day lives.

A values board is a powerful tool created by Jamie Mason Cohen to picture what matters most to us in our life, what we’re grateful for along our journey, and provides an instant roadmap to help us achieve our most meaningful goals.

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Provides a unique and inclusive method for creating deep understanding of individual and team core values and how they impact team morale, motivation, and results
  • Gives a practical and inspiring team process for building gratitude and adaptability at work
  • Develops organization-wide clarity on your team’s shared values during challenging and uncertain times

The Remote Team Strategic Time Out

The business world is changing fast. Your business model is changing too. But your team never get the chance to reflect and adjust. That leaves you struggling to catch up.

Jamie Mason Cohen, certified trainer at The Leadership Circle, will show you how your people see your culture right now, and how it measures up to what you would like to see. When you’re done, you’ll have a roadmap for change and a new way to focus your leadership development work.

Audiences Will Learn:

  • Your team’s top 3 data-informed, customized strengths that can be enhanced towards peak performance goals.
  • How to instantly apply relevant methodologies to raise the collective motivation of your team.
  • Where your remote culture is now, where you want it to be, and what needs to change to get top results.

Virtual Storytelling: How to Engage Your Audience Virtually with On-Camera Charisma Coaching 

Virtual business meetings, pitches, presentations, and client engagement are here to stay. It might take a hybrid form in the months ahead but how you and your team communicate in a virtual setting is a crucial skill for your team to master both externally and internally.

Yet so many remote interactions are a cross between PowerPoint Slide Karaoke, a sleep-inducing data dump and a one-sided poorly lit lecture by wonderful professionals who transform into stiff, unsmiling robots when the computer camera turns on.

This regrettable problem can be resolved with some engaging and practical training from Jamie Mason Cohen, who not only worked at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, but is a regular guest TV commentator on CNN, Global’s The Morning Show, and The Social and who has given virtual workshops to Fortune 500 executive teams, business owners, physicians, professors and other leaders in fifteen countries.

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Know how to capture and become a magnet for your audience’s attention.
  • How to build the timeless skill of storytelling for business, regardless of the medium (virtual or F2F) to persuade any audience, to build culture, to sell, to improve relationships, to recruit, or to create community.
  • How to balance analytical/data driven messages so that you can connect emotionally with the audience and reach their hearts.
  • How to avoid the data dump and get your audience to remember your key message that you want them to act on.
  • How to use business types (client archetype profiles) to get your audience saying to themselves, “that’s me they are talking about.”
  • How to create on-camera confidence and charisma to lower your own stress and increase audience motivation by up to 50%.

Co-Created Leadership Workshop: Courageous Conversations to Scale Leadership

**This is a follow-up workshop that dives deeper into discoveries made in the CO-CREATED LEADERSHIP keynote.

This workshop will help your team critically analyze and debate the hot-button topics that the company is currently going through and aim to make significant progress towards solving them. If you ask your team if they’d rather have a formal, one-size-fit-all workshop on typical leadership topics or engage in real debate and learn from others doing the same on the problems they’re being asked to tackle, most members of your organization would choose the latter.

Join Jamie Mason Cohen, a certified leadership trainer with The Leadership Circle, the only Canadian recipient of a TED-Huff Post International Teaching Award for creating innovative learning environments, a former behind-the-scenes staff member on Saturday Night Live, as he guides your team through a radically honest day that will not only clear the air but accelerate your team’s growth dramatically.

Leave your egos at the door and be prepared to lead and be led through an uncomfortable, powerful, moving, deeply insightful and ultimately transformative journey through the hearts and minds of those who know best what your company needs to grow – your people.

You will learn how to:

  • Practice debating topics to seek solutions based on a shared vision.
  • Create a culture that cultivates psychological safety essential for honest and courageous conversations.
  • How to give critical feedback so that it is constructive, specific and well-intentioned.
  • Model and immediately implement a system for colleagues to give one another critiques
  • Put achievement before ego.
  • Cut down on groupthink to encourage everyone to speak up.

Optimal Leader Strategic Time-Out

You will use the Leadership Culture Survey by The Leadership Circle to take a snapshot of your organization’s leadership culture.  The business world is changing fast. Your business model is changing too. But your team never get the chance to reflect and adjust. That leaves you struggling to catch up.  Jamie Mason Cohen, certified trainer at The Leadership Circle, will show you how your people see your leadership culture right now, and how it measures up to what you would like to see. When you’re done, you’ll have a road map for change and a new way to focus your leadership development work.

You will learn:

  • Your team’s top 3 creative competencies that can be further enhanced towards peak business performance goals.
  • How to instantly apply cutting edge, data-informed methodologies to raise the collective consciousness and positively shift individual mindsets within your team.
  • Where your culture is now, where you want it to be, and what needs to change.

The Co-Created Leaders’ System

If your organization is looking to create meaningful outcomes that matter most, solve your team’s highest priority culture challenges and rally your team to new levels of growth, then this 3-12 month structured, proven developmental process may be the right fit.

The program includes:

  • One-to-one 90 assessments and debriefs (using The Leadership Circle Profiles)
  • The Optimal Leaders’ Half-day workshop (focused on creative competencies in The Leadership Culture Survey)
  • The Co-Created Leadership Full-Day Workshop (focused on reactive tendencies in The Leadership Culture Survey)
  • Three 60-minute team accountability sessions
  • The Leadership System outcomes half-day team debrief