Joey Coleman

Joey Coleman

Customer Experience Expert

When organizations like Whirlpool, NASA, Volkswagen Australia, the World Bank, and Zappos need to boost their customers’ experience, they call on Joey Coleman for assistance.

For nearly twenty years, Coleman has helped organizations retain their best customers and turn them into raving fans via his entertaining and actionable keynotes, workshops, and consulting projects. His “First 100 Days” methodology helps fuel the successful customer experiences his clients deliver around the world. In his Wall Street Journal #2 bestselling book, Never Lose a Customer Again, Joey shares strategies and tactics for turning one-time purchasers into lifelong customers – while dramatically increasing profits along the way.

As a recognized expert in customer experience design and an award-winning speaker at national and international conferences, Coleman specializes in creating unique, attention grabbing customer experiences. He works with companies ranging from ranging from small start-ups to large Fortune 500s, with hundreds of mid-size businesses in between.

Coleman developed his narrative skills as a criminal defense trial attorney, advised and counseled Fortune 500 companies as a business consultant, honed his communications and messaging skills at the White House, and did things for the U.S. Secret Service and the CIA that he can’t talk about publicly! Also, his designs and artwork have been displayed in museums, featured in juried shows, and graced publications in the U.S. and abroad.

The First 100 Days: Creating Remarkable Customer Experiences to Gain a Customer for Life

The First 100 Days can be presented in a variety of ways, including keynote, workshops, or a multi-day experience.

The First 100 Days is a methodology, system, and practice that is designed to dramatically increase your customer retention and as a result, your bottom line.

In all industries, around the world, the average business loses 20-70% of their new customers within the First 100 Days of starting to work with them.

This staggering defection rate is rarely discussed, let alone addressed. While most companies spend the bulk of their sales and marketing efforts focused on customer acquisition, few if any put energy toward keeping the customers they’ve worked so hard to gain.

By decreasing your customer defection by just 5%, the typical business can increase profits from 25-100%.

Built and honed over the last decade with organizations around the world in a host of industries, Joey’s First 100 Days approach to operating your business will radically impact and improve your customers’ experience – as well as your employees’ experience.

Happier customers and happier employees combine to make for happier business owners and shareholders.

The First 100 Days is an easy-to understand, straightforward to implement approach to doing business that requires minimal financial investment and will be fun for your team to implement and act on moving forward.


The Changing Face of the Customer: How Your Customers Will Be the Next Great Disruptor in Your Industry

The shifting values, beliefs, and expectations of customers are bringing massive change to the forefront of every industry. By focusing on the evolving expectations of prospects and customers alike, an organization can weather the change that is sweeping across the globe and even take advantage of these shifts in order to grow marketshare and increase customer engagement.

Joey Coleman will present an informative and interactive keynote designed to show your attendees how the marketplace is being dramatically altered by the shifting expectations of all customers. Building on this analysis, Joey will teach attendees how to take advantage of this shift by creating remarkable experiences for their customers.

Participants will leave the session with new insights about their current customers’ experiences and innovative suggestions for developing new experiences going forward. Joey will energize the audience to create enhanced customer experiences and prepare them to comfortably and effectively navigating a rapidly changing global marketplace.