Darrell Keezer Headshot

Darrell Keezer

CEO and Founder, Candybox Marketing | Digital Marketing Expert

As founder of Candybox Marketing, Darrell Keezer has transformed how businesses establish their online presence. Through offering innovative web design, high-performing search engine campaigns, and fresh social media marketing strategies, he built Candybox into Canada’s premier digital marketing agency. In his entertaining yet thought-provoking style, Keezer shows audiences how to build digital marketing strategies that actually work, unlocking the secret to better connecting with consumers online and building a more effective digital brand presence.

Candybox Marketing was named one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies for three years in a row. It has also won two Awards of Excellence in Business from the Governor-General of Canada and was named one of the “Top 10 Great Places to Work in Canada” in 2022. Their clients have included such leading companies as Fox Entertainment, Erb Group, GFS, Marathon Hardware, The Weather Network, Walk At Home, Unica Insurance, and many more.

Keezer’s passion for the untapped power of digital marketing led him to become an in-demand keynote speaker. He travels across North America speaking at 50+ events each year, sharing his expertise in digital marketing as well as managing a hybrid workplace. Keezer has spoken for Microsoft, ivari, the Conference Board of Canada, the Young Entrepreneurs Conference, Engage!, Universities across Canada, the Electro Federation Conference, Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario, Vista Master Mind Group, CASTLE, and many more.

In addition, Keezer has written two books: 37 Ways Your Website Died and How to Resurrect It and Pick Up Your Freakin’ Phone, an inspiring how-to guide for new business owners.

Seriously Disruptive Digital Marketing Methods

The way consumers and businesses buy is unrecognizable from 10 years ago. We’ve accelerated our digital adoption by 10 years during the pandemic, but has your business kept up with the times?

From generating sales to creating brand equity, it’s time your business builds a growth strategy that actually works. In this keynote, Darrell Keezer shares how companies are leap frogging their competition with great ideas and flawless execution.

Managing Remote Teams (Without Tears)

The pandemic plunged our companies into a mixture of remote and hybrid work that is here to stay. Although most companies have embraced this environment, few have adapted to managing a remote team effectively.

Darrell Keezer believes that companies can use remote work as a competitive advantage, but you need to transform your culture, communication, feedback, and KPI’s to new models of management. In this tell-all keynote presentation, Keezer will show practical examples of how he grows his agency 40% every year while still working 40 hours a week.

Pick Up Your Freakin' Phone

We are one of the most digitally connected societies in the world, yet salespeople are struggling to get through the noise. Darrell Keezer built one of the fastest growing companies in Canada out of a walk-in closet with his cellphone and some good ideas.

Learn how to reach your customers by combining the latest digital tools with foundational sales principles that have never changed. It’s time to flip the script on ignored voicemails, endless zoom meetings, and unanswered emails. It’s time to pick up your freakin’ phone and get results.