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Civil Rights Activist & Global Humanitarian

Business Visionary Dr. John Izzo

Chief Operating Officer, Shopify; “Dragon” on Next Gen Den

Former Leader of Canada’s Official Opposition and NAFTA Advisor Rona Ambrose

  • Martin Luther King III

    As the oldest son of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King III has seized the torch lit by his parents by continuing their quest for equality and justice for all. His stirring message of hope and his mission to eradicate injustices has lifted him into t...

  • John Izzo

    Speakers' Spotlight

    Uber and Its Crisis of Purpose

    Dr. John Izzo helps companies maximize their potential from the ground up. For over 20 years, Dr. Izzo has worked with thousands of leaders around the world, on employee-engagement strategies and brand transformations. He has been a pioneer in employee engagement, leading change, shifting employee a...

  • Harley Finkelstein

    Harley Finkelstein started from the ground up. To put himself through law school, he sold t-shirts using Shopify—an e-commerce platform that was relatively unknown at the time. That decision in 2005 ultimately led him to become Shopify’s Chief Operating Officer, where he helped transform the co...

  • Rona Ambrose

    Rona Ambrose knows politics. She successfully rose to lead the largest political party in Canada and after her tenure as leader of the Conservative Party it had the highest membership in its history. Pundits say “Rona made it look effortless” — accomplishing all of this while also being named ...