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Bill Carr

Communication Expert | Award-Winning Humourist

Bill Carr
Managing Change with Humour
Always Performing
Virtual: Hell Blessings
Bill Carr
Managing Change with Humour
Always Performing
Virtual: Hell Blessings

For over 30 years, Bill Carr has been making people laugh at what’s trivial while helping them think deeply about what counts. His unique blend of humour and insight inspires laughter, while helping people see their world in new and exciting ways. An artist, actor, humourist, writer, and speaker, Carr offers custom-tailored performances, keynotes, and workshops to deliver exactly what organizers need, no matter the event.

Throughout his career, Carr has performed on theatrical stages across Canada and the world. He has also worked extensively in the film and television industry in character roles and as a social commentator on CBC’s The Journal. In his book, Acting Up: Lessons from the Theatre of Life, Carr shares his diverse and multifaceted experiences as a performer and conveys both lessons learned and mistakes made, while challenging readers to live more authentically and with purpose.

Carr has travelled extensively throughout North America delivering keynotes and workshops on creativity, communication, and intentional and inspired living, with audiences ranging from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. Carr believes that empathy and compassion must take centre stage in all human interactions and seeks to deepen his audiences’ understanding of the interrelated nature of our reality. He combines the latest developments in interpersonal neuroscience with ancient philosophy and spiritual practice to share incredible insight into how our minds work individually and collectively.

An active volunteer, Carr is an honorary trustee of the IWK Health Centre and has hosted the annual IWK Telethon, a much-loved community institution in the Maritime provinces, for more than 30 years. He also regularly serves as host and emcee for local events in support of charitable causes and the arts, included Unicef, YMCA, Neptune Theatre, Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia, Symphony Nova Scotia, Hospice Halifax, and Habitat for Humanity, among many others.

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Client reviews

  • Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us as a guest speaker at our first virtual conference. Your presence, humour, and wisdom all helped to bring encouragement and enlightenment to all of our participants. Your willingness at the last moment to change your plans and be present onsite when technological challenges threatened the successful delivery of our virtual program was much appreciated. Our conference was a huge success thanks, in great part, to your participation as a speaker, inspiring us to build relationships with impact while we laughed out loud and learned new things.

  • Bill Carr’s keynote speech presented at the opening of our national conference this year was beyond our expectations. It set the tone for one of the most well received conferences our delegates claimed to have had. Bill was able to customize his speech to resonate with the entire audience as it was energetic, engaging, humorous, inspiring, thought provoking, and moving all in one. We cannot thank Bill enough for making such an impression.

  • In a word, your man was fantastic, topical, hilarious, poignant, energized and energizing. Oh…right…that’s six words. I would have said there were 275 people seated for the performance but he had most of them on the floor. Bill’s ability to weave his humour with the Rotary message was impressive. I wouldn’t simply want to recommend Bill to a future group, I would want to insist upon it.

  • We invited Bill to deliver a keynote address and mini-workshop to our regional managers on how positive attitude and creativity contribute to successfully living with and leading change.  Bill was very engaging, funny and insightful.  His experience with other public service organizations was well reflected in the practical tools he provided to us which we were able to apply immediately.  We have received very positive feedback from our participants who laughed and learned throughout the session.  We left feeling both inspired and entertained.

  • The topic was very relevant to us as we move through a significant period of transformation in IITB. Your message, along with your words of encouragement, were deeply appreciated. You had us laughing and crying, all at the same time, with your real-life experiences and stories! Your message that how we see the world affects what we feel and think, which affects what we do, thereby, impacting on our future – is a perspective that each of us should, and hopefully will, keep with us throughout our lives. Excellent and timely topic presented in a rib-tickling manner. Thanks!!

  • The event was a huge success!  Bill was fantastic.  He brought the right tone to the event; funny at the right time, respectful and warm at the right time.  I also really appreciate the fact that he worked within the production timings –  The live auction was under budget and that’s also thanks to Bill.  He really worked hard to drive up those prices. This is one of the smoothest running dinners I have ever done. I am always honest with my feedback, good or bad, but honestly, I can’t really imagine how he could have done a better job.  I will want to work with him again next year.

  • There is no doubt that “humour is the best medicine” and when it is delivered in your unique style the cure is instantaneous.

  • We have never received such an overwhelming response to a speaker before and in fact, I had at least six people indicating their interest in having you speak at their conference.  Your powerful combination of humour, real-life examples and strong connection to your audience sets you apart from other speakers.  Thank you and congratulations on an amazing session.

  • Witty, well-researched, well-timed and perfectly targeted.

  • I was very impressed with your fresh take…your keen ability to listen to particular IRB circumstances and come to the sessions with enough knowledge about the department, region and group to really connect on a personal level.

  • I just wanted to send a quick message regarding Bill’s appearance last night at the Exit Realty Habitat for Humanity Dinner in Bridgewater. He was simply amazing-nothing that hasn’t been said before I am sure. Humor is therapy but it was his humanity and understanding of empathy that touched me most.

  • You were fabulous! You were overwhelmingly rated “Excellent” and to the question should we bring you back – YES, the sooner the better!

  • With the perfect blend of stand-up comedy and personal touching stories, Bill Carr delivers tremendous and applicable messages for business and life in general. His presentation set the perfect tone for our tradeshow weekend — so much so that we have invited him to speak again.

  • Bill was the star of the Council’s events.  His talk received an overwhelming positive response from our Stewards. He had has us roaring with laughter and in tears as he delivered information that was on point for the important work that our Union Stewards do.  He received 4/4 on our evaluations by Council participants with comments such as Awesome Speaker!, Hilarious! and made me remember why I became a Steward! Thanks for all your efforts.

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