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Michele Romanow: Building a Founder-Friendly Financing Model

Michele Romanow: Building a Founder-Friendly Financing Model

Tech titan Michele Romanow — well known for her reign as one of the infamous “dragons” on CBC’s Dragons’ Den — is an engineer and serial entrepreneur who started five companies before her 33rd birthday.

Currently, she is the co-founder and president of Clearbanc, which provides entrepreneurs with the essential capital they need to grow. Clearbanc was born out of Michele’s own experience securing capital for her entrepreneurial pursuits, as well as her experience funding others through Dragons’ Den.

She wanted to provide entrepreneurs today with better opportunities then she had herself, and created her own model of funding that finances entrepreneurs purely based on data. This new model strips the process of unconscious bias and allows entrepreneurs to keep full control of their company. This year, she estimates that Clearbanc will provide more than a billion dollars in funding!

“Every time an entrepreneur buys a digital ad, we want to fund it with our capital and not equity because we will be way, way cheaper and you’ll get to keep a piece of your company. In many ways, it was like the most founder-friendly product I could’ve dreamed.”

Watch the video below to learn why this was so important to Michele and how she managed to disrupt venture capitalism:

Michele was only able to take this risk and build a new funding model because of today’s data-driven landscape. Clearbanc specifically funds entrepreneurs marketing expenditures, something that wouldn’t have been possible before the digital age.

Watch the video below to learn why:

Named in WXN’s “100 Most Powerful in Canada” and listed as the only Canadian on Forbes’ “Millennial on a Mission” list, Michele Romanow brings her incredible entrepreneurial savvy to every stage.

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