Jennifer Botterill

Jennifer Botterill

Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

Jennifer Botterill is one of Canada’s most successful athletes, achieving Olympic glory on numerous occasions. A member of the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team for 14 years, she attended four Olympic games, winning three gold medals and one silver medal. Today, Botterill is an in-demand hockey analyst and commentator, regularly appearing on the desk of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada. As a peak performance coach, she shares valuable lessons she’s learned on the way to becoming a champion to help audiences reach their potential.

A graduate of Harvard University, Botterill is the only two-time winner of the Patty Kazmaier award, which honours the top player in women’s college hockey. She is also a five-time world champion and was twice named the most valuable player of the World Championship tournament.

Botterill is an analyst for the NHL’s New York Islanders and for Sportsnet’s Hockey Central. She also sits on the board of directors for CCM Hockey. Botterill has previously worked as a studio analyst for TSN and as a guest on TSN’s Off the Record. In 2020, she joined NBC as an in-studio analyst for their historic first all-women’s broadcast team, and in 2014, Botterill was a sports commentator for CBC at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Besides her work as a keynote speaker and professional development facilitator, she is also the CEO of the organizations Excel in Life and Journey to Excel.

Botteril has taken several leadership and mentorship roles within the sports community and the greater community at large. She has worked on projects for the International Olympic Committee and the International Ice Hockey Federation, and is currently an ambassador for Right to Play. She has also worked with charities such as the Special Olympics, Kidsport, Children’s Wish Foundation, SickKids Hospital, CanFund, Hockey Canada Foundation, and Canadian Cancer Society.

Sustainable High Performance

Jennifer Botterill engages people on how to approach life with a new standard of high performance.  She shares strategies on how to not only make it to the next level, but to excel when you get there. She provides techniques to perform at this high level on a consistent, daily basis. Jennifer identifies tools on how to facilitate sustainable high performance in a variety of settings.

Pursuing Excellence

Jennifer Botterill’s personal motto has been to pursue excellence in all areas of her life. From Harvard University to Olympic gold medals, to World Championships, she has learned many lessons on what it takes to achieve along the way.

From a no-regrets approach of “never having to say I wish I would have,” to asking yourself “why not you?” when considering the opportunities success can bring, Jennifer encourages those around her to strive for a new standard of excellence in everything they do.

Performance Under Pressure

Jennifer Botterill is no stranger to performing under pressure. Whether on the ice during Olympic hockey games, or in front of the camera as a television sports commentator, Botterill has learned the value of preparation and focus when it comes to quelling nerves when the pressure is on to succeed. In this talk, Jennifer shares her stories and advice for anyone seeking to perform at their best under even the most stressful of circumstances.

Well-Being and Mental Health

Jennifer Botterill addresses the importance of awareness in the field of emotional wellness and mental health. She shares some personal stories regarding her experience with mental health issues and the value of support networks.

This is an educational session that includes aspects of recovery, time management, balance, and how to manage the broad spectrum of the human emotional experience.

How to Excel in Life and Business

In this virtual presentation, Jennifer Botterill shares insight on how to reach new levels of excellence in your personal and professional life. She addresses the importance of setting high standards for yourself in every capacity, and provides tools that the audience can start to apply every day.  Botterill encourages an approach for sustainable excellence, and provides techniques on how to perform at your best on a consistent level—including elements of preparation and time management. This session will help you to strive towards your ideal performance state, and to take a “no regrets” approach to each day.

Resiliency - Thriving in a Changing Environment

The path that we face isn’t always as we may have imagined.  In this virtual presentation, Jennifer Botterill addressees the benefits of being ready to adapt to change.  We have a choice to make every day, and Botterill demonstrates how we can learn to shift our perspective to make the most of our environment. Sharing stories and messages that have helped her on her evolving path through life, sport and business, she provides examples on how we need to do things differently to get better results that we have in the past. Botterill will share ideas on how to be productive and efficient, and will teach you how to control potential distractions, and maintain a strong level of focus.

Teamwork - The Journey to Success

Jennifer Botterill has decades of experience in various team settings. In this virtual presentation, she illustrates the clear value of effective teamwork and shares lessons that she’s found to be the most valuable in her career. In this talk, Botterill demonstrates the benefits of bringing out the best in those around you. By moving your organization towards a positive culture, it’s possible for everyone to reach their maximum potential. By showing you how to shift perspective and challenge one another, Botterill will equip your team with the skills to succeed on a whole new level.

Celebrity Services

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