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Darrell Keezer

Digital Marketing Expert

Darrell Keezer is a digital marketing evangelist. He makes digital marketing great by creating engaging websites that convert visitors into customers. Proving that digital marketing can help businesses increase revenue and gain relevancy in today’s marketplace, Darrell uses humour and real life examples to demystify online marketing techniques and explain the importance of connecting with the digital buyer in order to succeed.

Darrell is the founder of Candybox Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency that builds websites that increase  SEO and drive social media engagement. He was inducted into the Sheridan Business Hall of Fame in 2014 for his outstanding encouragement of CEO’s and entrepreneurs on the importance of establishing a strong online presence.

In 2014, he released his first book, 37 Ways Your Website Died, which has been shared by business owners and marketing managers throughout North America. The book informs readers how to determine and improve underperforming areas of their web presence, and teaches them why they lose valuable prospects every single day.

Darrell shares his expertise at speaking events, engaging audiences with his passion for rethinking digital marketing methods at over 50 events each year, including conferences held by Electro-Federation, Microsoft, Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario, Social Media Summit and Sheridan College.

Becoming Digitally Disruptive

Over the past decade, we have experienced powerful advancements in technology that have drastically changed the way Canadians live. Canada is one of the most digitally connected countries in the world, but have our companies, organizations and businesses embraced these changes along the way in order to serve consumers in 2016?

Darrell Keezer, CEO of an award-winning Toronto based Digital Marketing Agency, will share his insights and expertise of the digital marketing industry and how it has changed the way businesses communicate with consumers. Wonder how Tesla generated over $12 billion in car sales in a single week, or why Canadians are hoarding bottles of French’s Ketchup and boycotting Heinz? The digital marketing playing field has been levelled, and there are new rules for engagement that we all need to pay attention to.

Darrell will delve into the trends and mechanics of successful digital marketing campaigns and strategies, and how innovations in this field are helping businesses generate leads and build relationships online. He will share real examples and tips, and how companies can build a digital plan that will impact the industry, instead of just make noise.

Generating Results Through Digital Media

If you want to attract new customers through digital media, you’ll need to understand how customers move from content consumers to brand advocates. This presentation will cover strategies and tactics of using digital media to grow any business, and how to build a plan that promotes online sales and converts prospects.

Through using real-life examples, stories, and case studies, this presentation will show you how consumer habits are rapidly changing in their daily online decision making.

Embracing Digital Marketing Trends

We live in one of the most digitally connected countries in the world. We judge companies by their websites, online reviews and their presence (or lack thereof) on various digital media channels.

Consumers demand that they can access everything about your company on any device, and they’re ruthlessly unforgiving at best. This means that we need to be ahead of the curve in digital marketing or risk our reputation, sales and customer experience.

Darrell Keezer helps people understand the different components of digital marketing and how they work together to generate leads and build online relationships.

He shares real examples of how successful website strategies, content marketing, and search engine optimization tactics have changed over the past few years and what you need to prepare for the customer of tomorrow.

How to (and How Not to) Market to Millennials

Over the past decade, Millennials have been categorized as a group of “lazy and entitled kids” who need to suppress their lifestyles in order to enter the business world. Darrell Keezer runs a successful digital marketing agency and is a proud Millennial.– it’s easy to understand why he does not stand behind this tired and outdated rhetoric.

He understands that every generation comes with strengths and weaknesses, and believes the workforce should encourage the Millennial mindset and the value that it brings, instead of trying to suppress it.

By 2020, Millennials will make up almost half of the Canadian workforce and are growing in purchasing power every year. With this statistic in mind, Darrell will explain why it is important to embrace generational differences to foster innovation and welcome the Millennial generation, drawing from his humorous perspective and experience as a Millennial CEO.

37 Ways Your Website Died (and How to Resurrect it)

How would you describe your company’s online presence? Inspiring, engaging, informative or just “corporate”? It is becoming increasingly more important to recognize how recent advancements in technology have fundamentally changed the way Canadians interact with products and companies online.

Canadians of all age groups are consuming more content every year. It is now, more than ever, extremely important for tired old websites to be converted into content marketing machines that help customers in their purchase life-cycles.

During this presentation, Darrell Keezer analyzes and challenges the old perceptions about your web-presence, social media responsibilities, and customer communication methods, and introduce the new strategies that are successful in the marketplace.

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