Bill Carr

Bill Carr

Communication Expert | Award-Winning Humourist

For over thirty years, Bill Carr has been making people laugh at what’s trivial while helping them think deeply about what counts. His unique blend of humour and insight inspires laughter and offers his audiences a fresh perspective on what they face every day. An award-winning journalist, actor, and humorist, Carr offers custom-tailored performances and keynote speeches to deliver exactly what organizers need, no matter what the event.

Carr’s career has seen him perform on stages across the country most notably in Nova Scotia at Neptune Theatre, Mermaid Theatre and the Atlantic Theatre Festival. He has written and performed in numerous radio dramas and news programs for CBC and has appeared on countless television programs, several movies and more advertisements than he would care to think about.

Carr is a dedicated volunteer and serves in various capacities for a number of good causes such as the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, Community Justice Society, ACTRA, Unicef, Canadian Breast Cancer Society, CNIB, YMCA, and the Abilities Foundation. He is an honorary Trustee of the IWK Hospital for Children and helps to host the IWK Telethon each year. He is a founding partner of the Atlantic Restorative Company, a social entrepreneurship focused on creating space for authentic human exchange and the use of restorative practices in all aspects of social life.

Work Inspired

This program can be delivered as a keynote or half/full day workshop.

Bill explores research into how the brain works and how we can use this knowledge to create an environment that will nurture a creative response to change and keep a healthy perspective in unhealthy times. Bill focuses on empathy and what he calls “contagious inspiration” and discusses how nurturing our relationship with ourselves and others can re-wire our neuro-pathways and change surviving into thriving and tragedy into strategy.

Talking in Circles

This program can be delivered as a keynote or half/full day workshop.

Talking in Circles will be helpful for organizations who are feeling challenged by issues like: intergenerational difficulties, creative visioning for the future, team building, silos that inhibit corporate growth and effectiveness, or poor internal communication. Bill asks questions such as:

  • Is what we are saying what we mean?
  • Is what we are saying what people are hearing?
  • Where are our ideas really coming from?
  • How do we talk about the “tough stuff”?
  • How come I can talk to everyone but you?

Deep Service

This program can be delivered as a keynote or half/full day workshop.

Every industry is a service industry, every life a life of service on some level. The deep truth is whether at work, in our community, or in our home life, we do, in fact, serve somebody. As leaders and managers, we serve our company, our fellow employees and our clients; and to an important, often neglected sense, we serve our community, our society and our world. The depth and quality of this service is directly affected by how we see ourselves as being “in service”. Perception drives performance. When our lives are seen from a “service” perspective, it deepens our understanding of our place and mission in the world. Deep Service explores the idea of servant leadership in your specific industry context.

Seeing With Safety Glasses

This program can be delivered as a keynote or half/full day workshop.

Safety is a mindset. Much more than just rules and protocols, it is a way of seeing and then acting on what we see. It is about anticipation and the individual and collective responsibility for changing our workplace. Through his work with a number of diverse organizations, Bill has learned that the essential ingredient in creating a culture of safety is the development of a safety mindset. This mindset affects how we perceive our workplace and how we understand our responsibility to ourselves and our co-workers. At its core, building a culture of safety is about building an emphatic and caring community.

Acting Up

This program can be delivered as a keynote or half/full day workshop.

Our life is our own show, our own unique performance and creation. We never play just one role. We play many at work and in our personal lives. In Acting Up, Bill plays with the questions:

  • What are our roles in life?
  • Who decides what those roles entail?
  • Who do we really want to be?
  • What roles to others play in our lives?
  • How do I communicate from my authentic self?
  • How to I take my performance to the next level?

Bill is pleased to offer his book Acting Up: Lessons From the Theatre of Life with this keynote or workshop.