Steve Cadigan

Steve Cadigan

Future of Work | Talent Strategist | Company Culture Expert

Today’s digital world requires a new strategy for building great teams. For 30 years, Steve Cadigan has been at the forefront of global talent strategy and company culture. He is best known for scaling LinkedIn from a team of 400 to 4000 in just 3.5 years. Having worked in five different industries in three different countries and led dozens of acquisition integrations across the globe, Cadigan’s unparalleled expertise helps leaders build winning talent solutions to compete in an increasingly complex digital economy.

When Cadigan joined LinkedIn in 2009, they had no talent brand and were seen as a relatively boring professional network. As their VP, Talent, he catalyzed the executive team and the entire company to join him in building what is still considered one of the most dynamic and sought-after organizations in the world. He led the development of LinkedIn’s legendary company culture and successfully hired world-class talent in the shadows of Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter — all of which offered more money and “cooler” benefits.

In 2013, Cadigan formed his own firm, taking the lessons learned from his corporate experiences and offering them to leaders and organizations around the world. In an era where digital transformation and disruption is the “new normal”, he shows companies how offering employees growth and development opportunities and building a dynamic culture is their greatest competitive advantage.

Cadigan has been recognized by both The Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine for building world-class teams. He is frequently featured in the media as a talent expert and is a regular guest on Bloomberg West and CNBC and a regular contributor to Forbes.

Future of Work: Experience Matters

The modern workplace has experienced a radical transformation over the past 30 years. There are many forces that have driven this transformation, and today we find ourselves faced with the new reality: we have the most fluid and disengaged workforce in history, and we have a massive skills gap.

What it takes to attract, hire, and create value in an organization is vastly different than it used to be, and the skills and abilities needed to thrive in this new reality of work have changed substantially. Steve Cadigan has built some of the most successful cultures in business at LinkedIn and Cisco and today he advises some of the most dynamic organizations in the world on how to build a talent strategy and culture to thrive in this constantly evolving new world of work.

In this keynote, Steve reveals and offers unique ideas and solutions on a compelling path forward.

  • How to build a talent strategy with an increasingly disloyal and fluid workforce.
  • The new workforce demands many things from employers – what are they and how can you leverage this to win?
  • How to build a company when the skills you need are constantly changing?

Acquisition, Retention, Engagement: Your Most Valuable Asset

At a time when employment is at record high, engagement is at an all-time low. Retention is becoming harder and harder. Organizations that want to thrive need to rethink their entire talent strategy — including how they attract, retain and engage top talent. They need to build a new model.

In this frank, actionable keynote, Steve reveals what’s really going on in the job market today and how organizations need to rethink how they attract and retain top talent. The talent pool of today is changing rapidly and those who expect to survive will be forced to change their approach or be left behind.

Takeaways include:

  • Properly positioned employee development trumps salaries and bonuses.
  • Simple systems of awareness and fast action plan foster engagement.
  • Discover how to utilize alumni as a major asset in recruiting and retention.

World-Class Culture: The New Deal

In a world where employees have more choice about where they work than ever before, companies must become the place where the best talent wants to be. This is all about culture.

Steve helped create one of the most valuable cultures in the modern era of business at LinkedIn and since then, he has advised dozens of leaders and organizations around the world on how to turn culture into a competitive advantage. In this engaging, story-packed keynote, Steve offers new insights and practical measures to fully leverage culture, hire world-class teams, and realize world-class results.

Takeaways include:

  • Having a great culture does not mean your culture is right for everyone.
  • Culture is the most critical force available when it comes to recruiting and retention.
  • Building culture today requires engaging your team in the ongoing effort vs. telling everyone what the culture is.