Martin LaTulippe

Martin Latulippe

The Potential Awakener

Martin Latulippe is a social entrepreneur, award-winning philanthropist and bestselling leadership author who inspires and empowers people to achieve more through building a world-class mindset and stronger relationships to move from potential to performance.

Martin is a rare bilingual hybrid of business strategist, inspirational speaker and human potential expert. His ability to move audiences to action with his quick wit, brilliant insights, and wildly entertaining storytelling sets him apart.

Martin has shared the stage with some of the greatest personalities in the world, including Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, Joannie Rochette, Gen. Rick Hillier, Robert Herjavec and Hayley Wickenheiser, just to name a few.

His clients have included Fidelity Investment, Beirsdorf Canada, National Bank of Canada, REMAX, VISA, Fédération des caisses Desjardins, IRVING Group, Government of Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, Statistics Canada, International Professional Managers Association and many more.

Awaken The Invisible To Achieve The Impossible

In this very interactive and touching keynote, discover how to totally awaken the best attitude of your organization and your employees.

Excellence Within: A Matter of Changing Yourself

In today’s world, organizations have to deal with many changes: organizational, professional, and personal.

Competition, new trends, restructuring, and higher objectives to reach continually press leaders to show up and perform at the highest standard of excellence. This is a daunting challenge!

During this  interactive session, discover the magic of Excellence Within, the same excellence that precedes any significant personal victory.

Discover why we all possess the ability to change what is within us, and how to do it.

Living with the Zerolimit Attitude

  • The power to live in the moment in our professional and personal life;
  • Achieve your full potential awakening: ordinary people can achieve extra-ordinary things;
  • Staying connected to our passions, goals and dreams: a question of choice;
  • The treasures that are hidden behind action, audacity and fear;
  • Learn the perfect balance – do, have and be: a question of intentions.