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Erin Stafford

Sustainable Peak Performance Expert

Erin Stafford
Speaker Reel
Erin Stafford
Speaker Reel

Having worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Coca-Cola, American Express, Apple, and MTV, and having surveyed and interviewed hundreds of the world’s highest achievers, Erin Stafford has cracked the burnout code. She is a burnout survivor herself as well as a hyper-growth business leader and social psychologist. She draws from her distinct career to share impactful and essential mindset shifts to help leaders and their teams go from burnout and bust to sustainable peak performance. Audiences leave revitalized and with a renewed sense of excitement and engagement in their work and personal lives.

Stafford is a multi-faceted, marketing jack-of-all-trades. Her international career has stretched from Paris and London to LA and San Diego. She has worked as an MTV advertising executive, a celebrity stylist, a fashion journalist, and as the head of marketing for the largest healthcare staffing company in the world. She helped lead the largest deployment of healthcare personnel in history while helping to grow the company by 9x in just two years.

Throughout her diverse career, Stafford has surrounded herself with some of the most motivated, ambitious, famous overachievers in the world, many of whom think they’re immune to burnout. This is the “Type A trap”, she says. In reality, leaders and their teams today are suffering from severe cases of burnout as they struggle to adjust to a post-pandemic world. As an in-demand keynote speaker, Stafford shows audiences why peak performance and burnout do not have to go hand in hand, and equips them with actionable tools to navigate that tension and become happier, healthier leaders, both at home and work. She further explores this topic in her book The Type A Trap: Five Mindset Shifts to Beat Burnout and Transform Your Life.

Stafford has a master’s degree in social psychology from the University of Cambridge. Her insights have been called upon by The Wall Street Journal, MSN, Vogue, Vanity Fair, The Style Network, and several other global media outlets and organizations.

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Client reviews

  • Sensational! Erin’s magnetic personality coupled with her candid storytelling and practical tips genuinely moved the needle in helping our team become more balanced leaders dedicated to reaching their peak potential.

  • Erin’s energy is infectious. No matter what stage she’s on, she draws in the audience with her unique and inspiring perspective. She uses humour, practical tools, and her diverse background to resonate with leaders.

  • Her transparency is so relatable. Definitely have some takeaways to bring back to my team.

  • Erin’s information is much appreciated and needed!

  • Erin’s presentation was excellent. I’m leaving today with renewed energy, ideas, and enthusiasm. Erin’s five mindset shifts are going to have a HUGE impact on our organization

    moving forward.

  • Erin is one of the most genuine, relatable, and impactful speakers I’ve heard in a

    long time. To some degree it’s not even like she’s a “speaker” but a close confidant I’m having a conversation with. The first time I heard Erin, I knew I wanted to bring her to SC to speak to our leaders here. Now that she’s done it once, I already want to consider how I can get her back.

  • Incredible! Thank you so very much for sharing your story and being so vulnerable. I held back tears because so much of it resonated with me and I knew the impact you were making on the room. A true inspiration!

  • Great session! Erin is inspiring, engaging and relatable.

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